Alone in Winnipeg

Hey all, I know I haven’t been on for a long while now. I’m kinda okay but I really need to get together with other “REAL” believers.
Please pray for me that anyone who is a “real” believer would be willing to come and meet with me somewhere so we can talk JESUS. I’m so lonely for fellowship of authentic Jesus following Bible believing people that it breaks my heart.

I have heard that there are underground churches here in Winnipeg but haven’t got a hint even of where to go to be in one. Please pray.

I tried witnessing to someone today & was basically told that I need to “be open-minded to other cultures and faith beliefs if I expect anyone to listen” to me. Help I’m stuck and I’m even getting scared that I’ll get hauled off and killed an no one will know or care. Sorry, just my heart on my sleeve right now with literal tears rolling down my face. I “feel” alone & helpless.

If you do live in Winnipeg, please private message me here and we’ll exchange information and meet somewhere. I’m in St.b/Norwood area near the river.

Marianne aka Mouse (Freedom 1991-2004)


PS If you drive and see a red ribbon out the window, that’s me. 12th floor so you have to look up.
I feel like Rahab.


Hi Mouse,

So sorry to hear you’re feeling sad and lonely and so glad you’ve come back to the forum. Prayers for you that someone close by will see this. If I weren’t so far away I’d love to get together and cheer you up.

Take good care and keep in touch xx


I’ve been wishing that I could come to Kanahoe (sp) Just to be with a “real” church.

Thank you so much for praying.

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Praying that the Lord leads you to where you need and where He wills @Marianne_Cnd.

He has done so for all who trust in Him throughout the ages, and will continue to do so till the last day.

For You are my rock and my fortress;
Therefore, for Your name’s sake,
Lead me and guide me.

Psalm 31:3

In Christ


Amen & Thank you

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Ah Marianne ,I feel exactly the same way! If I lived there, I would totally get together with you and fellowship! I’ve also thought how nice it would be to go to J.D’s church but with the vaccination required for travel, it’s mute point. I don’t want to take that vaccine. :frowning:


I pray that the Lord will send one of His chosen ones to you, we all need fellowship & Our Lord graciously provides all our needs - I trust that He will come through for you!***

Please know you never alone, the Creator of the Universe will never leave you, nor forsake you!*** Please don’t get discouraged spreading the good news, people need Jesus more than ever now & you planting seeds, someone else will water them & God is the only one that can make those seeds grow!***

Fear is not from our Loving, Caring, Almighty Father, but from the farther of lies that wants to prevent as many people from receiving knowledge of their Savior!*** Be strong and courageous, for the Lord goes with you wherever you go, wherever you are, there He is also, before you, behind you, next to you, and most importantly He lives inside of you!***


They want me to take it, they gotta pin me down and hold me in place while the needle goes it. I’ve made too many compromises in my life already. After Jan 12, 2020 that all changed. No more compromising.

I was doing pretty good until this past week. A person who lives in my building came by to see me and has been making daily excuses to check up on me. I’m not sure if she’s checking for rapture or my passing.

I’ve done all I know to witness to her, but she’s like a closed door encapsulated with fear. When she came by this morning the fear was just dripping off of her. I tried to calm her but…she was having none of it.

She needs prayer. I don’t know if she’s afraid of being left behind - in case SHE is wrong - or if she is genuinely concerned about me. Either way the intensity of the fear on her was borderline insane.

I’ve known her for a few years and the more I try to share Jesus with her, the more she talks about astrology, wicca, consulting spiritists etc. I just can’t seem to get through. I’ve prayed and fasted for her. I’ve poured out my heart to the Lord in my secret place. I’m at a loss as to whether my being here is for His glory or simply my safety. (Hidden under your nose idea.)

I need to fellowship with believers before I end up in more trouble than I know how to pray through on my own. Strength in numbers.


Thank you so very much. <3

Just thank you <3

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It’s with love!***

Like you said there are strength in numbers and we might not be there with you physically, but in spirit we are - prayers are soOoOo powerful!!! For the unbelieving lady too!***

The Lord sends that lady to you everyday for a reason, we might not know the reason right now, but I think she’s drawn to the light!*** One day and hopefully soon the reasons for everything will be revealed to us!***

Please remember to love her, Jesus commanded us to love one another and when your words don’t seem to be getting through to her, your deeds are so important!*** They will know us by the love we have for one another!!!

I’d encourage you to listen to her objections against Christianity, Jesus said He is the truth, so don’t be afraid of any questions she might have, ALL truthful answers will lead to and be found in our Lord Jesus Christ & He will lead you!***


The thing with the lady is that sometimes I feel like she’s trying to convert me to what she believes. It can be challenging at times, I will admit that, to do less would be to lie. Sometimes I just stop talking because I don’t have an answer or I know that the one I’m thinking would have a negative impact on both of us. Silence seems to be a stronger witness to her these days.
What troubled me the most was this morning when she told me I needed to be more “open-minded towards what others believe if I expected to be heard.” Everything inside me started to almost scream in my head, “No I don’t! I don’t need to conform or compromise to this sinful & sin-filled world.” Instead of saying that, I chose silence. I get kinda loud when my passion kicks in & then people think I’m angry. I have a “Three mile yell”, or so I’ve been told. My voice carries even when I whisper.

