Activities to Worship God

What hobbies do you do to use your talents, or what activities do you enjoy?

I really love working out and being active. If I didn’t have two little kids I would love to go hiking…and on long runs, just enjoying God’s creation.

Here is a video from a channel I love to workout to. It’s how I worship. I love to move.

What do YOU do? :slight_smile:

I love to dance too (um not professionally at all!). Definitely…not impressive dancing…just worshiping the Lord!


Wonderful; I highly recommend!


I sometimes just sing all alone in the house, with the full intent on worship…hands lifted up, tears rolling down. :relaxed:


@Myrrh Yes ma’am! I do that too! Sometimes in the car, I don’t go out too terrible much with the littles, but when I do I love when a great worship song comes on. I love when tears of gratefulness and appreciation for the Lord roll down my face too! Yes, for sure!