ABC's templates?

I would like to make some business card size ABC’s to hand out. Does anyone have a template they would be willing to share? Thank you and God Bless.


Just like @Be_the_light said

Hey there, welcome!

@fluidicice had made very nice business cards! Check out his posts with the links thereto here and here

Hi @kc

As @JamNL mentioned I have quite a few designs that may interest you!

Below are a few of the JD Farag oriented designs.

Thanks JamNL for the tag, I easily miss these if I don’t check daily!

Other designs and updated designs can be found on:

Important: Download the business card version via the link above if you’re printing business cards professionally, otherwise there will be a white border around the card! If you want to print them yourself, download the “digital version” and make them 3.5x2 inches on a word doc.

God Bless!


No problem @fluidicice. I keep an eye out for these requests.

PS: 3 types of business cards are in print as we speak. Will send you photos once I got them. :grin:

Exciting! @JamNL So looking forward to seeing them :smile:

God Bless!

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Exactly what I needed! I don’t have the software to do this myself. Thank you and God Bless!!


I had these linjs on the Pastor JD’S other website. The link is postcard size . I am a graphic designer and would be happy to make it any size you would like. You can take these files to any printer and they will know what to do. Let me know if I can help!

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Thank you so much for sharing. I will also be using you drafts.
God bless you.

No problem! Just make sure you download the business card version if that’s what it’ll be used for, otherwise there will be white space around the outside.

How do I do that. When I printed it out it was full page. Thank you

If business card size would not be too small to read the back, I would be interested. Thanks!!

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Sorry, I missed your message because I wasn’t tagged or directly replied to.

It was designed to be printed by a business card company using the “business card” version, but if you just wanted to print them onto paper and cut them out you could download the “digital version” and just resize them to 90x55mm (3.5 X 2 inches) on a Microsoft word document.

To make it 3.5x2 inches in word: drag the card into Microsoft word, right click it and click ‘picture’, go to the size tab and set the ‘absolute’ size. Once you change the size of one edge, the other should update correctly.

By setting the margins in word to ‘narrow’ you can fit 8 cards on a single A4 sheet.

Hey everyone, here’s an example of the final product. Thanks to @fluidicice ! With the first one something went wrong (my bad). The others are standard business card size and if you select that with your order they turn out perfectly.


fluidicice I don’t have microsoft word. Thank you for all your help.

If you like these designs I would be happy to send you the print ready files.
God Bless!


I can create a printable PDF file if you’d like? All you have to do is open it and press print.

I don’t want to let something like technology get in the way of spreading the gospel. :slight_smile:

God Bless,

Fluidicice, Bless you, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much.

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Hi @Maythelordblessyou

Just checking, which cards would you like on the A4 sheet? and how many of each one?
You can have 8 cards per sheet.

Find the cards here:
And use the Gold Text to let me know the name of the ones you want and how many.

The ABCs x 2
The ABCs Simplified x 2
Jesus Saves x 2
J.D. Farag - Crazy World x 2