Advice needed: responding to questions about vaccine status

I’m praying for you @QuakerGirl. No offence taken despite the flag from someone else. God bless you. :pray::pray::pray::sparkling_heart:

Well I have decided to take part in the vaccine trials. I have made a definite decision to be in the control group. They can come back and check on me in 10 years. I will be the really old guy in the back yard working my garden of real food.


First of all, I want to thank you all for these forums. It has been amazing reading comments. I love the Bible versus and the songs posted. It just keeps reminding me to keep my eyes on him.

Responding to the question about vaccines…I respond honestly because I have been asked and told by doctors that I need to get it. I typically tell them about the “cookie cutter approach” or I mention to them, no more poison in my body, thank you very much.

I have been diagnosed with 2 different types of cancers in 2018 and have gone through chemo. I never finished chemo because of the side effects. I made a choice but…
Once you put it in, it does not come out.
? although maybe it does, with pus filled pockets on my skin, or maybe swollen ocular nerves, maybe neuropathy which comes and goes. I have no desire to deal with new side effects. Every person is created differently and we are not being treated that way. We are being treated like a “cookie cutter approach”. My body is different and will react different to “Joe or Jane”. I asked my doctors, how long does the chemo stay in my body? There has been no answers. My PN (peripheral neuropathy) will never go away, per 2 of my doctors. I made the choice to do chemo and dealing with the side effects. God is with me and he takes care of me. My side effects did not really start until 6 mos after my last infusion. I think people who are vaccinated will see side effects but they have no clue on what they will be. I pray with tears and on my knees, that God will help and protect his children that have taken the vaccination through choice and/or force as he has done with me.

I was just shunned by one of my physicians for not getting vaccinated. I mentioned to him “that we are created uniquely and my body is different from anyone else. There are no guarantees on how my body will react to the vaccination”. I now have to wear a mask to his office. Just like the “Scarlet Letter”. Just like JD mentioned.

My heart is for God and is very hard sometimes to be loving to others. I see things differently, as a cancer patient. I no longer fear death. I find it sad that the death rate for COVID is no where near my cancer death rate, when it comes to statistics. I try very hard to hold it together and not yell at people. I pray that God continues to help me be the light and continue to be happy with the time I have left.

There is no guarantee on this time on earth and we should treasure our families and friends. I along with others here on this forum have Hope and a Peace. I have no problem with others getting the so called vaccination because everyone has a path already designed by God. Choices, it is all about free will.

I pray for the people that have made this choice to vaccinate and pray for the ones that haven’t because we are all in for hard times ahead. I pray that eyes will be opened and ears will hear. I pray that people will be saved! Amen


If it is someone that’s had the shot and they are asking me just so they can convince me to get it I just say I am covered because I am covered by the grace of God. If it’s someone who is struggling I give them my testimony why I chose to trust in God and not take it


The mockering about those, who received bad side effects (and many died) is heartbreaking for me (I mean Quaker Girl post just to clarify it). I saw now enough videos about people who are suffering so badly because they trusted the government. The insurance wont pay the hospitalisation, if you are having a side effect of the so called vaccine. Everyone should know this.

And we have to keep in mind that they may be some people here who work for the pharma mafia.


Yes. This is entirely true. Many years ago, my mom nearly lost her life and her sanity because she presented atypically with gall stones, and then two years later, appendicitis. Doctors only look at “normal” parameters and neglect to take a good look at the outliers. It is immensely frustrating.

The side effects of chemo are gruelling. I am sorry you have that to deal with. I join with you in prayer that you will indeed continue to be the light and that God will grant you continued happiness with the time you have left. :heart:

Amen. Let it be so. :blush:


Welcome to the forum @Qtip. What an amazing and inspiring first post. I so look forward to our fellowship and hearing more from you.

God bless :pray::sparkling_heart:


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wow :*[ that is heartbreaking. I’m praying for this couple. <3

I live in California and I never wear a mask. If someone at Walmart asks me to put one on, I smile and say, “No thank you.” and keep walking. I don’t wear one anywhere I go. I am the lone ranger.


praying for you!! the scrutiny is something you’ve gotten used to but nevertheless here in IL it’s very similar so I know the struggle to some degree- I just imagine CA is worse about it! so prayers for you still, and a salute!!


Thank you! That means a lot!! Prayers for you also.

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Just wanted to say hello to you - I lived in Orlando the majority of my adult life; actually 1 mile from downtown in one of the historical neighborhoods. About 15 years ago I moved an hour away to a small (now rapidly becoming larger) college town close to Daytona Beach. Praise God for Governor DeSantis!!! God bless you!!


You are about 2 hours from me. It’s funny how many people are from Florida on this website.

God blessed Florida with an awesome governor.

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I think this is better posted here. What can be said to inquiring minds without being rude or lying?

(Here’s my post I placed elsewhere.)

I have not worn a mask since the “2 weeks to flatten the curve” business. Only a few times has anyone said anything to me. Only once was I verbally assaulted and left shaken. Yesterday I stopped to buy strawberries at a roadside stand. The little shed had a sign “Those vaccinated do not need a mask.” I walked in (basically an open air garden shed mind you) to pay, and the greeting from the owner was not a smile or a welcome, but “Have you been vaccinated?” I wasn’t going to lie, so she said I needed a mask. I told her, with a smile, hoping to evoke some sense of humor, I’d do one better and hold my breath. She didn’t laugh or smile, not even a little bit. She took my money and didn’t thank me.

Reporting from York PA – That’s my first experience in the new world where, I assume, asking someone about their personal medical status will be commonplace, even at roadside fruitstands. I can see this will end up with “papers please.”


Great to meet you! I think Florida will be increasing in residents based on how many people I’ve met or heard about who have recently moved here.

How sad, right? I have wondered the same and am interested in replies to your question.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ please forgive me for taking the vaccine. I will not be taking any more vaccines for this COVID deception. I believe in England they are looking at giving booster shots in the autumn - I will not be taking it or any of the other so called vaccines that are developed. I believe I am not worthy to be your a member of your Bride but I will willingly be beheaded to be with you as a tribulation saint. Please be merciful to me a sinner Oh God I am sorry and every day I remember a sin from my past and I need you to forgive me through your mercy and Grace and love. :latin_cross::pray::latin_cross: Amen


Dear Viv!! You did not sin in taking the shots. Please know that they are not currently the Mark. I hope you will forgive yourself. I pray, that you will be in good health while we all occupy until we meet Jesus in the air. :hibiscus:


Thankyou for that - I feel so guilty - I am so in love with our Blessed Lord I pray that He knows my heart and will forgive me . :pray::grinning: