A Friend in Need is a Friend...well, in NEED of prayer

So, a brother to me, is suffering from extreme pain. He knows what it is. He’s been to the hospital and chiropractor. He’s going for an MRI soon and at this point, I asked him if he would like some prayers sent his way for healing. He said “Sure. Thanks.”
Blunt, that’s him.

So, I am asking those of you interested if you would join me in prayer for the healing of my big brother (not by blood [or] adoption, just a friend I grew up with).

Loving Heavenly Father

We come to Your throne today and present to You a health concern and issue for my friend, Steve. He has been suffering in pain that for him has accelerated his heart rate to dangerous levels and the pain so intense he’s often cried. Not much comfort aside from tranquilizers and pain killers. We ask of You Lord to please pluck from Steve’s body the cause of such pain and discomfort and to heal and even cure him from the spasms of his Piriformis muscle.

Please bless him with immediate relaxation and comfort upon our request if You would be so kind (Creator’s choice, I mean I’m not telling You how to do the job), and help him come to the next level in his walk with You through this miracle of healing. May he see it as it ought be seen. May he share his testimony with those around him. Please provide him what he needs as You see fit to carry on till the day we are called home. And Lord, regarding his thoughts on that, please help him to remove the scales from his eyes and the gunk in his ears to see and hear and more importantly accept the truth of the matter at-hand.

I pray this in Jesus’ name


:pray: AMEN :pray:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, today we come together in prayer for Steve, standing on your Word and Promises and proclaiming them over Steve & declaring His healing in the name of Jesus Christ Alone, AMEN :pray:

We thank you & all Honor, Power and Glory to you o Jesus, Forever & Ever - AMEN


Agreeing in prayer with you for Steve :pray::pray:


Hey @Jon, how is Steve doing?*** Do you have any updates?


Why yes I do! Thank you for asking! He’s not doing well. He went in for the MRI and they say he has a disc extrusion at L4 and L5 and he says this has been building up since end of May.

He has an assessment meeting Thursday at a chiropractor. Now, for the past two nights he said he’s only been able to sleep for 30 minutes each. Last night he said he had an emotional breakdown and was crying. A friend has been basically living at his house and stayed in his room last night being worried about him. He also said due to his intense pain, he’s lost 13 pounds.

Long story on that.

Anyway, Jon in his stupidity came running with thoughts that shut Steve down in responding, regarding this all being some trial God is trying to get a message through to Steve the only way He knows possible. Thought of when Satan tested Job and Job called out to God why He let everything happen to Job.

Well he went silent on me and haven’t heard anything since.

So by all means, please keep praying for him.


Your very welcome, he’ll continue to be in my prayers!*** I can only imagine the terrible pain he must be in, may the Lord miraculously intervene :pray: May God grant him a good night’s rest!*** Believing is seeing & therefore I’ll continue to believe & trust God through Jesus for Steve’s healing through faith!*** If faith is the evidence of things hoped for, I will not loose hope regardless of the bad news!!! :pray:

What an awesome friend to stay and take of him & you for asking for prayers and praying for him, they say “Your real friends are those who pray for you”!***

I’m still learning a lot about the word, but what you said to Steve makes me think of a quote by CS Lewis: “Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It’s His megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. - May Steve call out to the Lord & May our prayers be heard, may this be a story of a miracle only possible through Jesus Christ and may this turn into a testimony saving many from eternal damnation & may all Honor & Power & Glory be given to our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ :pray:

I hope Steve doesn’t stay silent for long!!! Thank you so much for the update!***


Praying for your ‘brother’, brother. May God use this situation for His Glory according to His perfect timing.

Praying also for His peace and comfort to you Jon - as well as strength to you and all of us who suffer the pain of witnessing loved ones in anguish.

29 “Behold, God works all these things,
Twice, in fact, three times with a man,
30 To bring back his soul from the Pit,
That he may be enlightened with the light of life.

Job 33

In Christ

p.s. As J.D. Farag is oft to comment it’s not until we are on the floor do we finally look up.


To @Liza and @jasonacts177 Thank you for these replies. Liza, yours gives insight of C.S. Lewis that I can use with Steve, and Jason, your scripture sharing is always on target.

Thanks to everyone!


UPDATE on Steve

He’s not doing any better. Apparently he’s having to come in for therapy (he’s not going to want to hang out which I don’t blame him) and he has to lay on his stomach for the ride from home to therapy. He’s lost 17 pounds for lack of interest in eating and he’s constantly at a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale.

