A gal in need of major prayer. (Emily)

I do not know this girl personally. I know her step dad as a fellow artist. He posted his wife’s update on her daughter whom has been in bad shape for awhile. A lot of things wrong and they’ve recently done a bone marrow operation on her. I’m asking for their sake, if you’d please pray for this gal as per their requests at the bottom of this post.

Thank ya.

Prayers would be appreciated !:pray: Emily started running a high fever (over 104) yesterday evening. Last night they did blood cultures and started her on broad based antibiotics so that the medication could start working while we waited for the test results to come in.

Sadly, Emily’s nurse woke me at 3:00am today and I awoke to several doctors and nurses in her room. They told me Emily’s blood pressure dropped substantially and she was having labored breathing. Consequently, she was moved to the PICU.

We have since been told she has an infection (MRSA) in all 3 lumens of her PIC line and she has sepsis.

They were able to get her blood pressure back into a normal range this morning and are already starting to wean her off the medication to see how she responds. It will take a day or two for the antibiotics to work. They are discussing possibly removing her PIC line, but that would require surgery and they are worried about her going under anesthesia right now.

Emily has developed severe leg pain in both legs. Morphine is not providing.any relief. They are going to do some testing to rule out blood clots.

Our current prayer requests are:

  • :pray:That Emily’s infection will clear up.

  • :pray:That her blood pressure will stay in a healthy zone after they stop the blood pressure medication.

  • :pray:That the doctors can figure out and treat the source of her leg pain.

We are hoping to only be in the PICU for a day or two and then released back to the 7th floor :pray::pray:I will keep you updated.


Please know that I will pray for Emily’s urgent and complicated situation, for the specific details involved—for Emily’s healing and for her family’s peace in this storm.:pray::pray::pray:


Hey there Jon @Jon,
Thank you for bringing little Miss Emily to our attention.

Father in Heaven,
We praise You for all You do for Your people. Thank You for our ability to communicate and to join together in lifting Your child Emily, her family, and her health care team to You in prayer. Thank You that You have already been working all things together for the good of Emily and her family, even before we knew to pray. You are so good to us and we praise You for it!

Please answer the prayers of Emily’s family Father. Heal her infection— erase the MRSA from Emily’s body and pic. Please regulate Emily’s blood pressure and if there are any blood clots, dissolve them. Please guide Emily’s doctors and health care team to find the cause of her leg pain and correct whatever needs to be, or just grant a miracle and remove the reason without medical intervention. Please ease Emily’s pain, Lord. And Father, please shorten Emily’s time in the PICU and orchestrate her transfer up to the seventh floor soon. Those are the prayers of Emily’s family and I join them.

I will also ask You for some things they did not. Father, please cover this family with Your lovingkindness, with Your mercy and grace. Hold them in Your mighty arms and comfort them in this trial. Give them wisdom to make decisions that must be made. Please bless their resources Father, that Your Name will be glorified and that they can concentrate on Miss Emily.

I ask also that You bless Emily’s health care team Father. Please grant them wisdom and compassion, give them integrity and success in treating this child of Yours. Please use Emily’s illness to draw lost souls to You, to edify the faith of those who believe and have accepted Your salvation, and to bring glory to Your holy Name.

Thank You that we can come to You in prayer, confident that You will hear our pleas and knowing that You work all things together for the good of those who love You. Thank You for watching over this family— and all the families that are also walking through a valley of despair. We love You. We need You. And we will praise You, no matter what happens here on this earth. Please open the hearts of those who do not yet believe so that they might be saved. May the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer, be lifted high on the earth and in the heavens. In His Name we praise You and pray. Amen.


I figure most of us are ready for power lifting in prayer since we’ve been honing through the Holy Spirit, the gift of prayer for the past two years on here.


What a beautiful prayer… amen and amen…:pray::pray:


Lord Jesus I lift up your child Emily tonight. This infection is fierce but we know You are more powerful. Lift her up and heal her body. I pray for her parents that you will comfort and strengthen them. Let her healing be a testimony to all of your power and healing grace.
Work mightily Lord.


Loving Father, You who created the heavens and the earth are capable of ALL things. I pray that in these last seconds in time…before our rescue You oh mighty God will allow us to experience Your power like never before. This family is desperate to receive the peace only You can provide. Please pour out a miraculous physical healing…restore Emily’s health from head to toe in every possible way for His Glory alone. In Jesus’ name we pray


Jon- I will add her to my prayer list. Is Emily a child or an adult? - just curious.


Y’know, that’s a good question and it deserves a good answer. I can only guess at this point as I thought I saw an age, like a year ago and I think she might be in her late teens or early twenties. I’m honestly not sure. Could be senility setting in too.


Thanks Jon…

Senility- yup, I hear ya. Of all the things I have lost over the years, I miss my the most :smile:

It’s not as if we handcuff God because we don’t know a name…


Morning Bob @BobinNC and Jon @Jon,
PICU or Pediatric ICU tells us Emily is not an adult. Other than that, I can’t narrow down my guess as to her age.


Thank ya for explaining what the “P” stood for. I didn’t know. Had guesses but peanut butter just didn’t sound medically sound.


Hey Jon @Jon,

You’re so funny! Many years ago after being robbed in Memphis, TN and suffering a traumatic brain injury, my brother spent about five weeks in the NICU (N for neuro in his case but can also mean neo, as in new borns). I picked up a bit of the lingo while I spent 27 days in that hospital with him and his wife.

That was 27 24-hour days when we actually lived at the hospital, sleeping in the waiting room, which-by the grace of God- had showers. At night they gave us a pillow and blanket. We were from out-of-state and God is good, the hospital staff showed us great kindness. We were there so long they actually gave us (yes, no charge, gave us) an empty hospital room the last week of our “stay.” We thought we’d died and gone to heaven, lol. Actual beds to sleep in— and not where someone had been sitting all day.

Wasn’t positive about PICU, but you said Emily was young/a girl and of course, search engines….


Praying already. God bless.


.I can’t believe I missed that…DUH

Thanks GR!


Dear Father in Heaven, I pray in agreement with Jon and GR and Naomi and everyone here. Lay your healing hand upon Emily. Let all illness just drain away in your life-giving presence. You are the Creator and Sustainer of life. You are the God who heals us! We praise you and thank you for your hand at work in all of this. . . May this family be held and comforted and assured of your presence. May the health care team include those who know you and love you and pray for Emily. Grant them wisdom and revelation as they provide care. We look so forward to all that you are doing and will do for Emily, for her family, and for all who know and love her. We ask, knowing that when we petition your Throne of Grace in our need, in the name of Jesus, we can be assured that you will work all of this for good, and for the honor and glory of your name! Amen :pray:t3::sunflower:


Yes please, Lord Jesus. Amen! :girl: :pray:


Let’s “Praise Him in the storm” for Emily, and for all who need His touch today . . .

Praise God that “He is”


I saw online an update about Emily. I thought aI should share. I told the Step Father that we were all praying for Emily, him, and her mother along with medical staff on this. He appreciates all the prayers coming in. I didn’t know if they would want me however to post their names, so I did block those out.


Standing in agreement with all here for a miracle in Emily’s life. Thank you, Lord for what you have already done and continue to do for this precious life. She belongs to you, and we know she is in good hands. Heavenly Father, many are asking for her complete recovery and that your will be done. Oh, Lord we all could use a miracle and some good news so we ask that you show mercy and favor for this life today. In the Mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, and our healer Jehovah Rapha