Any trouble with your attitude lately?

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

I could have put this under discussion but decided it was more appropriate here.
I sure have been having more trouble with my grumbling attitude lately; you know a period of time when all these little things pile up and the world as a whole holds little goodness and you start to complain, especially in my spirit attitude?
Or is it just me??
My praise is this-the Lord hasn’t given up on me, and I am so thankful to hear His gentle reminders and also that I can hear His whispers of correction. I get down because there I go again! Have to repent and start on my thankful list. How long will it take me to be changed in this area?
I’m surmising that the more frequently and quickly I am thankful each day, the quicker it will be. What do you think? Hahaha
Praise You Lord for Your correction and gentleness and mercy and grace!!


Letitia, I know of at least one other person who has been struggling with the very same things for almost 3 years now. So it is not just you. (Capt. Obvious here- the other person is me :wink:)
As to your "how long " question- I have asked Him many times, and have come to realize that it will take the rest of my earthly life, because these afflictions are the work of the Spirit sanctifying and purifying the Bride of Christ. It is hard to be thankful FOR my afflictions but I am thankful IN THE MIDST OF THEM, and maybe that’s enough.
I know that He is a forgiving God (1 John 1:9)
I wrote this prayer down at some point during the past 3 years- probably after a vey bad day- and maybe it can help you as well:

"Father, you are known as Yahweh Rapha, the Lord who Heals…You have mercifully granted me a measure of relief from my pain and suffering and for this I could never thank and praise you enough. You know my prayers are to be healed completely, and I know that if You are willing You can heal me, so I will keep asking in faith that you heal me and remove this disease from me.
But if it is not your will for whatever reason(s), I will still follow You, love and worship You, and serve Your kingdom as much I am able for all my remaining days, despite my afflictions. Let Your will be done not mine, for Your ways are perfect, and I understand so little.
You have shown me that your grace is indeed sufficient for me, and I trust that you have a purpose for these afflictions. But Lord, despite my faith in You and Your perfect ways, I confess that there are still days when I do not bear my condition well and complain about how difficult my life is- so please forgive me for my complaining about my condition, and give me extra measures of grace for those bad days because You know O Lord, the true desires of my heart has not changed:
~I want to somehow honor and glorify You in my affliction;
~I desire to know all that You desire to teach me in this affliction.

You are the King of the universe and of my life so it is to You alone, Lord that I lift up my heart in this valley of tears. When I need it, remind me that I walk by faith, not sight and that I still abide in You no matter how broken my body becomes. Help me to look ahead to the day that I finally see you-freed from sin, temptation, and disease by Your precious blood. Keep my mind fixed on the unimaginable peace and joy that await me after the trials of this life are over and You bring me home. Father- let that day come soon. Amen."


Thank you @BobinNC. Your prayer is so meaningful and precious to me.:pray::heart: Thank for being a example to me ( I’ve had very few of those in my life til this forum).
I long to be a sweet witness no matter my circumstances. Though I see growth in me at times, I do wonder if anyone else does.

Praise the Lord who heals and forgives and sanctifies!!!


I’ve had this problem for a while now. I actually had someone tell me “Your compassion is gone”. That gave me pause. Have I been angry and frustrated, more than ever lately. Situations at home, situations in life, being pulled in a 1000 different ways at the same time. I use to could cuss a sailor under a table, my mouth was filthy. Here lately, the “bombs” I use to drop every other word, have slipped out occasionly. I haven’t used them in years, and as soon as I do, I always ask for forgiveness, but the enemy is RIGHT THERE, saying “Just how many times do you think He is going to forgive you for repeating this sin over and over and over?” I’ve even started doubting my being raptured. The thought that Jesus would EVEN accept me has been a feeling I’ve been having lately, that I’m not truly saved, that He would NEVER accept me as His bride, I mean, who WOULD??? My kids and I have been at each other’s throats, the world is HORRID and just keeps getting worse and worse and the enemy is right there saying “What makes you think YOU are going to get out of this?”

I’m so ready for that trumpet, yet I wake up every morning thinking, “Did I miss it? Did it blow and I slept through it?”

Lord Jesus please come!


I have had these accusations from the enemy as well. I settled the assurance of my salvation MANY years ago, but the enemy is crafty. I love the Lord and know I am His. Nothing can pluck me out of His hand!

I think I have gone all the way through to the acceptance phase of grief but don’t know how/where to best use my spare time. I still grieve over every new discovery of all the breakdowns in society that are occurring.
But God…… is teaching me to ‘rest’ ( do what I am doing) til He leads otherwise. But, oh how I pray He comes soon!

“And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. (John 10:28 NKJV)


The more you resist the devil, he will flee from you. I have been carrying this burden for way too long, but God gives me such grace and mercy. If you keep going to Him in prayer about this, well all I can say is He is loving it. He has your attention and little by little you will grow and become more and more like Him. No matter how hard we try, He is the only one who can take this burden and make it lighter. It is our nature to complain, grumble, but when we immediately recognize that we are doing it, then the battle is being won. I have prayed every day most recently that the Lord would change my heart to be more like His. I don’t see any improvement, but He has showed me thru scripture reading how much I have grown, so you see, we cannot always see the work He is doing. Just remember to look in the mirror every day, push that “old adversary” aside and see Jesus.