I feel as though I’m one of Job’s friends but instead of telling him all the wrong he’s doing, I’m trying to figure out what is the message to receive. Well, I guess that is like Job’s friends. Great, I’m doomed. All I can do is pray for the man. Well, all I can do is pray and ask for prayer for the man. I feel bad for him and in hopes that prayer is what is going to bring him around. I know God isn’t punishing him for anything. Maybe God has more faith in him than he has in himself to endure a little while longer. Or, telling Steve that his wanting to stay through the tribulation for his own desires is going to be more painful than he realizes.

Keep helping, if you would be so kind, please?


Praying for you and Steve. God bless.


This is heartbreaking news :broken_heart: I’m so sorry!!! My heart truly goes out to him & you as his friend trying to figure out what to say & the why behind it all that we can’t always comprehend :pensive: May the Lord grant you the right words at the right time & hold your tongue should any of your words or thoughts not be directly of Him :pray: Let’s not lose hope, for the Lord’s timing is not ours!*** I’ll continue to pray, declare, believe, hope & have faith!*** This too will be for His glory and for the good of those who love Him :pray:


Thanks, Liza. Sadly, it just got worse.

Steve is scheduling spinal surgery as he has a "disc fragment at L4 L5 that is broken off and massively herniated, pressing his nerve. They are going to remove the fragment.

There’s a lot I can talk about pertaining to Steve. While I have a small group of people whom we call each other friends; he is the last of two people I called brother and we treated each as brothers. Now, I’m not worried about his surgery, I’m worried about the rehab aspect. And with that worry, I know God has this. I know God will carry out what is good for Him. I pray though that our Lord and Savior will bless this man with accelerated recovery and healing.


Oh Jon…
A someone who knows what daily excruciating pain is and how it effects every aspect of living I also join in prayer for our merciful heavenly Father to tenderly touch Steve’s entire body with a miraculous healing which will bring him peace and much needed rest.
My heart is heavy for Steve and all who are suffering…so please Lord, hear our cries.
In Jesus name and for Glory…Amen

Jon, I also pray the you sweet friend are able to continue Steve’s strength, uplifting him with our Lord’s words.


Amen and amen!!


Thank ya Vicki! And thank you everyone thus far! As I was texting with him today, I asked a series of questions starting with if the MRI team gave him a sugar free lollipop after the diagnosis, then proceeded to ask if they were able to determine how this happened and when, which then led to me offering to help do laborious work during his time during and after the procedure and rehab.

He finally came back with “No, and I don’t know.”

I had to then ask, “No they didn’t give you a lollipop or no you won’t need my help?” He clarified finally.

After realizing what I had offered, I kinda slapped myself and proceeded to beg God for stamina, endurance, and over abundance of energy in times Steve may need me because I’m gonna need it. But, I am one of “those Christian people”, so I should act like it and go the extra mile when needed…or not needed? I gotta work on the delivery with that one.


Thank you so very much for the update, this came to mind while reading your messages:

Like you said, God’s got this, I have no doubt!!! He inclines His ears upon us & He loves us, He loves you & loves Steve, even more than you do!***

AMEN :pray: and may the Lord guide the surgeon’s hands :pray: may the surgery be for his benefit and not make things worse :pray: May the rehabilitate go well & may Steve will fully recover :pray: May the Lord comfort you & settle your worried heart and mind :pray: I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ alone :pray:


Thank ya @Liza and Amen!

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Your very welcome!*** Don’t be to hard on yourself as being the Christian representative!*** We are not infallible, but the One we worship is :raised_hands:


Hey @Jon, I’d just like to find out when Steve’s surgery is scheduled for? Do you know how he’s doing?


I’d like to know too but he isn’t responsive to text a lot. I will be contacting him tomorrow morning. We have a major storm from Ida hitting us between 2300 hr through 0500hr tonight and I have a feeling I’m going to be traveling to cut up a downed tree for him or limbs, along with cleaning up my own mess and without help. I’ll get the intel somehow though and share with you. Thank you btw. He said Sunday night he was in a 7 of 10 pain threshold from “doing his business” and called the spine dr who told him to go to ER and take some Advil.

I can’t contact him right now as I believe he is either working…or, he’s trying to find some rest. He’s an IT person,