🕊 acts of kindness

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

:heart: :two_hearts: :heart: 101 OF THE BEST RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS IDEAS :heart: :two_hearts: :heart:

  1. Leave money on vending machine for someone
  2. Bake cookies for the elderly
  3. Serve at a homeless shelter
  4. Do a 5k for a good cause
  5. Help at a veterinarian office
  6. Pick up litter on the beach
  7. Let someone go in front of you in line
  8. Give a stranger a compliment
  9. Make dinner for a family in need
  10. Insert coins into someone’s parking meter
  11. Buy flowers to hand out on the street
  12. Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars
  13. Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you
  14. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant
  15. Write letters to soldiers
  16. Donate Christmas gifts to an orphanage
  17. Participate in a fundraiser
  18. Use your allowance to donate to a charity
  19. Hold open the doors for people
  20. Thank a teacher with a gift
  21. Donate your old clothes to the Salvation Army
  22. Help a senior with their groceries
  23. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway when it snows
  24. Walk a neighbor’s dog
  25. Babysit for free
  26. Plant a tree
  27. Do a favor without asking for anything in return
  28. Take someone new in your neighborhood on a tour of the city
  29. Show the new kids around your school
  30. Buy an ice cream cone for a child
  31. Learn to say hello in a different language to different people
  32. Prepare a meal for your family
  33. Pay for a stranger’s library fees
  34. Send Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in your class
  35. Spend a day at a homeless shelter
  36. Give drinks out to people on a hot day
  37. Send a letter to a good friend instead of a text
  38. Bring in donuts for your co-workers
  39. Help a child or older person cross the street
  40. Water a neighbor’s lawn/flowers
  41. Snap a photo of a couple
  42. Give someone a gift card that you don’t intend to use
  43. Wash someone’s car
  44. Read to kids at the library for storytime
  45. Plan a surprise birthday party for someone
  46. Perform a concert at a retirement home
  47. Help do chores at a farm/harvest ranch
  48. Save your pop tabs for a children’s hospital
  49. Leave your waiter a generous tip
  50. Start mentoring a younger child
  51. Spend time with your grandparents
  52. Make a family member breakfast in bed
  53. Hold the elevator for someone
  54. Pay for someone’s dry cleaning
  55. Pack someone a lunch for the day
  56. Write a kind or encouraging message on a napkin
  57. Do a sibling’s chores without them asking
  58. Offer to take a shopper’s cart to the line outside
  59. Help someone who has a flat tire
  60. Let someone else pick what to watch on TV
  61. Send care packages to soldiers overseas
  62. Rake the leaves for your neighbors
  63. Mow the lawn for your neighbors
  64. Take the day not to complain
  65. Write a list of things that you adore about a friend]
  66. Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  67. Participate in Pack-A-Backpack for a child
  68. Instead of posting negativity online, spread some encouragement
  69. Share your favorite Bible verses or quote and post them to the company billboard
  70. Give up your seat on the bus to another person
  71. Pay for someone’s bus/cab fare
  72. Offer someone your pen
  73. Lend a friend a favorite book/movie
  74. Recommend someone your favorite book/movie
  75. Take your younger siblings out to play in the rain
  76. Make hot chocolate for your family on a cold day
  77. Take the time to appreciate the sunrise and sunset
  78. Write someone an encouraging poem
  79. Send coloring books to sick kids in the hospital
  80. Celebrate your own best friend appreciation day
  81. Help tutor a struggling student
  82. Pay for another student’s lunch
  83. Offer to give a friend a ride home
  84. Take the time to listen to someone
  85. Recycle things that you see on the road
  86. Help sick animals find homes
  87. Make someone a homemade blanket or scarf
  88. Feed the birds in the park
  89. Leave some change on a wishing fountain
  90. Help out the janitors at school
  91. Donate your hair after a haircut
  92. Give your umbrella to a stranger
  93. Volunteer to work some overtime at your job
  94. Ride your bike or walk to work
  95. Offer compliments to strangers and friends and family
  96. Buy your waiter/waitress dessert
  97. Wash a neighbor’s dog for free
  98. Buy groceries for the person behind you
  99. Reconnect with old friends
  100. Hide money in random places for strangers to find
  101. Be kind to yourself!

