5 years, 5 long years

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

When someone who has gotten cancer goes through treatment, chemo, radiation, surgery and it appears to have done the job, the Oncologist will not for any reason pronounce cancer free till after 5 years have passed.

Fiver years ago this month I took my wife to see her regular doctor because she showed me something very ugly that had been growing on her of about a year. She knew about it when I was going through my bypass surgery but would not say a word for another year. After her annual trip home she showed me what looked like a flaking hockey puck growing on her left breast. We jumped through the medical hoops and did our part at home detoxing her system and strengthening her immune system with cancer fighting foods.

It would have been 5 year ago this week when she started a very intense schedule of chemo. We rode that to completion with a lot of great success as the tumor was down over 85% from a month and a half earlier. Then she started the second round but was concerned about waiting for the surgery till after it was over. So she asked and the Oncologist agreed for her to stop chemo for 3 weeks so she could have the sugery. It came in late December. Other than a bleeder that got missed she came out of the surgery like gang busters. They went back in and fixed the bleeder and after she was fine. At that point the surgeon told me of the removed mass all margins were clear. To me that meant nothing so I asked how much of the actual tumor was till in there that was still malignant. He told me at the core a bit the size of a 1/4 of a pea showed malignancy and it was buried deep in side. Once clear of the surgery she went back and finished up the chemo.

Through all of that her only side affect from the chemo was fatigue. Never hand nausea and infact had a great apetite the whole time. We did only fully organic food, no sugar, and plenty of those foods were know cancer fighters, like apples, tomatoes, bitter melons, almonds and so on. She did her trip and came back and finally went in for the radiation portion to reach those places the initial surgery was not able to get through. Even so I doubted there was cancer in the hidden lymph nodes under both sides of the sternum but she wanted to be sure. Still I already knew that God had healed her completely from the cancer at the time of the surgery.

This afternoon she had her 5 year anniversary oncology follow up visit and he said finally she is cancer free. God is so good. He healed her, he has kept her clean since. A lot of people prayed for her all over the world and now I am happy to tell them all their prayers were answered.

Never doubt that God is not in the midst of your storms. I can tell you that in our darkest hours when he seemed nowhere to be found He was there. Every so often that slimmer of His glory peaked through. Not much, almost impossible to see but just enough that you can catch a glimpse if you keep looking. He is there as faithful as always.

I can say that strange at this sounds I have had more doubts on little things than on something this significant. I knew from the start what the outcome would be. He never told me, but I knew He would be faithful. He gave me my beautiful bride because I need her and I knew He would not take her then and He did not. So trust in the Lord as He is forever faithful.


He is ever faithful!!! Hallelujah and praise Him. I am so blessed and encouraged by your testimony. Thank you!!!


Praise the Lord! Cancer free! I’m so happy for you bth! I don’t know why so long but PTL! My daughter had been declared cancer free after 7 years from her last treatment.


Could be the type of cancer. In my wife’s case it was triple negative and a fast agressive grower. That kind is also very sensitive to chemo treatments hence each treatment took it down by half through the AC set. Taxol kept bringing it down to the point of surgery where what was left that was malignant was about the size of a 1/4 pea. In that respect it was more a pain just having to deal with it because it was an easy quick cure. If you daughter has another type of cancer it may not be easy to take down completely and they want to be assured that they look until the chance of return is well below some miniscule percentage that it can be safe to call it cancer free. Not all cancers are exactly the same and some are agressive, some are hard to get rid of. It all depends what kind.

