3D animated Jesus Salvation message

Hello Pastor JD and your congregation in Hawaii and global devotees to the Word. You speak the truth brother and it sounds “good vibrations” across the globe. I have shared your site with friends in Dubai, Philippines and Australia, where i am from. I visitied your church during my last visit to HI in 2011, but only started tuning into your video messages on FB about 2 years ago. Loving your new website.

After watching your message on 29th November (2020), i was inspired to create my own style of ABC of Salvation message. I decided to do a short 3D animated video to catch people’s attention (image version also).
Here’s a link to the the video and picture on my facebook profile: Redirecting...

I will feature this video on my brand new online store which i am building now… due to (re) launch mid December. RaydersGoods.com

God bless. I pray for sanity to prevail in the world and yes, i agree the world mostly has gone mad… the media and governments of the world are all being led by the UN and WHO… perhaps the real beast will be shown to surface from one of those organisations and bring forth Jesus’ return. (B.G. ??)

May my little message of salvation reach many people and i pray a few more Souls can find their way HOME before the end comes.

To God be the glory!

Ray Thomson
Sydney Australia.

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