A Muslim Family Attacked in Canada

A family of 5 were run down by a car in London, Ontario, Canada. A nine year old boy is in hospital in serious condition. His mother, father, sister and grandmother are dead. The family is Muslim from Pakistan. It sounds like it wasn’t an accident. I am utterly heartbroken that this could happen in Canada. The driver has been arrested and police and PM immediately labeled it as Islamaphobia and a Hate Crime. They apparently investigated and determined that the driver is “a Christian who has a good relationship with God”. News said he was laughing when he exited his blood streaked truck. PM labeled the incident as Christian terrorism. As I was watching the video, I was near tears. All I wanted to do was write an expression of sadness and compassion but I had to shut the video down because I couldn’t stand the sound of PMs voice any more.

I am asking for prayers for the little boy who has lost everyone in his family who lives in Canada. Please also pray that God will not allow the words spoken to fan negative feelings into hatred and resentment between members of our two communities. Our PM has said that religious Christians are the worst of Canadian society so this shouldn’t be a surprise and we are seeing persecution of Christian pastors and their flocks. I know I should pray that PM will have a change of heart but I am struggling with that.


Always terrible when people are hurt.

Sounds like your government was giddy with an opportunity to call Christians terrorists.

It is starting and it will spread.


Thanks for your reply. I know you are right. It helps to express these things in a safe environment. I am usually calm but PM makes me so angry. Yes, It will get much worse. I long for Jesus.


My thoughts on this is why would a christian hurt another human being, leave alone a whole family? I cannot imagine killing anyone! Something must of over powered the young man to take those lives. Sad, so sad. I have no use of our PM, I refuse to listen to his babble. I pray that the boy has family to care for him, my heart breaks that he lost them.

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I saw a news report talking about the UK MI5 warning about possible attacks on civilian targets by terrorists and “Christian Radicals”.

This was after Canada PM said the car incident was Christian terrorism.

The move to start portraying Christians as evil has started.


I hear you!! I am in Alberta & my thoughts exactly after 3 pastor’s in this province arrested & incarcerated for the audacity to preach the gospel & feed the homeless!! The voice of our communistic PM makes me want to vomit & I too am generally calm but the lies & hypocrisy from our “leaders” is wearing me down. Lord give me strength.

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I am so grateful to have this opportunity to communicate with other Canadians who are like minded. Sometimes it feels like we are all alone. Seeing what Kenney and mayors or whoever else are doing to these pastors and their children is so disheartening. This isn’t my Canada any more. Ontario is pretty much shut down. Churches are severely restricted and people around me are getting jabs thinking it will all go back to normal. I have shared what I know about dangers with a few but they hope for their lives to be the same as they were. They can’t hear the reality. I am ashamed of Doug Ford. He has let us all down but PM takes the cake! I get you big time. I saw his face on a newsletter I received from keean bexte formerly of Rebel News and I wrote back that I could do without the photo. He makes me sick. He looks so arrogant lately and when he speaks, all we hear is lies. I get worn down too sometimes. The Lord is my strength. Otherwise, it would be too much to bear. We just need to keep praying.

Take Care

Me too. You know I really don’t believe we are a racist country. I think we probably have more people than we can support here in our current circumstances but I don’t hate. No Christian would do anything so cruel and evil. PM seeks to divide us. That is how he gets the strength to push his agenda of destruction. I wish we could just ignore him but that isn’t practical. I don’t want to wish him ill so I have to pray for God to help me not to get too angry. I pray for that child caught in this horrible mess that he gets the love and understanding he needs

A Christian wouldn’t do something like that. I struggle not to get too angry with PM. It’s hard. Lots of prayers for love and compassion for child.

I long for Jesus too. Soon I hope.

I hear you!! It seems like evil reigns but God is in control! Praise Jesus :blush:

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