ABCs printed on T-shirts

Good morning. Is anyone printing the ABCs design on T-shirts/clothing? If so, I would like to purchase. If not…ideas on how to achieve this?



T-Shirts! Nice idea!

Nobody’s mentioned ABC shirts yet, or is selling them.
I could modify my ABCs design to have a transparent background and use 3 colors. (Generally pricing goes up the more colors you have)

Let me know what you think or what design you like at the link below.


I have no idea how colors or designs affect pricing for shirts, but I like the colors as they are attention grabbing. Is it possible to have the ABCs on the back (less weird for people to stare at back of shirt than front) but on the front have something ‘simple’ like Jesus saves, or just some messaging with the name of our LORD? Again…I have no concept of pricing, so within reason for most people to purchase.


Hi Mark,
I’ll only be able to create the design so it’ll be up to whoever wants to buy one to do so through their local company.

It’s possible to print a design on the back (depending on your company) so I’ll create a 3 colour transparent ABC design which can go on almost any colour of shirt (besides red, blue and green).

Perhaps something like the words ‘Salvation?’ on the front with a cross and the ABCs on the back. ‘Jesus Saves’ is also another good one.

Let me know what you think and I’ll create it.

Oh okay great! I understand now. I personally really want ‘Jesus’ to be front and center. IMO, too many designs shy away from using the name of our LORD and replace with God or a cross. Too many cults can identify with this and the word salvation means little to the agnostic or atheist. Wearing ‘salvation’ by itself only means “something” to the born again…IMO. I guess my point is our LORD is coming very soon…no more beating around the bush, so to speak.

What do you think about the front reading, “Jesus Saved Me?” Maybe the words are stacked onto of each other?

Jesus Saved Me

Then of course the ABCs on the back.

Hi Chris! I’ve been thinking and praying about selling T-shirts with Pastor JD’s ABC’s of Salvation and other messages to spread the gospel. I have an online Christian boutique and would like to sell these T-shirt’s at a low price just to cover the cost of production and shipping. Depending on the graphics details and T-shirt brand/materiaI, I anticipate probably pricing between $10-$15 with discounts on bundles and multiple purchases.

I was excited to hear that you are providing graphics for use to spread the message on different types of medium. I’m also anticipating maybe putting these messages on mugs and water bottles.

Thanks so much for putting in the work. I will pull the files directly from your website and will stay connected for any questions, suggestions and ongoing feedback. Love the idea of ABC’s on the back and Jesus’ name in front. I also like the “crazy world” message that I think will resonate with people in our current chaotic environment!

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Hi Mark, let me know the design(s) you’d like and I will work with some suppliers to get them into production. I will then sell them from my online store, Amela’s Chamber. URL is God bless!

I own a printing business and would be happy to supply the shirts or any other type of printing at a substantial discount to get the Word out. Fell free to contanct me anytime. I have already helped out other members on this forum.


Wow! They are some amazing designs on your site Amela!

Do you have any specific design requirements for t-shirts? I was planning on making one with just the ABCs without any other colours besides R,G,B for the A,B,C like it is now.

Do you need a transparent background as well? (PNG) It should only take a minute or two to modify my current design and give you one that can be printed on shirts.

Thanks for the positive feedback, Chris! The colors sound good because we don’t want to take away from the message by making graphics too busy. Yes, I will need a transparent background please. I will then send to my supplier and will see what they say.

Hi @Amela Amela, how’s this look?
I’ll do a few more versions with and without JDs website so you can decide on whichever ones you want to print.


This is an example image with a white BG in JPG format (because the forum doesn’t allow PNGs to be uploaded). There are three colors used. All shading, drop shadows etc have been removed. The dimension of the canvas is 30x40cm (11.8 x 15.7") - but this can be changed to suit your requirements if needed as I just used standard shirt dimensions.

Are there any changes you’d like?

(Just noticed that the text is slightly off from the boxes, this is already fixed)

Chris, can we have the ABC’s as shown in this photo on transparent background? I’d like to use this as the message on the back.

The front graphics would be:
Mask and Mark
Last Hour

I think the Insane World graphics will look great in front of another T-shirt design, and the back will have the “you’ve seen nothing yet”, then Jesus Saves instead of Pastor JD’s website. He stated we don’t need to use his info.image

I love it! Thanks, Chris!

Would it be better to email the files to me? I’ll be working with a new supplier on this project.

Will a PNG give us the best graphics quality? A transparent background on different color shirts would be awesome. They accept PNG, JPG, GIF.

My email address is

Hi Kchew, let me check with my supplier first and then circle back with you if I will need another source. Thanks!

Hi Amela,
I found the design and ordered.

My concern (I’ll post when shirt arrives) is that the messaging is too long unless someone stops and reads. The colors may help the words stand out???

Super excited though to be able to have the ABCs in a “walking” billboard format!!!

Will definitely be purchasing Amela!

The simplified ABC wold be great on a T-shirt front. The link I sent above with the full text is too much. Amela can you have the ‘yellow’ background removed so that on a black or grey shirt the cross is white and keep the colored blocks as is? (Basically keep the exact design just with no yellow background)

As a female, I would prefer the option of having the ABC’s on the back of a shirt, if at all possible. Thanks for considering!

How can we buy the T-shirts?

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Hi @ruthless

Amela is working on getting some of these designs to the printer for her shop. (Where you will be able to buy some in the future)

Kchew can also print shirts if you have a design you like. (see my site for some designs - link at the top of this thread)