My grandmother and I were grocery shopping and We were paying for our groceries. A young woman next to us was crying and swiping her credit card which was not working. My grandmother paid for all her groceries and told her that everything will be fine. Jesus loves you! We never saw the girl again but we walked out of that store feeling really good about what we did.:heart:
~ unknown author



It was 1989 & I was a single Mommy… we had a one bedroom apartment, a $5.00 Christmas tree I picked up from the Goodwill, 2 stockings and a lot of love! I remember thinking “If only… .” and then God would remind me, “you have all you’ll ever need, enjoy this moment” A knock came at the door… and standing there was a local pastor I had never met, with a BIG GARBAGE bag full of presents in one hand… and in the other was another BIG GARBAGE bag full of food! He and his volunteers walked in & unloaded the gifts! Toys and clothes and kitchenware… and enough food in our pantry and fridge to feed us for almost a month. When they left shortly there after they merely said, “God loves you so much, we wanted to take time to prove it.”

I WILL NEVER ever as long as I live forget that day… when me & my little guy were so loved by a stranger… at a time that could have been so lonely. Now, it’s my honor to be the gift giver and the one who gets to serve others everyday. God knows. He cares. He loves you. You never know when your darkest hour will become your greatest message.:heart:
~ Sandi K.


Oh how I appreciate this topic and loved your list. Kindness costs nothing and more often than not takes but seconds. There have been times when I actually had to think for a moment as to should I or shouldn’t I…then as if a light over my head shines my next thought is YES, FOR HIS GLORY. The most loving acts to accomplish just that are done in secret…go unseen by anyone but God.
Those things will be rewarded because they’re genuinely born from goodness for goodness sake and come from having the heart of our Heavenly Father.


@HIS :dove:

The most loving acts to accomplish just that are done in secret…go unseen by anyone but God.

Amen :clap: & Amen :clap:!

As it says in Mat 6, “Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand does.”

:thinking: Ya know, I do believe, if I’m not crazy :woozy_face: :grin:, that there was a song about this verse. I seem to remember, back in the early 70’s, it being sung on some tv show…maybe it was a country song/singer???


@staceylovesJesus I hope you don’t mind but I have copied two of the above links and added them to the Christmas anything thread. They deserve to be read by everyone, especially around Christmas. Thank you for sharing them.


there is a homeless man who comes into my store sometimes. he always smells absolutely rank, and the smell fills the store. it’s obvious he is in a bad spot in life, and I feel for him, but as cashier, I can’t always do what I want to help someone… because you know how it goes: If you do special favors, you have to be prepared to do the same for everyone else in sight, which means you don’t get to do special favors often, or the store wouldnt make any money.

so yesterday he came in, and after a bit, brought a $5 winter beanie to the counter. he tried to pay with a card, but we require ID. (once you start to recognize who’s used a card before, you don’t have to ID that person anymore, but this was the first time I can remember him actually trying to buy something.) he said he doesn’t have an ID.

and im sorry-not-sorry, but I have had bad encounters with con artists in my area, acting homeless but later driving off in a luxury vehicle. it’s a known thing here. so I’m very leery of the homeless that hang around my area, even if they obviously have issues… because issues don’t warrant you scamming me.

so anyway, I had to say sorry, no, can’t ring this up for you… and that makes me feel terrible, since the man is always nice, and I have no hard evidence that he is a scammer. I didn’t want him to feel discriminated against, but I’d get in trouble for making exceptions to the ID rule. (and couldnt just let him have it for free, based on what I explained about having to avoid doing special favors like that.)

he started to leave, but another customer suddenly told me she’d pay for it. she got his attention, paid for his hat, and he thanked her more than once.

I don’t know if he was legit in need or not, he had a Link card, but people abuse that system. I don’t know his story. it just sucks that we cannot trust our own eyes sometimes, and have to be distrusting of those who otherwise seem like they really do need help.

that female customer that paid for him, she’s a regular, and she didn’t care how badly he smelled, or whether he’s scamming us or not… she paid 5 dollars for that beanie to help him, when she could have just let him leave. whatever HIS true story is, that woman was a hero yesterday in God’s eyes.


what a lovely thing for the pastor and his church to do. Did you end up going to his church?

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I understand your situation being a cashier and not owning the store. that lady showed Christ to the homeless man.
I used to cashier as well and there are many shills out there. I would imagine that man would feel very wealthy if he could have a hot shower and some clean clothes. Homelessness is a very sad scourge on our nation and the world.


This makes me think of the verse about entertaining angels unaware.
About 6 years ago while still a member of the Greek Orthodox Church an elderly lady was a customer at the Greek food festival the church was hosting.
I was helping with serving food among other things. This lady had a large growth hanging from her face and was wearing old clothes that smelled like urine which I ignored because I wanted her to maybe see a little “ Jesus” that day in me.
She was alone so I asked if she had enough money to buy the Greek foods she wanted to eat. I proceeded to ask the cashier taking payments and who was a member of the church board if we could just give this lady the food for free. I was told no.
( side note——I left the Orthodox Church due to Catholic type doctrine and regarding these festivals, they were solely money makers, no evangelizing any of the customers and beer was sold as well )

Anyway, I was quite annoyed that we “couldn’t “
afford one meal to this lady. I ended up making sure she got her meal and literally never saw her again after she sat down to eat.
She probably wasn’t an angel, but???


