A Book of Revelation Blessing!

What probably led me to open up a Bible and read the Book of Revelation first, was all the talk in the late seventies about Armageddon, popular books like The Late, Great Planet Earth and 70’s horror movies like The Omen. All that scary, fascinating end-of-the-world stuff!

At that time I was barely out of my teens and unsaved. I’d had 12 years of Catholic school education so I was familiar with the basic tenets of Christianity (I’m not Catholic now). I’d been taught that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and that He was the Savior of the world. However, I didn’t appreciate the concept of Jesus dying for me. I didn’t understand why He had to do this and sadly, it didn’t really mean anything to me.

So one day out of curiosity, I reached for a Bible and opened it to the Book of Revelation. I read about the disasters that were going to come upon the Earth and the terrible plagues on humanity. I was horrified. I felt genuinely sorry for the people. I remember asking myself a question, something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if someone could… die in their place and they wouldn’t have to go through this?”. And just then, I felt (heard?) a strong, calm voice from inside of me answer back, in just two words: “Someone Did”.

And just like that, I completely understood Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. I understood substitutionary atonement. My eyes and heart were opened!


Thank you for this. It’s always good to hear someone’s personal experience with Truth, and yours is compelling. You remind me of a good friend who came through Catholic upbringing and then discovered Truth beginning with Revelation! Thanks for sharing.

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Praise God for giving us His word. I would love to discuss the book of Revelation in this forum, but don’t see a suitable category to open a discussion on it. Just today I was listening to current events and a scripture verse from Revelation came to my mind. The G7 summits were just held and I thought of Revelation 17:11, wondering if it was linked to the G7 countries. I do believe we will not be here to see the rise of the beast, but it would be good if we could leave information behind for our loved ones who will not be familiar with the scriptures.

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