Abducted: Book 1 of the Great Deception Series - My Gift to You

Hi everyone!

Four years ago, I read a book that suggested that the world might blame the Rapture on alien abductions. It made sense to me, and then later, God laid on my heart to write a book about that. I have since written three, and am working on book four. My purpose for these books is to serve a warning to whomever is left behind to beware of the lie that there are aliens- benevolent beings who mean the best for planet earth. They aren’t aliens at all, but demons.

I hoped to sell these to at least make back what I have invested in these books in the form of writing courses, marketing courses, etc. But I’ve come to the conclusion that these are God’s books, not mine, and I need to let them go.

With the kind permission of the forum moderators, I plan on releasing a chapter once a day on the forum. If you want the entire thing, message me, and I’ll be happy to email it to you.




Chapter One


Mama squealed as she slammed the handset back onto the receiver of their wallphone and did a happy dance on the linoleum floor. “Thank you, Jesus!” She hopped about, her bathrobe sliding open and revealing ribs protruding beneath a loose, lacy bra, while satin panties hung on bony hips. The sleeves of her silk robe slid up on her arms, revealing mahogany skin stretched over sticks covered with scant human flesh.

Callie looked away, feeling ashamed. Mama used to be so pretty. She set a pot in the sink and filled it with water. “Good news, Mama?”

“Uncle Cleveland died.” Mama paused to light a cigarette, and Callie could just see that black smoke winding its way into Mama’s lungs, turning them black, like in that health film they’d had to watch in school.

LaTisha glanced up from the wobbly dining room table where she did her homework. Callie’s younger sister struggled with learning fractions, and Callie promised to help her after supper. DaWayne toddled over and wrapped pudgy arms about Callie’s knees. His soft, fuzzy hair shot out in all directions. “Cah Cah.”

She bent over and picked him up. “You hungry, little man?”

“Ungee.” DaWayne nodded, staring at her with those beautiful brown eyes. So darn cute Callie had to kiss him. He kissed her back, his mouth open, coating her lips with slobber. Callie laughed and wiped her mouth on the sleeve of her free hand. She transferred DaWayne onto her hip as she opened the cupboard. Six boxes of macaroni and cheese mix left. Just enough to tide them over until the first of the month when Mama got more food stamps. Callie opened a second cupboard and her heart swelled with pride as she regarded the contents there. Plenty of home-canned tomatoes, beans and other vegetables to last them until the first harvest. Callie had grown and preserved them herself, with just a little help from Granny. She already had tomato seeds planted, and come February she’d put the carrots and onions in. Granny promised Callie could have her whole back yard this year, if she was willing to share a few fresh things. Callie’s hard work last summer was the reason her family ate so well. Even Granny had been impressed by Callie’s green thumb.

“Well,” Mama demanded. “Ain’t you gonna ask why it’s such good news?”

With her free hand Callie set the pot filled with water on one of the stove’s two working burners. She rocked DaWayne and he rewarded her by cradling his head against her neck. Pure heaven. “I don’t know.”

Mama threw out those bony arms of hers, index fingers pointed inward. “Guess who his heir is?”

“How much you gonna get?” Callie reached for the salt.

“Last time I checked,” Mama paused for dramatic effect. “Four hundred thousand dollars.”

Callie nearly dropped the salt container. Four hundred thousand dollars? Her pulse quickened. They could get a car with that kind of money. Go to a real grocery store and buy food at a decent price instead of getting taken every week at that convenience store at the corner. Maybe even put a down payment on a house. Callie had no idea how much houses cost, but four hundred thousand had to help. She could just see the large back yard where she’d put in the biggest garden ever.

Mama brushed past her as she hustled through the kitchen toward the back bedroom. “I gotta get dressed.”

Callie watched her retreating back. “Supper will be ready soon.”

“Save me some for later.” Mama gave her a backward toss of her hand. “I’m gonna see Moon Shine.”

Callie’s heart sank. Mama was forever needing ‘something to help her sleep’ and that something cost money. Moon Shine gave out loans, but the interest was so steep it was near impossible to pay it all back. They already owed so much money.

