Amazon Smile: Did you know?

Just wanted to share in case anyone is unaware, like I once was:

Did you know that you can set up your Amazon account to donate to your favorite charity? If you log on through, you can select your favorite charity and Amazon will make a donation to them each time you make a purchase. But you have to be logged on through the smile site, not just the regular Amazon site, each time you make a purchase for your charity to receive the donation. The items you purchase will still be the same price. And the best part: Calvary Chapel Kaneohe is listed as one of the available charities! :slight_smile:

I know we are all so grateful for the ability to interact on this Forum, the ability to send A-B-C postcards to unsaved loved ones, and the ability to watch all the prophecy update videos. Thank you, Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, for making these resources available to us and for discussing relevant topics that ALL churches should be discussing right now, but aren’t.


I just went and changed mine. Thank you so much for that info and may God richly bless you.