Advice needed: responding to questions about vaccine status

So,…I am asked frequently by people who have already received the vaccine, whether I have had the vaccine myself. I do not plan on receiving it, for many reasons, but feel judged by those who have taken it. Is it better not to respond to their question, and what would I say…??? Any thoughts on this, and how have you dealt with it? I feel a lot of people are taking it without much thought or research on the ‘vaccines’, and are just taking it because ‘it’s a vaccine’ (which I do not believe it is, in the usual sense), and they would rather just get it and be done with it! How should we as Christians respond?


good question. and I feel that the answer can vary, depending on who you’re talking to, since 1) there are many reasons we don’t want the shot 2) the person you’re talking to can vary as to which reasons would make them think twice about it.

for me, I am vehemently against abortion. so one go-to response is that every vaccine had some involvement along the way with abortion. no matter how “small” the involvement might be, abortion is always evil and I will not accept those products into my body if I am aware of abortion involvement.

another response could be, there are no long-term studies on these vaccines. who knows what it could do to the vaccinated population in 10 years? a sudden wave of covid-vax-related deaths? who knows? no one does.

there are many other reasons but I’m short on time so those are my 2 answers. I will check back later <3 God bless


Thank you for your thoughts. I want to be careful how I respond to these people who have taken the vaccine already, so that I do not come across to them as also being judgmental to their reasons for taking it. I guess I could try a simple response to their question, and only respond with a more detailed answer if they ask why. It’s funny how some of my friends have actually told me that I was being irresponsible (but I guess that is how things will be going forward for all of us that have made a decision not to take the vaccine…Lord give us strength! ).


The last time someone asked me if I was getting the vaccine I said no, it’s a new treatment in an experimental phase, I’m not worried about dying from covid, and I just don’t feel good about how everything has played out surrounding it. I have also mentioned that if it was ever mandated I absolutely wouldn’t be getting it, people should be allowed to decide for themselves. Most people are willing to listen and will even agree with that, even if they’re pro-vax! If I get further questions or comments, that’s great. The officials they’re listening to back up what I say, including the “you will make others sick” argument, because according to them, the vaccine doesn’t stop spread, it only lessens symptoms, and that’s why health orders are still in effect for vaccinated people(here at least). That’s the weakness in Satan’s twisted lies, it’s a warped truth, but he still needs some truth to twist! I talk to a lot of non-Christians and, unless we have a close personal relationship, I find if I put my faith too bluntly into a conversation they write off everything I have to say. So I give them pushback in their language, and I give glory to God to explain my joy and fearlessness. Just water gently at the roots (in my experience it’s pretty rare the Holy Spirit will prompt you to ever flood them) and pray that others will do the same or that the chance will come back around again to you.


For people who ask me and they already received the shot, I just say it’s too new yet. I am not anti-vax, and that I don’t like the hard push for something that has a 99% recovery rate. A lot of people feel very comfortable with taking vaccines and that is their choice, but I am very careful not to say too much about my safety concerns when they already took the shot. Perhaps it’s better to respond by saying, “I’ve decided not to discuss it. I don’t discuss any of my doctor visits with anyone, so why start now?” I have been mulling that response as my future approach.

To the people who have not had the vaccine yet, I tell them about all my reservations about the lack of testing on long term effects. That is a much easier conversation!

This was a good question because it really helps to hear the advice of others to help respond in a kind manor.


I would just say that WE are the “Experiment”, & I’m not a lab rat, nor a guinea pig. There are horrible consequences already on many already- vaccinated people, the latest being BLOOD CLOTS killing people in India :>( !!!

I keep praying that our LORD will INTERVENE, & stop these diabolical people from pushing this genocidal agenda. This is truly one of the worst things since Hitler & his “Final Solution”!

We do NOT care what others say about our never taking this “Gene/DNA Changer”. It’s a personal decision, & one which should be made ONLY after careful & extensive evaluation & investigation into
what this stuff is made uf, and the long-term effects. We are only the “Sheep” of The Good Shepherd-
NEVER of the government-NEVER!!!


Thank you for your suggestions, certainly telling someone that I have some reservations about taking the vaccine should be enough of an answer. And you are correct, it is a personal question and should not even require a response. It is good to hear how others are responding.


I am a little harsh when I answer that question. Actually before it is even asked and I am told that the person I am talking to has gotten one or more shots. I just say, “nice knowing you.” To which of course changes the question from if I have gotten it to, “what do you mean.” To that I say it is an experimental vaccine that is not even truly a vaccine but a gene therapy that so far has shown at best at best and 80% or so efficacy for a disease if truly tracked has a fatality rate of maybe 1% or less depending on age and health of those who have actually contracted it and suffered symptoms. By that point one of two things happen. First is they turn and walk away because they know I will not be pressured, embarrassed, or persuaded to get the vaccine. The other is they show interest in the info I have spoken of and give them sources for them to look up to see if what I am saying is right or not.