Callie sprinkled salt into the water on the stove and turned up the heat. Still cradling DaWayne in her arms, she crossed over to Mama’s room at the end of the hallway. They lived in a squalid apartment with doors made of cheap, imitation wood. The fragile door dented easily, and one of Mama’s boyfriends had knocked a hole clean through. Callie peered through it now. Mama had already pulled on a pair of jeans and was buttoning a loose blouse. Callie called through the hole, “Let me run a bath for you. I’ll rub your neck too, with that scented oil.” It helped.


Mama glanced up, her eyes lit with that inward fire Callie knew too well. No way was Mama going to sleep tonight. Mama reached for her purse. “I just need a little something, to help me with my headache.”

Callie glanced at Mama’s handbag and thanked Jesus herself they had a few more days until the food stamps came in. Mama often sold the stamps at cut prices for cash, and Callie always had to steal a few and hide them to have enough food for her and her siblings. Mama slid the handbag up her arm as she stepped around Callie and DaWayne.

Callie followed her to the door. “You don’t got that money yet, Mama.”

Mama flipped a hand in Callie’s direction. “I Will soon enough. We’re gonna be rich.”

And then Mama was gone.


Hello Sue,
You have talent! You paint vivid pictures with your words. Thank you for sharing. Question: Are your books a series or each independent?
Can’t wait for tomorrow! Shalom.
EDIT: Did you know you can self-publish on Amazon?
I like that you said these are God’s books. I have felt that about some of my thoughts and ‘art.’ Not my way, Yahweh. Again, thanks so much for sharing. I wish I had all the chapters of book one. I’d binge.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! My books are a series. I actually wrote book four before book three, and I am about a third of the way through with book three. I don’t know if I’ll write more than that.

With each day, I’m becoming more convinced we won’t be here much longer. No complaints, as I will be happy to be with the Lord.


Hello again,
Thanks for the prompt answer.
I too long for home. Been thinking a lot about the people who tie the rapture in with the feasts of Israel. This morning it hit me— Although Yeshua’s first coming (as the King riding on a donkey) is tied to them, His birth is not. So I was thinking about all the people who believe He will come again during a Feast of Trumpets. He very well might, but I think the rapture is not connected— just as His birth was not connected. The anticipation is a sweet torture.

I hear you. I can’t wait to go home. Let’s not wait for Rosh Hashanna. Today would be great!

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For those who want to binge, you can download the whole thing here: Download Abducted

If you want me to email you when I have more books available, you can sign up here: The Great Deception Series Begins.... Please note that you will need to confirm your subscription.

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This is a fantastic read! I want to keep on but have to tear myself away and do some chores. Have read first twelve chapters. THANK YOU!

So, I did the bare minimum— walked dogs and fed critters. Back to ch 13! Have I said thank you yet?

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Thank you for your book. I have been looking for something good to read. Reading any old subject in this time and age doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I only care about one thing. Jesus coming to get us and all things surrounding that.

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Thank you, GR, and thank you, Samantha! Your words are so encouraging. You have no idea!

Just finished your first masterpiece. Brava! I think this book is a crown you are giving back to our King while you still live on earth. I know He gave you the talent to write— and He must be so very proud of you and how your talent gives the glory to Him.
Such a satisfying and uplifting read. Your character development is second only to your description of home. You painted a clear picture of joy; your words have flooded my soul with peace and great anticipation. Thank you soooo much for sharing this Sue!
Can’t wait for the next book! Will gladly buy it or make a donation to the person/place of your choosing.

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Totally agree. Last books I read that were this good are the AD Chronicles by the Thoenes.

I’m blown away by your kind words, GR. I truly don’t know what to say, but I truly do hope God will use these books when the time comes. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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@suemerriam Hi Merriam, I just downloaded the book. I was ‘in’ the story right from the start!! Am looking forward to reading the rest.
Thanks so much for this possibility and may the Lord bless you!

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Thank you Netherlands! Enjoy the book!

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I read the book after downloading from book funnel. It was an enjoyable read that kept my interest throughout. Thank you for sharing the first book for free.

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You’re very welcome, Violet. Thanks for your kind words! If you want to read Book 2, private message me your email address, and I’ll send it to you.

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How very kind of you, and I will do so. Thanks and God bless.

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