A "But God" moment!

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

Dear Friends,

As you know, many have been struggling during the past couple of years, but we serve "the Awesome All Powerful God!

One of my nephews resigned a prestigious commission in the military because, not only did they want him to take the “J”, but they also wanted him to make sure others got it. He refused, and is diligently studying for a new career, and I am confident the Lord will and is opening doors he could only imagine, just as “He did”, with my nephew’s brother-in-law in the last three weeks.

His brother-in-law is a retired military man also, very well esteemed, who has been working in the civilian sector. He has been pressured and pressured to take the J, but he has refused every time, “standing firm in this evil day”. Because of a high-ranking military person involved with his company, he was able to continue working up until now. After all of this time, he was told, take it, or leave. Just as time ran out, his “But God” moment came!!

He had just recently interviewed for another job, and just as he was about to lose the one mentioned above, he was offered one with this new company, and his offer included a significant pay raise, one for “thousands more” than he was making before! God is “always faithful”! He is still a miracle working God, even in this crazy world!!

I give God all praise and glory for He is good, all of the time!! I believe He will do the same for my nephew mentioned above, who like many of you are still waiting for the Lord’s answer. Please don’t lose heart. Our God is “Jehovah Jirah”, our provider!

I believe my nephew’s “But God” moment is coming very soon, and when it does, I will again offer up praises to our amazing God and King, just as I will when He opens doors, that perhaps, you feel have been slammed shut. God’s people will not be put to shame, nor will they have to beg bread!

Praise to Your holy name, O Lord, our Rock and our “Very Present Help” in time of trouble! Because of You, we need not fear, and in fact, You tell us, over and over again in Your Word not to fear! We can rest assured knowing that “You will, and are” taking care off Your people, just as You cared for my nephew’s brother-in-law! I know that You are also with, and providing for my nephew, even while he awaits his, sure to come, “But God” moment. Thank You, Lord, that You continue to battle and work on behalf of your people!! Amen!

If any of you, like my nephew, are still awaiting your “But God” moment, do not lose heart, Dear Friends, do not lose heart!!



Skeeter - great that you shared this - thank you LOrd JESUS - you are worthy to be praised -


You are welcome. I had to share, because we serve a Good Good Father, that is who He is!


Gods always on time! thank you for sharing!


Personally I don’t call God: Jehova, because we don’t know his full name as there are no vowels in it.

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It’s a transliteration, but not really on point with the subject?


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It’s in the post

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Hi, this happened to me too. Got fired for refusing the jab, then offered a new job with a pay rise, jab wasn’t needed. God takes care of his own!


Dear Kitkat,

I am rejoicing with you!! So good to share all of the amazing things our God has done and is doing. I expect we will hear about many more “But God” moments! I hope more take the time to share them, as it encourages the body.



Yes, He is, indeed! Blessings to you, Friend.

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Love you friend, not sure where you are always coming from but I know you have a good heart from all I have heard from you.



Thanks, I love you too :heart:
But I’m not a so white sheep, I did terrible things before been born again, now I have a new heart but sometimes I still have angers in me (I suffered a lot too and the suffering is not over).
In the past I was like a wild fire.
Don’t think I’m so white!
Sometimes I asked why I bought my house at this location! We tried with my parents to buy 2 other houses just before but the price was too high.
Why there!

Sorry I’m off topic this time :partying_face:

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I know we are only white as snow under the blood my friend.

What’s behind was left at the cross, what’s ahead is eternity without the sinful nature but for now we still must contend with it. Yep, just part of the basic training before leaving here!



Yep a basic training or basic spiritual fitness :slight_smile: