A request from anyone in SoCal

I was informed by a friend that there may have been a plane crash on or near Catalina Island. I have been searching the news and found nothing. I looked at possible vessels in the area and nothing seems out of the ordinary such as vessesl doing search patterns or going out and back from the mainland. And I looked into flights in and around Catalina island both military and civilian and can’t find any signs of that.

I am not sure where the info of a crash came from, I was just asked if I knew anything about it. I did not so I looked but to no avail. If anyone in southern California area knows anything, I would appreciate any info you may have.

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Possible UFO? Sounds crazy maybe but these days crazy is becoming normal.

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Not a plane crash but maybe something weird going on Catalina Island this week.

They reported an earthquake… lotsa people felt/reported it and the USGS picked it up. They reported it as earthquake. Then retracted the report and said it was a non-earthquake event that triggered the earthquake reading. Hm…

I found this article which said: "described the trigger as a “noise glitch,” but said it wasn’t yet clear if the glitch was purely technical or if something in the external world made the “noise.”

So IDK if that has anything to do with what you are asking about.



Welp. Anything is possible I suppose.

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