I don’t expect others to handle it that way because that is my personality. What I will say is that whether or not another person gets the vaccine is nobody’s business but, it will become the new racism factor to judge others on. It will be akin to which side of the tracks you come from as to how people will see you and judge you and many of them will be misled Christians who have a greater attachment to this world than they do to Jesus. I know some Christians who are already doing that and claiming superiority by the fact they have gotten the shot to help others implying that not getting it is selfish the same as not wearing a useless mask is also selfish in their eyes.

I know that is not the politest way to say it but, it is either that or turn and walk away because such people will assuredly be forceful to shame you for not getting it and they have no right to do that to you. After all it is one of the many divisions being pushed like race, wealth, even religious belief that happens already. This one is just so much more insidious as it can be used by all against all till all unity is destroyed even secular unity.


I agree !
I just read an article that Evangelical Christians refusing to take the vax will be the reason for the prolonging of C19.
It’ll appear that we are selfish, unloving toward our fellow man ( thus further race divisions ). We’re already “conspiracy theorists” but really know that this is all leading to what is coming aka fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
We are the ones not drinking the Kool Aid!


”While I am understanding of the cohesive and transparent ideologies for the question and the task-at-hand, I often remind myself of the immortal words of Socrates who said, “I drank what?”

Therefore, to adjust my responsive out-take of pause to a generally unobtrusive question, to answer would render me a hypocrite as I would normally not ask the same from others whom feel equally bold of hearing such an answer.”

Or, “I’m not gonna telllll yooooouuuuu.”

Or, “Why? Did they do something different to me?”

Being silly placed aside, answering with Anything is going to cause a stir. Answering with nothing is going to cause a stir. You are caught between rock and a shot which is a hard place to be. If I can make a Marine recruiter throw me out of his office after three hours of trying to get me to join fails, I can handle a few questions about taking shots or not. And if I can do that, you can too. In fact, let’s take a mo for a prayer.

Loving Heavenly Father
Please instill upon @Rosaliemary the discernment and bold strength and courage to respond as You would have her to when the time comes to answer the difficult questions. I can’t say this is like Peter denying he knew Jesus three times as told he would, but I know down the road this will lead to persecution of some sort. Perhaps the most wise response would be “haven’t thought about it” or “haven’t given it much thought” or even “time will tell.”

You award us all differently with how to respond to someone or something. Sometimes we do so correctly, other times we fail to heed your teachings. We beg You, Lord, to bring upon us as You have said, at the right time, what to say. And so for Rosalie, we pray You will give her the right thing to say at the right time…whether persecution or inquisitiveness of the mind.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I completely relate to wanting to come across gently and without any trace of what could come across as judgment toward them. I’m like you in that I lean toward a simple response when it comes down to it. now that I’m relaxing unlike earlier, I’ll take a moment to think about what might actually happen in the moment. because while I thought of a couple ready-made reasons against the vax in my initial response, the reality is that in the moment of talking to someone who has taken the vax- or plans to- I definitely don’t have the guts to just spew what I said to you earlier. I get meek out of not wanting to offend, or a number of other potential negative outcomes.

additionally when I think about it, I really haven’t had too many conversations about that. the people who have mentioned it around me for the most part mind their own business and don’t press me when I neglect to respond or they just quickly disagree with me and move on. I don’t actually get far enough into these conversations with them to say what I said earlier.

so the nitty gritty is, I don’t know that I’m necessarily handling it the best way myself. so my attempt to help you was based on what you might be able to do. I am timid and I hate when people think I’m being a conspiracy theorist. I will use very few words to say that I’m wary of the vaccine or something, and they never want to hear why I feel that way. since I don’t want to pressure anyone or push them away, I dont press it then either. so those convos just don’t go too far in my life. theoretically, if they wanted to know, id tell them something like the things I told you, it just hasn’t happened much if at all.

indeed, I’ll be praying the Lord gives you (and others) strength in being firm in our convictions and lovingly communicating that truth to others when He gives us the opportunities. not forcing it on others, but having the wisdom to speak as He would have us speak in those moments. and to not take it personally when people call us “irresponsible” or the like. those comments are part of what I fear personally, and they hurt when coming from someone we love or respect. I pray for His strength in all these situations, and in general when it comes to talking with others about the vaccine. Amen


You bring up a good point…I do not want to come across as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ either, although many people labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are those who have given a lot of thought into what is happening and are making decisions based on logic and knowledge from researching and reading topics of concern. I am also timid to a point, but I am firm in my convictions also, so if the opportunity presents itself (like you said), ‘lovingly communicate’ the truth to others when He gives us the opportunities then I will pray for the right words.