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God is so good. Even more than is of our understanding. Thank God for His healing :pray::heart:

I really hope you won’t mind me sharing this here. I shall certainly remove it if you ask :heart:
In 2012 July I found a lump in my left breast. I went straight to my Dr who checked me and she referred me to hospital. Within a week I received my appointment letter for the following week. My husband came with me and eventually called in to see the surgeon who was accompanied by the breast care nurse. The surgeon examined me and told me he could find nothing in my left breast BUT he sent me for a mammogram just to be certain ( I still get teary at this point ) After the mammogram I was called back in to see Mr Sintler, the surgeon. Both he and Sue, breast care nurse, were, I guess, stunned in a reserved way. The very eagle eyes radiographer had spotted the tiniest mass in my right breast. The lump I found in my left breast had disappeared. The mass that was found was that tiny and was in deep that Mr Sintler told me if I hadn’t found that lump in my left breast the lump in my right side would not have been found til it was too late to do anything for me. I was then sent for a biopsy and again, went back in to Mr Sintler. He already knew what it was and advised me then that I would have to have the lump removed followed by 17 day course of radiotherapy. I had to go back to see Mr Sintler after a couple of weeks for the result of the biopsy and was told it was cancer. Both husband and my son was with me then. Lots of tears of course. Had the op, had to go back to see Mr Sintler who told me the margins were clear. My oncologist, quite a time after ( I forget the time sequence) declared me to be in remission.
I was meant to have found the lump in my left breast and I personally call it a miracle. I wouldn’t be here otherwise now. God is Good. So good :pray::pray:


First of all no I will never forbid anyone to give their testimony. These are encouragements to others. Since no two are the same the more the better because they may match closely enough to someone who needs to read it and be encouraged. You go right ahead and give that testimony any time.

Next, the course of events sound so God controlled. You felt a lump, you never did find out if it was cancer or not but it forced the issue to have the mammogram and bam they found a real tumor in the early stages. You can’t tell me God did not put the first lump there and then take it away when you started into checking it out. That is so like God to use something to get us going in a direction He wants to bless us. He is absolutely so amazing, wonderful, kind, merciful, and most of all Holy.


Ah, Jack that just really warms my heart to hear a man talk so lovely about his wife.
My mom for so long has dealt with her breast cancer from doing a complete diet and lifestyle change. All natural and no chemo or radiation. It was really hard when friends and family found out that she was not taking the conventional path. My dad was a great help in days past and would juice wheat grass for her every morning. Very sweet!
Through choosing alternatively, it was an easy choice for her to say NO to the jab. Praise God!
I marvel at how God weaves His story in each and everyone of our lives. He finds creative ways to help us along lifes healing paths. No path is identical. No doubt this has made you both stronger together and indeed your faith in Jesus.
He is Forever Faithful!!!
Amen, Jack!
Send along a big hug to your sweet bride. She has help shape your outlook on life and brought you closer to Christ. I look forward to meeting her soon.
:orange_heart: :sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts: (for Mrs. Jack)


Thankyou for your encouragement. I always ask if it’s ok to share something out of respect :heart:
It certainly was a God “thing”. He will always put us where He wants us for reasons only He knows. He is an amazing Father :pray:


My daughter had stage 3 breast cancer, she was on the A.C.T. chemo program. Her cancer was activated by hormones. She had 3 different chemo drugs, she went 6 weeks of each, once a week and 6 weeks of radiation every day with surgeries to remove both breasts and full hysterectomy. She was o tamoxifen for 5 years.after treatment. Her faith, family and friends kept her going. I believe it was caused by all the hormones they put in our food, including meat. I now buy majority of our food from local farmers and no prepackaged or prepared food.


Wow! To my understanding hormone based cancer is the worst kind to have. I am thankful for my wife to have been triple negative. Your poor daughter was really put through the ringer with her bout. So sorry for her to have to go through that. But she made it and God gets the glory. I doubt if He had not had a hand in it she would have come up clean after 5 years.

I agree, they use hormones on dairy cows to keep them producing milk which is unnatural for them. It has to have some kind of detrimental affect down river from the initial injection and that turns out to be in the milk forced produced.

I am glad to hear you are going with a more old school natural approach on your food. We have done similar as well. Going back to almost pure natural local we noticed food started tasting better, less mental fog, more energy, and so on. I guess as we detoxed out of all the processing our bodies responded. Sure is nice to actually have food taste the way I remember as a child before all that processing and chemical additives was kicked into high gear.

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Yes it took 5 years for my dr to clear me of cancer. Prayers for you both. God is GOOD GOOD, GOOD!