I really do appreciate all of you so very much. Thank you for being so encouraging & Pastor JD’s last sermon on Hebrews today… OH MY GOSH LIKE WOW MAN!!! I sooooo needed to hear his words today. Touched my heart deep.

Maybe, if the person willing to meet me would like to sit by the river and have a coffee with me someday, that would be very nice indeed. :wink:

Maybe I need to remember to come back to the forum more often lol :smiley:


It’s much better to be silent instead of staring an argument!*** LOL, my passion also sometimes gets mistaken for anger :rofl: I’ve also learnt that silence and actions are sometimes a more powerful witness, so happy to relate :hugs:

You are very welcome & I’m looking forward to watching the sermon :raised_hands: JD has been a blessing!!! It’s 00:43 here in South Africa, so I’ll definitely watch it after work!***

May the Lord send someone your way soon!*** :pray: Great idea to check in on the forum more often, feels like a Christian Facebook, but better than Facebook, lol, a group of believers all over the world is wonderful!***


Amen & Agreed.
Have a great shift at work.
The Lord protect you & go with you.

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Thank you so much :blush:
All of the best to you & may you be abundantly blessed :pray:


Greetings Marianne,

I think a lot of us are in your same boat, literally. I know I am in a very similar situation as you.

The Good News to me is what we are experiencing now is only for a brief time, and soon, we will be together in Eternity before Our Lord Yeshua Ha’Mashiach in a perfected realm.

Your stressed out friend might be one of those who has to go into the Tribulation to see The Truth, there will be a great multitude of Tribulation Saints…as the Scripture tells us.


That’s what I’ve been thinking and wondering too.
She blesses me at every turn but she is so stressed and fear-filled. I only hope my life will be a testimony to her of God’s love. She won’t hear me out on the Gospel message but still insisting to remain my friend. It causes me a curious thought I alone am unable to discern.
Pray for her as well. Thank you :pray:

I’ll be praying for you as well throughout my day.
God richly bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


God is faithful and working through your fasting and prayer. Do not be discouraged! He brought her to you for a reason.


Hi Marianne,

Give me some time. I have to come to you from the Netherlands. May be that the Lord makes it before i do.
LOL !!
Dear sis, so happy to see you back on the forum. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Here in the netherlands we can still go to a real live church (i don’t know for how long) and i really love the hugs and kisses i get there. Okay, maybe thats not the whole reason i go to church but that was a very welcome extra with all the “distancing” going on everywhere.
I really pray that you will find someone you can meet in person. If not, then i hope you can share with us here on the forum. Hold on! He is coming soon!!
Bless, Jeanet


Thanks :pray:

It’s been very challenging lately to share what’s on my heart because my words fail me frequently and when I do speak I have been received as angry and uncompromising. Although the latter is true the former is not.
There are only 2 things I bother getting angry about 1) an unrepentant sinner
2) injustice in every form

That’s it. At the end of it all, those are my hot spots.
Oh sure we could explode this into a huge topical debate on what Justice is or what a true sinner is, but that is all semantics and does not reach the heart of the matter.

My greatest daily challenge is not all things Covid, although they are caused by all things Covid. My daily challenge during all of covid, although that has contributed to my issue, is that my tiny family has been grieving the loss of our “glue that holds the family unit together “ aka Mama! We buried her the day before covid was announced. If people see me as angry right now, that is the root of it. I’m only 58!!! SHE was only 75, she did not see 76. To put this into perspective, my Mama and I have very similar- not identical health issues. Very few medications worked well on Mama, and the one the gave her made her stomach bleed into her body, which killed her in the end. What good is 120 year lifespan heart valve of metal when the medication you have to take gives you internal bleeding as a side effect? Not me, Mama. I have a very faint heart mermor so I need to remain calm and away from high stress. Apparently they tell me that if my stress levels get to high my heart will kill me. With everything going on in the world right now there is a part of me that says “just bring it in already, I’m done with all this garbage agendas from the Uber wealthy people running garbage talk against our GOD!” Then there’s that other side. You know the one, we all feel the tug. What about what God says? What about what Jesus died for in the cross? What about the fact that when I first read the words “social distancing I knew immediately it was not ever intended to be only temporary and that they were doing this to turn people’s smart homes into prisons?? Why target the churches first rather then the stadiums? Both hold social gatherings? But oh no! We must keep the god and idol of sports open for people to worship at, but the one true God, no we can’t let them gather together!

Okay I stop now. But you can all see what I’m saying although I speak with only 1. I have so much inside and am being withheld from speaking.

My friend I’ve been ministering to is even becoming even more like the world but she comes for more Jesus. lol she’s almost more stubborn then I use to be. Please pray for her salvation. I don’t like the feeling I keep getting that she’s going to “try” to be a tribulation saint. But it’s like I heard one say recently, “if you’re not going to live for Jesus now, you won’t be able to during the tribulation.”

Canada is overrun by lunatics because we have Cuba’s old dictator’s son running the show here now. My province is just over half jabbed and shot up, I’m guessing the colonists are not letting them in for religious reasons, but even that is being mandated out and even our masking alone since the beginning had been MANDATORY. Tam wanted us to wear them in our homes and when sexual relations were in progress. When she came out with that one SO many people here basically told her to …… you know the rest.

I’ll come back after coffee :coffee:
Being alone is easy, not holding my Dad when he’s crying for my Mama is ripping the heart out of me.
Please pray for him Abram.

I really do need a person of Jesus to talk with.

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