Another need for prayer

So in the middle of having the flu or COVID or whatever I’m sick with, last week was also supposed to be my final week working. I accepted a position caring for a Christian lady with Alzheimer’s in another state. I was convinced it was the right move and God was telling me “Go, and do it quickly”.
It’s become much more challenging than I imagined, over and above being sick.
Without going in to all the complex details, the summary is that I need a good $5000 more than I expected (yes it’s almost that price to rent the smallest, cheapest truck leaving California) and do not have that amount and am having extreme difficulty executing the best plan of action. Or any plan really…logistics have never been my strong point and after a TBI last year it is worse.
I don’t have any community to help me, so it’s God and me. I lost my faith community of over 12 years primarily due to my stance on covid vaccines etc.

Please pray for me that I’ll make good decisions and that the 401k I’m trying to liquidate to move with will be sufficient and come through by the end of the week.

Thanks everyone



Lord please guide @laffingdukk with Wisdom from above for all the details and guide her path the way You want it to unfold. Bring healing to her body and strength for the journey. Bless her simply because You love her and because she is demonstrating her faith by asking for prayer.
In Jesus’ name amen.


Sorry, Dina, you’ve reached your quota on prayer requests this month. LOL Just kidding. Gotta make an attempt at having people laugh and get caught off guard at times.

Loving Heavenly Father

With all the understanding You possess about, well, everything – You know how things are going to go for Dina and I suppose the fact You know and we don’t, helps to demonstrate just how important it is to have faith in You and Your ways over our knowledge. We beg of You, Father, to just plain help Dina in her journey. We pray this isn’t such a message as Jeremiah received but more so like Paul. We’ll even take Peter if possible but not Judas. No offense.

While we beg to have a hundred million angels watching over Dina and her journey, and we beg for her guardian angels to be on full alert to aide her as they can, we ask that You please bless Dina with peace and calm in her heart and mind, galvanize her with protection against evil and those not of You, bless her with Spiritual wisdom and transform her problems into solutions, questions into answers, infirmities into strength, and fear into courage. Any anxiety, we ask you change it to peace and any depression into happiness. Please help her in the event of any despairing thoughts or concerns to be turned into Godly confidence and any confusion that comes her way, please turn it into clarity.

Let her trials become victories, Father. Please allow her grace and mercy every step of the way of her journey and help her to never worry about making ends meet and having enough to live on. We pray that while Your timing is precise and will not be revealed too soon or too late, we beg of You to give her a vision of signs and wonders to help her through, knowing she is well taken care of on this mission. Let all loopholes be seen in regards to the massive evil we all face of dealing with “jab nabs” from people whom are less than accepting of True science.

We pray Dina can walk on water when she is called by the Lord and not look back, just focus on the Lord and know that You are all we need. Whatever decisions Dina makes on her journey, we ask that You bless them with a righteous endeavor of being of Your will being done and her good to manifest.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


@Jon haha thank you.
Walking on water is a great prayer. It almost made me want to get out of bed :slight_smile: Seriously. I’m still weak from being sick, to the point I’d probably stay in bed another week if I wasn’t moving. Whatever bug I had hit me hard.
But really, your prayer is helping me to stand up and get moving. Thank you

I’ve had a couple offers to trade vehicles which would help with the move. Please pray for my wisdom in this area. There are a lot of scammers and I could look like an easy target to them but I think trading my vehicle might be smart so I pray the decision will be obvious if the right trade comes along


Father you know Dina’s needs and we ask that You will provide her needs both financial as well as physical. We entrust these to You Lord and we ask in Jesus name who is our Great Physician and our Jehovah Jireh, Amen.


Thank you @Susan I appreciate all the prayers and positive comments


Father we know You go before us and we know You will lead Dina through this move in Your perfect ways and timing. Dina is trusting in You to provide and work out each of the numerous issues and challenges in moving. Lord may all glory be Yours and all praise given to You. In Jesus precious name, Amen.


@Susan Thanks for praying so much. It’s helping. Not just my health but moving and focusing. I have only made a small dent but it’s a dent nonetheless.
Blessings to you



Thank You Lord. :pray:

:pray:Dina no need to thank me. It is a joy and the Lord blesses me through lifting you in prayer. My faith grows when I see His hand working in other’s lives. Thank you for your faithfulness in trusting your cares to our Lord and Savior.


Praying for you Dina. God is making the way and I pray you stay encouraged, continue to look towards Him and keep His promises close to your heart.

“The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8


@Jon haha thanks so much


@Susan well maybe no need to thank but still it’s important to have gratitude and also be polite.
Plus then you know I saw your message :slight_smile:


@Rell thanks I needed that! :smile:

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:hugs: You have such a sweet heart

You’re welcome so welcome :blush:

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