Anyone else weary?

Im tired… and weary… getting ready t hopefully get back to my mission field in Bolivia… My verse that keeps me going is…“Work while it is day because when the night comes, then no one can work…” so,… one foot in front of the other…


Trying to give you more info on how are things around here, this graph shows how in the early 2000 we were producing 3.5 Million Barrels Oil a day. I checked today with a friend in the Oil Industry: We are producing less than 200,000 Barrels a day.

A complete disaster!!!

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Thank Youuuuu Josee!!! Yes Please, Keep us in your prayers. Most people don`t know the power of pray.


This poem is for you:


walk softly upon my heart,
walk sweetly like a grass wisp on the lake,
like a bird on the ancient ice of the night.

If you break the delicate crust of pain,
you would drown, song.

Olav Hauge

(translation by Gustavo Cordoba)

Amen. I had a drug addiction problems quite a while ago. Nothing worked…church, preaching, programs, institutions (including jail), and 2 near death experiences. The only thing that got me sober after decades of insane addiction was binging on the word. The beautiful power of His Spirit in His word did what nothing could. The fellowship there transcends reason. I am 16 years sober now. The word, amen, is quite a pep talk. :slight_smile: Blessing.


Yes! You understand what I was saying. The bible is full of the “pep talks” we need to live here and keep going. But now, I think we have moved into a different season because of the way Jesus addresses us. We are watching, waiting and holding onto what we have. The true church is exhausted…
The time must be very soon :grinning:


I’m finally listening to Pastor JD’s weekly prophecy update: 11-29-20. And boy oh boy if this does not remind me how I adore this man. If any in this thread topic have not watched it, it is very “encouraging” for such as our times as this:

Isaiah 40:28-31
Do you not know? Have you not heard?
The Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth
Does not become weary or tired.
His understanding is unsearchable.
29 He gives strength to the weary,
And to the one who lacks might He increases power.
30 Though youths grow weary and tired,
And vigorous young men stumble badly,
31 Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.

I am very blessed and with what I know I don’t deserve. I have a lot of growing up to do…and hopefully have a readier heart for Him at His appearing. In the mean time, actually, we live in far too incredible of times to feel weary. I appreciate the posts in this thread. It is a blessing to give and receive in this forum. Amen. Blessings.


My weary is not circumstance. I have been getting ready for that for years. That I can handle. It is people that cause my weariness. Attitudes and behavior are getting to me. For one I am older and manners were stressed upon me at an early age. Simple politeness was stressed, open a door, do not get in someone’s way, put things back where you get them, ask to use stuff say at work not just take it. I could go on but, you probably get the idea. I am weary of dealing with people who think only of themselves, who are lazy and won’t clean up after themselves, who basically think that no one else matters. That is what I am weary about.


And those are the ones that need Christ the most.

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Also those are the ones that reject Christ the most. Not that I have not tried to preach the Gospel on both deed and word because I have. Still the behavior and attitude grows worse. Some people just seem to be hell bent at this time and only God can reach them. I have had to wash my hands of them because it was getting to be a health issue.


Greetings, everyone! :blush: I became a Christian at the age of 4, thanks to my mom. Now in my late forties, I am alone except for my two cats (and a rabbit)…I guess I really am a cat lady! :rofl: My daughter has left home and is living with her boyfriend. My husband and son were killed in a car accident (not their fault) seven years ago. I work but struggle with fibromyalgia. Praise God, I have an understanding boss! Even better, I–like others here–have an eternal hope in Jesus Christ. Even so, I get so tired–tired of pain, tired of stress, tired of the news, tired of evil, and tired of just being tired. Sometimes the Lord and I just sit together while I have a moment, or maybe two. :wink: Two of the most significant words to me in the Bible besides “But God” are…“Jesus wept” (John 11:35). He wept at the grave of his friend, Lazarus, EVEN THOUGH He knew beyond a doubt that in just a moment, He would raise Lazarus from the dead. Dear friends, Jesus knows us and our human frailties intimately. Our pain breaks His heart. He understands our weariness; He knows that we are but dust (Psalm 103:13-14). He never, ever tires of hearing from us (trust me!), even though the enemy may inform us differently. Jesus is the truest friend we can have, and He is a high priest who is able to emphasize with our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). Hold fast! I always remember that these “light and momentary troubles”, as Paul says, are nothing in comparison to what we will experience in glory! But God.


I’m sorry you lost your husband and son. The tragedies people are sharing here are helping
others in their walk of faith and trust in Jesus. I’m so glad you know Him so long and so well. We serve a mighty and awesome God who knows sorrow like we do. When I think about how tender His heart is I cry and love Him all the more. God bless you Sister.


Yes! We do serve a mighty and awesome God who knows sorrow like we do! Brilliantly put. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you as well! hugs


Hugs Back My Dear


Each one goes through his own hardships. I think we can’t compare weariness. May the Lord give us His strength.


