Anyone else weary?

Hello Fellow Travelers…Are we there yet?

I bring this up because I’ve been a believer since Sunday School age 7. I’m 57 now and it seems like a very long bumpy ride, and I for one, would like to get home. I’m wondering what verses of scripture you lean on when you feel especially worn out? Can you relate to this?

I don’t know about anyone else, but just looking around at all that’s going on makes me so weary of this world. It’s the media (which I can’t even watch anymore), it’s everywhere we go these days.

Revelation 3:8 (Church of Philadelphia)
“I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.

It’s encouraging that Jesus acknowledges we are weary and have little strength. This seems like an attribute of the Faithful Church (so it’s kind of a good thing). It’s also what Jesus is saying to us at the very end of the race…almost home…crossing that finish line any day now.

How come Jesus doesn’t give us a pep talk “Stay Strong, get out there and keep going…”
Please share your thoughts and experiences and how you cope. God Bless


Fantastic observation I felt The Holy Spirit underscoring that very scripture for my wife and I over the last year especially. I was shown the same thing that all Jesus says in Revelation chapters 2&3 to the overcomers is stand fast and hold on to what you have. Not go get em.!. We are not defeatists for wanting the same thing The Lord Himself is longing for. And that is for us to be with Him. Not that we don’t take advantage of every opportunity.


It’s a relationship He wants from us. Our real service is in the millennium. We don’t see that unless you see the whole story.


Yes taking advantage of opportunities to move people closer to Jesus. I’ve noticed that Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden light. The opportunities come in the form of things I can do that are inline with the strength I have.


I first read the New Testament when I was 10 (the little red grade 5 bible)… it planted seeds and I was saved at 24. I turned 50 a couple months ago, and I’m thinking back at all the up and downs in that time… it makes me weary, I’m ready to go home… but I know people who are close to me who are not saved… I want to stick around for them… that makes me weary. Paul had the same issue… I’m paraphrasing because I don’t have the exact bible verse in front of me…“I want to go be with the Lord but it’s better for you if I stay”.


I’ve got unsaved loved ones too. I plants seeds when I get the chance and pray for them all the time.
I think that’s why we are still here. Time isn’t right yet and all the unsaved


It’s been my most frequent prayer since I was saved that my family members get saved. So far, only my mother has become a believer.


Being an observer of human behavior from and early age and having been a member of several end time forums over the past 12 plus years, I have seen and felt this very sentiment for good long while now. Being born and raised in the south certain behavior is expected of all people and that one being commonly held manners. I have watched over the many years that being a dying virtue among people. While it has been waning since around the time of the late 60s going into the early 70s, it has reached its culmination with 2020 and the affects of the COVID fear porn scare. Still lets not forget what Jesus said in Mathew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

I am seeing this daily in people, having to be first in line, in human interaction their priorities are all that matter to them, essentially narcissistic attitudes born our of entitlement attitudes. It is simply put that people are no longer taught to think of others and in some cases if others don’t agree they are the problem regardless. So when you have a Biblical view of the world and understand the difference between right and wrong, and understand that love is self sacrifice and no one else is willing to do that it wears on you to the point of fatigue and weariness. Yet there is still hope in this self centered world and it the very next line in Mathew, 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Hard as it may be, we must endure.

So now you are not alone in your observations and feelings. Many are seeing and feeling the exact same thing. For instance, today on my way home from work after a grueling week of long hours and heavy work load. I was at a light and almost home. A car in the left lane and slightly ahead of me filled with rambunctious teenagers is also waiting for the light. One of them in the back seat opens the window hangs about half a body out and turns to me making some kind of inaudible remark. I am guessing because of my bald head, gray hair and wrinkles. I just endured it and shook my head and said a short prayer, Lord reach them before it is too late. Then I went on my way turning at my road.

Generally being as tired as I was I would have lashed out but knowing that I like my coworkers are so frazzled with fatigue and no relief in sight that, that is the time when tempers start flaring over the most insignificant events. It happened yesterday when two woman got in an argument over a parking space. Normally they would have just said excuse me, dealt with it and moved on. But yesterday fatigue reared its ugly face and had them up in arms with each other. That is just two examples I have seen the past few days. It wears on you and wears you down as well. Yeah, I believe a large chunk of the world’s population is growing very weary.


@ MountainMama
Yes Amen! I agree with all you said and I live exactly the same lifestyle as you.
I find my peace and comfort from the Lord. It’s a time to draw near to the Lord.
The more your eyes are open and you discern the world around us, the more I want Jesus!


Weary you said?

Why? How? No way!!!

In Venezuela we have had 4,000% inflation just in 2020, last week 2 pounds of meat were 1,600 Bs and yesterday I paid them at 3,600 Bs. Weary?..Not at all.

We here get power cuts every day, each one 5 to 6 hrs average lenght. Can you think we could be weary?

We dont get water 5 days a week, and when it flows we fill the tanks and start the rationing process to make it last, so 1 hour a day water. Oh my goodness… weary, you suggest…

Average salary here is 10 a month and 1 today is 1,000,000 Bs (last week it was 800,000 Bs) and 10 pieces of bread costs 1 $ today. How can anyone be weary with this reality?

Police men in Venezuela can stop you you for nothing and threaten you with placing drugs on you and taking you to jail if you do not pay them a ransom. Weary?.. You better are not weary…

Oh brothers and sisters… wearyness…ask any of us…

God Bless


Dear Brother,
I can’t imagine how hard things are in Venezuela.
It’s the Lord giving you the strength to endure.
Look up because your redemption is drawing near. His coming is closer
than most people think. There are signs in the heavens people have no
idea about, His coming is near. The Lord hears your cries and we are praying for
your family now. God Bless you and keep you safe.