Change my heart, oh God
make it ever true.
Change my heart, oh God
may I be like you.
You are the potter, I am the clay.
Mold me and make me,
this is what I pray.


Oh, Gayla don’t beat yourself up. Here, let me do it…lol. No, not really. I think it would be easier to ask if anyone has NOT been feeling and acting like this of late. If there is one, I would like to meet them, because I believe Jesus would be the one left standing. My mouth has betrayed me a time or two and not in a good way. If only I were perfect, but alas it will never be so until I am in His presence. Amen?

Gather your family together and confess to your children. When they see you repenting to them and to the Lord, what a good example that will be for them. Then forgive yourself and start again. God’s mercy and grace are new every morning, praise God! I am praying for you!


Beautiful Carole Anne! I agree 100%. Some days it feels like I cannot make it one more day, and then I refocus on Who my help is and receive again. It does seem though that these last days are a constant trial.
It helps so much to have those like you on this forum that when I simply voice something I am often understood-amazing. I have had few people in my life like that.
Thank you for being you😊


Thank you so much Carole. Everyone needs a spiritual hug every so often, even if it’s from someone they don’t know personally, so here’s mine to you hugs. I do beat myself up. I put my armor of God on daily, actually several times a day, especially here of late. My children do know my burden. I’ve told them about God and Jesus, they see me listening to videos and a Bible open in my lap, alas, they think I’m the crazy lady.

Thank you for the prayers, they are much appreciated. God Bless you :slight_smile:


You are my spiritual family @Anchored and @Gayla. We are joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod, as the song says. I need you as much as you need me and I appreciate your obedience to the Lord in loving me. Hugs back at you.


Very glad it was helpful…
Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King…


Amen here too dear sister. BUT GOD…He died for all our sins…past, present, future. Take heart. God the Father has already accepted you by His Grace and Mercy. Praise Jesus only.


We have a hard time some days as we see our society change the meaning of good (now called evil) and evil (now called good). The new “hymn” written about Jesus, our Lord and Savior, our God who died on the cross for each of us, denies His very existence and the “hymn” is called “the other holy one.” It’s blasphemous. Add the extreme weather, stealing the innocence of our children, the destruction of law and order…the days reveal the days of the Bible coming true, something I didn’t think we would see. However, it also tells us Jesus’s return is very near, His hand is about to turn the knob…We are to occupy until He comes, do our best to tell our friends, and loved ones about Jesus before it’s too late. God is the one who changes minds and hearts, Our job is to be bold and plant seeds best we can. We live in an evil state yet the Lord created each one of us for the place and time we live in and He will give all of us increased faith and trust if we ask… All glory, honor and faith belong to Him! We are privileged to live in such times…hard as some things are to see…Soon and very soon…


Not just you…
Last weekend I was staying in the house of an elderly relative, taking care of her for a while. At one point, I went into the room where I had been sleeping on the couch and thought I really don’t like this room anymore. It used to be my favourite. Now it’s cluttered and it’s dreary 'cos I can’t open the heavy shutters properly.

At exactly that point the glass of tonic water I was holding just slipped from my hand and spilt all over the carpet.
Immediately I felt chastened for complaining and started to give thanks that the glass did not break and the spilt liquid likely would not stain.

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I too have attitude problems. Mine gets really bad when i,m dealing with people that are attached to this world. ,and I can tell you that is 85% of the people i run into. I struggle with my negative thoughts about them, while in a conversation with them! I try to stay focused on being kind but many times I just speak what I think . If i don,t read in my bible every morning I tend to let my attitude get worse. I,m noticed that, and try to read in my bible before I go our in public. It helps, but it is one of my biggest challenges.we will overcome someday maybe


I understand completely!

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Leticia I think all of us are dealing with this attitude stuff in one way or another. It’s wearisome. We have to resist the devil but we are fighting on so many fronts all at once.
I have said this somewhere else on the forum. We’re running from a tiger and we are struggling to stay ahead.
I pray that the Lord comes quickly.


My dad and i are texting again but his attitude is alittle weird and he’s quick to respond to a question he’s disagreeing with but he is aware now of the lies in the political government in Washington DC. i’m keeping it cool with him as he can quickly get upset or agitated with me over something little. I’m grateful we’re back to communicating the best we know how… in hopes that the Holy Spirit will keep softening his heart towards me and his family. I believe he’s searching for answers as to what’s happening to this country. I think he’s searching in what to do but he’s not sure yet. I pray for him everyday that he will finally surrender to Jesus. I sent a Father’s day card with a gift card to him and we visited over the phone on Father’s day. He was kind to me and was happy to hear from me.


Yes, we are running from that tiger, and I can feel his breath on my neck. He gets too close sometimes, but oh, how the Holy Spirit gives me a boost when I get into the Word and that tiger seems to disappear. Hallelujah!