Well Didymus, I worked in the Oil Industry half of my career and Im well aware of Industry Economics. The Oil Ind. balance started to breake when CHina slowed down its growth and at the same time Shale Oil started to flow from US adding 6 M barrels a day to an already "4 Mil in excess" industry. I saw that coming of course as one f my tasks was to perform project economics. As an example, to produce 1 barrel of Oil in the Gul Of Mexico costed in 2014 around 50-60 dol / barrel....the rest comes easy, dont you think? But no, In Venezuela the reasons are completely different. The decline started SEVERAL YEARS before that. and the key word is CORRUPTION. The RED Administration since Chavez won the first elections in 1998 is characterized for being the most corrup EVER government IN THE WORLD, in the complete world history. The required maintenance to the wells instalations, refineries, Treating and Flow Plants, was NEVER performed because they stole the money for it. The same has happened in the Power Industry in the Water Supply Serivces ...and so forth... EVERYWHERE. Nobody imagine the amount of money stolen in Venezuela by the Red Plague in the last 22 years. Multiply 2 million avg barrels by 80 dol avg price x 22 years x 365 get dizzy with the amount of zeroes!!!! All that money stolen. All that money in foreign bank accounts. Im not bulls…I knew the people, they studied with me in the Unniversity. I knew Maduro when he was a Bus driver. I knew 2 of the PDVSA presidents, I knew Ambassadors, Governors, and a long list of these thieves…They all are millionaires now. It is nasty, it is filhy, it is … I miss words to properly qualify this people.

Regarding Hugo Chavez…He was a complete idiot.

Do you think the powers of this world,who allowed him to get to where he did, was going to allow him to go to NY and say in the UN “It smells to sulphure here” and then go to a hotel, spend the night there, -with all this infrared tech that allows people to cross walls and concrete and watch you, where you are for hours- and with all this microwave tech that allows people to direct whatever lenght wave to any desired part of your body- and while Chavez is there sleeping in the bed, they were going to do nothing?

Man, bad things happen in this world. And worse things too. And who may perform these bad and worse actions are on the rise not the opposite so… Yes, I think He was murdered.


Hello,i am Andrea from the netherlands I hope my english is good. I am a little bit weary also. I am the only one in my household that is a christian,so i am the only one who believes that we are in the end times. I pray for my children and husband that they recieve Christ. I trust in God but sometimes i weary


The Word of God is our Pep talk Gods Word comforts us strengthens us and most of all Encourages us .

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I can attest from personal experience of my own and other brothers and sisters in Christ that attacks are happening and in a major way in many cases. I was born and raised in a small town in SW Louisiana. My sister still lives there and this year an unprecedented event happened, not one but two hurricanes hit that town. This came 15 years after one hit within a month after Katrina. The damage done this time in the first was more extensive than Rita was 15 years ago. During Rita my sister rode out the storm and suffered little damage to the house she now owns, it was my parents home back then. She got it after my father died in 2016. She said of Rita that God’s hand was on her neighborhood as it suffered little damage and more so her street which faired better than others in the neighborhood. Her church building so little damage in Rita save a bunch of trash blown onto the grounds. Not so this time. Her church building was so badly destroyed that it requires being razed and rebuilt from the ground up. Her house took damage to the roof sufficient that 4 rooms and a hall need to be fully renovated. Again she road out the storm and was safe but the home was messed up very badly.

In other instances people are facing job losses at worst and at best severe limitation on income. Even personal attacks on individuals are becoming more prevalent.

I believe this too is a sign of how close we are to Jesus’ return. We are told of the coming persecution. Even timid Christians who make no extraordinary display of their faith are being attacked. I have to ask myself why. More so I have to ask myself how do those that attack them know as they show no outward display of their belief. Yet their difficulties are multiplying like many others.

Seeing this come to pass, I first warn they are coming and two encourage them to stand strong in their faith. I often use the analogy of needing a shot and knowing it will be painful but the alternative is even worse if they don’t. It usually works to help them to understand and face the trials that are coming at them or soon will be. I also believe that COVID restrictions and vaccination restrictions are just a blanket way to get at Christians. Many have never heard JD’s prophecy updates, do not search the news but often instinctively understand that something is not right with the proposed vaccination as it is new technology that may well rewrite genetic sequences in humans. Knowing that a large number of vaccination resisters will be Christians TPTB are using the shotgun effect to get at as many as possible. Just my observation on that idea.

Even so tough times, they are a coming and if we don’t see that and make ready in practical as well as spiritual avenues then they will much rougher yet. Now is the time to steel ourselves to some realities that we may be facing. Refusing the vaccine may mean the loss of job, home, and more. It may mean the loss of family and friends, those we might count on for support. If we are not ready to face such realities then it will be very difficult to even survive. Quite frankly a death of starvation bother’s me more than one of beheading or being shot. I am not afraid to die just not looking to a long painful drawn out death.

That being said, with all that see happening and the points Pastor JD is making now is the time to make ready for some of the biggest battles of our lives.

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Woooow Brother. I think I can say YOU HAVE LIVED, and have gone thru, or as they say, “You`ve been there, done that”. :open_mouth:

Great you made it thru always WITH Our Lord.

God Bless!!! :pray: