ABCs printed on T-shirts

Very excited about this. Thank you for putting designs together!

Thank you

Hi everyone! I’m narrowing down my choice of supplier who can print these multiple T-shirt design concepts from Pastor JD. I will let you all know as soon as these as are available on my store.

Mark, we have the ABC’s on a transparent background from Chris.

CL87, the ABC’s will be in the back. The front will state: Jesus is Lord.

Thanks and stay tuned!

God bless,


@Amela- thanks for tagging me! That was so thoughtful! :heart:The tees sound wonderful!

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My pleasure! So excited to be doing this project with you all, for God’s glory and to help spread the gospel of salvation in Jesus! :latin_cross::heart::pray:

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Agreed, and not just wearing them out and about; even in our own homes and families. I am someone who tapes scripture everywhere for comfort, reinforcement, reminders… and I am looking forward to wearing a shirt with our precious promise for me, too! :pray:t2::hugs: Thank you for all you are doing!

Wonderful! Looking forward to purchasing! :smiley:


would it be possible to print the T-shirts also in the Dutch language?

Hi everyone, Chris provided the beautiful and cool T-shirt designs and I was finally able to complete the loading process into my store. They are ready for purchase but because it took a little longer than I expected, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive before Christmas due to the high volume of holiday mail. Please feel free to order if you’re not concerned about getting them before the 24th. Here is the link to the Christian Clothing collection page on my online store. Look forward to your feedback! God bless!
Amela’s Chamber - Christian Clothing

Hi Wilma, unfortunately I only have T-shirts and hoodies in English. If you find a Christian store in Holland (or wherever you reside) willing to produce the shirts, Christ may be open to working with them on versions in Dutch. Chris, I don’t mean to put you on the spot.

Hi Wilma, I can design the shirt in Dutch for you, but as Amela said you’ll have to find a shirt printer in your local area. If you want me to go ahead with it, let me know!

Hi @Amela, for a greater reach perhaps a new topic with examples of the shirts in the post would get more views and clicks to your store?

Great idea! I will do that, Chris!


Thank you for your answers. I shall try to find a Christian store in the Netherlands. And if I have found one, I will let you know.