ABCs of Salvation on Free Stuff

I’m grateful to the Lord for showing me the opportunity to share Him with others.

My kids and I are moving and have free stuff. So, the Lord put it on my heart to put the ABCs of Salvation on the items themselves.

I’m praying the Lord softens the hearts of those that take the stuff or even just come to look at it.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus :pray: :raised_hands:


Hi Jessica, I LOVE IT!
I pray that those who take them will find the Lord - or at least be nudged towards Him!

Keep up the amazing work.

In Christ,


Thanks, Chris! I feel like the Holy Spirit sometimes gives me a “DUH slap” upside the head and often (I know He doesn’t because He doesn’t operate that way, just joking here) reminding me that we can use many ways to share the Gospel with others – and should. I’m so grateful for the Holy Spirit! I hope you have a blessed day!

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