@Stephmerm Hi Stephanie :slightly_smiling_face:

im so glad you made sure that lady got a free meal. God bless you :dove: :dizzy:

have you watched this 9 min video The Alley by Johnny Anonymous?


Just watched :sob::sob:

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My favorite random act of kindness happened some many years ago when I worked for a balloon decoration and delivery company. I was the driver delivering balloons and helium to apartments. Also on occasion did a clown delivery. It was my choice to make up or not but I usually did because heck they are kids and they love that stuff. So one early spring Sunday before it had really started to warm up I had a birthday clown delivery to do. It was the only job for that day so no problem. I went all out, with the makeup, rainbow colored frilly wig, bolo hat, and a few tricks. I did my schpill at the party, kids laughed, parents were grateful and they even gave me a tip of a giant half hoggie sandwich as well.

I am on my way back to the shop I have to cross a large lake and due to temps the fog was thick but I was on the bridge alone as I could tell. Just after I got off the bridge on the far right shoulder I spied a small Toyota 4 door sedan with two middle aged women standing there looking at it. I couldn’t resist. I cocked the wheel right, halfway across three lanes I slammed on the brakes sliding slightly sideways to a stop past them on the shoulder. I then slammed it in reverse, smashed the gas, spun the tires a bit and slammed the brakes. When the van came to a stop I jumped out and came around the back headed for them.

To say they had the fear for their lives written all over their face would be an understatement. I enjoyed that for a moment and then shouted out, “You ladies look like you are having a little trouble.” As I got closer to the back of their car they were trying to slightly inch away from me still not sure if I was safe. So I looked and yep their right rear tire went flat. So I asked if they had a spare and they did not even know. So I asked if I could look in the trunk and see. Yep they had a spare, a jack, and a lug wrench. So I told them sit tight and I will have them on their way in about 5 or so minutes. I could tell by the looks on their face they desparately wanted to know why I was dressed as a clown. One time when I stood up I looked at them and then said, “Oh this is just something I threw on this morning.” Again shock was the look. So I said, “Ok I am messing with you. I work for a balloon delivery company and had a birthday delivery for some child and I was on my way back to the office to put the van away and go home.” They finally started to relax.

So then I took the opportunity to engage them in a little conversation. I mentioned how they were dressed and they it looked like they were on their way to church services. They acknowledged that as I was nearly done with the tire change. So I said, " ya wanna have some fun?" I got a quizzical look back. I asked if they were going to be late. One looked at hear watch and said we already are. I said, “great, here is what you do. Tell them you had a flat and some clown stopped by and changed it for you.” Then I said, “Hey it isn’t a lie so it is not a sin.” They laughed at that. Then I was done, had tossed the tire into the trunk with the jack and lug wrench and closed the trunk lid. At that point I said, “Well you are already late so you had better get going,” as I gave them back the keys to their car.

Just as I had appeared out of the thick fog I also disappeared. I ran back to the van, fired it up and took off like a shot. I can just imagine them telling the story. No one will ever believe them even though it was the truth.


God is a Gentleman and the most kindest i know. Jesus is my best friend for all eternity! :white_heart::dove:

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I received a letter from a public school student addressed to Debbie and delivered by Pharmacy deliverer. He had about a dozen to deliver. It was from a girl named Emma. I am not sure how she got my name and it really doesn’t matter. She told me she was 9 in grade 4 and that she loves school and asked me if I loved school at her age. Reminded me that my family had just moved to Montreal and I was enjoying learning French, which helped me to be a bilingual adult. Emma loves to sing and dance and the answer to her question is an enthusiastic yes! Ditto dog ownership. By the time I had finished reading Emma’s hand printed letter, in a sweet homemade envelope, I had tears in my eyes. It is in my purse where I can read it when I need cheering up. In retrospect, I imagine she heard that we had a house fire. I can’t imagine an act of kindness more perfect than that letter.

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Good and timely reminder.

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I couldn’t help smiling picturing the bewildered look on the church ladies’ faces when you stepped out of your vehicle. The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways. Your story is artfully told. You have the gift of the pen and I imagine you would be entertaining to listen to in person also. I believe We will all have the opportunity to share after the Rapture. Maybe sooner than we think.

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It comes from where I grew up. I was raised among some fabulous story tellers of Louisiana. I guess they rubbed off on me more than I realized. God does bless us in strange ways at times.