I honestly believe, you answered this question yourself just before you asked the question. We are at the end, barely hanging on with little strength. In other portions of Scripture, we see verses like Ephesians 6:10
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
Just after this, we read about the full armor of God.
We have been fighting a Spiritual battle, that has been, and is still manifesting into the physical world. The level of evil, is getting to the point to where Jesus has to come, or none of the Elect would survive. Very often, I find comfort, and strength in knowing that Gods Word never returns void. We can certianly see last days prophecy being fulfilled almost on a daily basis, which also helps me. This brings us to your question of why Jesus doesn’t give us a pep talk. I submit, there is in fact a pep talk, straight from Jesus Himself, its just not in Revelation. The Rapture is the pep talk, and the promise in the letter to the Church of Philadelphia that you spoke of. For example, Luke 21:31, Luke 21:36, and others.
LUKE 21:31
So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
Luke 21:31‭, ‬36 KJV
The faith of Christians is being tested. The wheat and the tears are being separated, and yes, its exhausting but necessary. We are about to go home, and I believe sooner than most even realize. We can conserve the strength we have, by focusing less on what’s happening, and more on Who’s coming. As Peter learned real quick, when he started to walk on water, and then fell in. He took his eyes off Jesus, that’s why he fell in. The lesson he learned, was to focus on Jesus, not the Storm. And that holds just as true today.


Some will always have it worse than others. I’m sorry you are going through this brother. Prayers for Venezuela, but your collapse was just as designed, as the collapse we are going through in the U.S. Soon, there will be no difference between the 2 countries.

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In some cities, when the first wave of covid hitted us, the bodies were being left in the streets. Most people here has been left just for the survival food, so imagine for burial expenses…
Daily life… I guess its a bit same as you are experiencing: Life has changed, world has changed. The avenue where I live used to be crowded with buses and cars, that dissapeared. I used to hate the bus drivers here because they used to stay at the stop minutes waiting for the bus to be like canned fish, now my guess is that 80 to 85% of the transportation dissapeared. 80 % of Business closed during the last 4 years. I used to go to the beach every weekend before I went overseas (2002), I returned in 2016 and have gone only twice, I had to sell my car as I couldnt afford buying tyres and maintenance costs, SUPER EXPENSIVE. Just an example, when I lived in Houston, once i got a flat tyre in the Houston-Sugarland Highway (forgot name ...something 69) at 60 mil/hr raining, thanks God I managed to stop safely. I bought the complete Continental tyres for 200 dolars, Here for my Chevrolet I couldnt buy 1 for less than 100 dolars. Crazy. So I sold it…Thanks God for now there is no fuel, the cues are laaaarge and it went from 0.001 dolar to 5 dolars the galloon. There have been even ppl shooted and killed at Fuel stations in fights. World has gone mad. I just go out to get some mineral water (10 x 20 lt bottles) and to buy food and home again. I preach wherever I go to whoever I meet, you know that this is something the Holy Spirit moves us to do. Here, very few listen, mainly the most in need. People has been blinded. They dont realize what is happening, they cant see what God is yelling at us with worldwide events, not even if it happens beside their beds. What can I say…
Yes, brother, Our Lord has called us to be apart, that is no longer a guess. I am convinced He doesn`t want us IN the world any longer. And I fear I know why. But He sustains us, He cares for us and He is teaching us EVERY SINGLE DAY, feeding us with more and more knowledge about Who He is, and letting us know Him, which we are very grateful for. In the last four years we have come to have a close relationship with him that we never thought about. He is Our King and we are His useless but loved servants.
I am left with nothing to do except reading about Him, watching about Him, praying, so, plenty of time to tell you all whatever you may want to know about this LOCA Venezuela (crazy Venez.)
God Bless you, brother.


Yes B. God is in control and nothing happens that He is not allowing. He is sitting in His Throne and he is not Baal (remember Eliah?) so he doesnt sleep, he doesnt go on vacation, and he doesn`t go to the bathroom due to sanitary needs.
God Bless You brother.


Yes, believers reunite at churches (as I said 90% are catholic). I talk about prophecy and Bible with a neighbour and his wife that attend an evangelical church some 6 blocks from home, but this is that type of church (6 months course to make you aligned with them) so I never minded. SOmetimes I dont understand how is that they are so faithful to that church since when we talk they know nothing about Daniel 70 weeks, figtree parable, they didnt know the importance of Israel as human kind clock, they seem to be reading another bible, honestly, but we love them and help them as we can as they are in worst financial situation than us, and they are good christians. Apart from them, I have preached and talk to one of my 5 sisters who I managed to get close to Jesus lately. Out of them, nobody else. I have to say again, many people, even in Venezuela, which has suffered A LOT OF SHAKING from Our Lord, remain blinded. They still have their eyes IN THE WORLD and the things of the world, and very few that I know have Jesus in the center of their lives, fact which if I expand to the entire population is simply SCARY. I don`t get it, really.


I really love the sense of humor of JD. In one of the latest videos he spoke about Peter. He was warming his hands in the Pharisees fire. And when he fell to the water, I laughed what JD said: He turned to watch his fellows in the boat like “Do you see me, guys?” hahaha. What a blessing JD is. Definitely We will apologize to Peter in Heaven, I guess.


Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! M


Hi there… yes I feel very sad most days… I am the only born again believer in my family. My heart is so heavy for those who are lost and don’t want to listen to truth. I live in Ontario Canada and I am questioning my salvation. Do I believe in who Jesus is absolutely but I struggle with sin and times like last night I over drink wine. This makes me question my salvation in the Lord and wonder if I would be raptured … I am so tired


If you believe in Jesus, Its a done deal. You are saved and you will be raptured. See You in the clouds Sister!!!
God Bless