A Mother's Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for loving me so much and for entrusting me with your child Lauren (Loo Loo Belle).
As she embarks on her new journey in the Navy, I pray for you to guide her, be with her and fill her with your spirit and love.
I devote her to you and your will completely.
I don’t know your plans for her and in my weakness and selfishness, I fear for her.
I give it all, and her, to you now Lord.
Whatever her future holds, let it all be for your glory.
You know my heart and you remember with me all those sweet memories I have.
She tried to die the night she was born and you saved her.
She decided to climb on the roof of the house and use a piece of yarn to go down a zipline, and you saved her.
She fell down the stairs every single day because she never walked, but ran everywhere she went, and you protected her.
Her first smile, first giggle and caressing her face while I breastfed her. So many more memories running through my mind.
She is yours now, you have created her for this moment.
This world is so ugly Lord, and I want her to be safe but it is your will and not mine.
Dear Jesus, comfort this mommie’ s heart and guide Lauren in every way.
In Jesus’ name,


Amen Lord Amen.


You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you😘

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