Antibody treatment

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To anyone that has Covid please seek antibody treatments I don’t know if you have it in Hawaii I don’t know if you have it in the states that you live in and I know in Florida it’s readily available but Florida is going down now we have I think less than 1000 In seven days I pray for anybody that’s going through this right now but seek God stay strong if you can’t find the antibodies high vitamin C if you can get the ivermectin take it elderberry in a syrup or gummy’s whatever you can get and colloidal silver may God bless you all see you when we get there and it’s going to be soon God bless
Miss Alice


I’m sorry to contradict you but I disagree with your advice.

Those “antibodies and “treatments” are from humanized mice. Chimera. If they do not come from them then they come from those who have blood and it could’ve been those who took the shot which means you now could be taking it in a roundabout way.

Second of all they are experimental the same as the shot.

Third they cause the same ADE as the shot.

If you wanna go for it you go ahead and I will never let them put that junk or any other junk that they “come out with as a resolution“ for the bio wespon. I myself have my cabinet full of stuff as directed by FLCCC. Furthermore I don’t go around people if I don’t have to so I’m limited as much as possible. When I go around people because I have to then I prophylactic.

Otherwise I’m just handing it over to the Lord… there’s no way I’m polluting my body with any of that Satanic stuff.

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December - are the antibody treatments and/or regeneron all have the “bad stuff’
In them???

Well you know what you’re entitled to your own opinion God says everybody has free will somebody was asking a question and I was just passing along some information you don’t have to agree with that have a good day unless you have other plans God