Thank you Jon for your prayers, and I agree, I will seek the Lord in my responses to those who ask. I have been given a lot to consider with everyone’s responses, this is going to be a bigger issue as more people get the vaccine and those of us who choose not to get it will be under more scrutiny.


I think the best response, for me, is to say I don’t take vaccines as a rule, and this one is much too new and seems to have a greater chance of adverse reaction leading to chronic illness than I am willing to risk.

Of relative interest today, is this article which indicates the WHO is not even sure the “vaccines” are reliable. I think it’s a setup for the additional “updates.” WHO does not back vaccination passports for now - spokeswoman | Reuters


Well, if they’ve already taken the vaccine, i don’t tell them the things I know that would scare them…but if I’m pressed for an answer, I’ve just been saying "I’m waiting a while for a “vaccine” that covers all the mutant strains…as I don’t want to be getting multiple shots, or a mixture of different company vaccines…because no one knows how those will affect each other when mixed…but actually, I have no intention to ever get any of the vaccines.

*update: yesterday it came up again with coworkers asking if I was going to or not…, but this time I felt led to speak in a different way. I told them I believe what the Bible says, word for word…that it says there is coming a day when no man can buy or sell, save he who has the mark, etc…also told them I didn’t believe the vaccines were the mark, but that it is quickly leading up to it, such as the quantum dot tattoos, or something similar. Anyway, they wanted me to send them some information. I’m sure I might get into some trouble by being on the other side of the “vaccinate everyone campaign” from our hospital… but they are asking & maybe they are being drawn by God to truth, idk…but I’m sending bible verses & a few articles and videos to them…we’ll see what happens. I remember about a month or so ago, one coworker was worrying about taking the vax, and asked me about it…I told her a lot about the Bible and what I believed…
She asked for articles to read also…so I gave them to her. The next morning when she arrived at work, she looked at me with some anger & pride, and said she would be leaving in a moment to go get her vaccine & said "I know one thing!..I’m gonna do MY PART…implying I wasn’t. What an awful feeling to be looked at like that. But, so far, I’m hearing a “no” from my Father.


Hi, I hear your concern! And it does depend on who you say it too. I work in health-care and the pressure is on!
Towards most people I simply say the truth,
I am not at peace… taking it.


Hi Rosaliemary,

I’m doing some pro-active communication regarding the “vaccines”. I have been talking to people around me. Some have already gotten vaccinated. The message, I have been delivering is that I don’t want to see the issue of non-vaccinated vs vaccinated to be the next thing that divides us. I use black vs. white, or right vs. left as an example. We are all under a lot of stress due to covid. I tell them I’m not comfortable taking the vaccine due to the science that I have been researching and the fact that is was rushed due to an emergency situation. I tell people that I believe we all have autonomy over our own bodies and that I’m concerned about vaccinated people judging non-vaccinated people. Finally, I tell people that we should all be respectful of each other including respecting everyone’s choice regarding whether or not to get vaccinated. So far this has been working for me. Don’t know how long that will last. On another note, you could tell “curious” people that your medical information is private.


@Tina Absolutely - this is the same organisation that deterred mass masking in early 2020, only to reach a point of advocating the normalisation of mask wearing by late 2020

The same confusingly conflicting messaging is now to be unleashed within the sphere of vaccination passports.

This is applied psychological warfare and is designed to confuse, disorientate, frustrate and demotivate the general populace into submission.

This behaviour is typical of an Abusive Cycle whereby intense oppression is followed by a glimmer of relief, only to be withdrawn at the last minute and thus degrade the moral further.

The UK Column has a good article on the real-world manifestation of this despicable practise:

Fortunately, ours is not a God of confusion.

Yours In Christ


Just gonna put this here to help those trying to decide whether or not to take the vaccine. For one the vaccine is not fully tested, it is experimental. For two if it goes south the pharmaceutical companies are protected from liability so if you are injured, tough luck. Third the efficacy rate of almost all of the vaccines is around 85% but the survival rate from the actual COVID is around 99%. What most people had that did not have bad symptoms was the simple cold.


Praying for you, :pray: :heart: and believers in this hour, …Oh Lord Jesus please give us the wisdom and your words and grace in every situation we find ourselves facing in the coming days. I’m thankful you raised this very good question, Rosalie, and for all of the good advice and thoughts shared here. God Bless you.