April 18 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

And what a read!!! It’s gonna take awhile for me to digest all this. I’ve heard about some of this, and had a feeling our country wasn’t all we were taught to believe. Wow, just wow.


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Please share the links after you read them. Also pray for all who do as well as me as I believe there are going to be physical and spiritual repercussions!

The truth will set us free. But first it makes us miserable!



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Yes, it is the same history all over again. You could take communism, nazism, and the french revolution and roll them into one and this is what you’d see. I found it interesting that what was going on during the french revolution is something no one talks about. It was a battle of the secular against Christianity. They also had a ‘mantra’ of ‘science’! It was ‘reason’ and ‘science’ over ‘faith’ back then. It all lead to something called the ‘reign of terror’. That was when they pulled out the guillotines. Many Christians were martyred during that time as well. It is conveniently buried in history so we never hear about it. Good thing I dig this stuff up. Another thing I heard recently was that there is a direct connection between gates, fauci, the vaccines, eugenics, and the nazi’s via a family member. Ah yes, the plot thickens. But genocide in more ways than one now. They used aborted baby body cells. Genocide number one. They also dehumanized the unborn babies. They created the vaccine. Those who take it will die. Genocide number two. Those who refuse they will come after and kill. Genocide number three. They created covid for the vaccine, exactly. And they created covid for the tyranny, not tyranny for covid. It’s the vehicle. One world government, economy, etc. I have seen many articles too maligning us for not taking the vax. One of them called us ‘refuseniks.’ I may have mentioned that. In that case I am a proud refusenik!

I am seeing it closing in all around too. I will not take it. But it comes up on the news, so people talk about it more. They believe the propaganda. People talk about it at work. They encourage it there. I know many people who have gotten the shot. They have all suffered side effects afterward. Some are pretty bad ones. But the willfully blind march on.

Yes! The baptism of the Holy Spirit!!! Thank you!!!
I gave my life to Jesus as a teen. No one witnessed to me or preached. I was just reading the Bible. He called me. I answered. I wanted to know what was His will for my life. I thought that would be it. I surrendered to Him. Had never heard of the baptism. But that was what happened next. He showed me who He was and what He wanted of me. It lasted several hours and I can’t even try to explain it. It was like a bath in agape love from Galatians 5; 22-23 for my heart, soul, mind and being. I was never the same again. Most don’t know. They are lead away by thinking it’s only about the gift of tongues. Or they get turned off by the circus act passing for the move of the Spirit in some circles. Then there is the false and counterfeit occult experiences. Or they get discouraged by some preachers who slander the baptism and gifts of the Spirit being for today, moves and revivals throughout church history. So many can’t find the door. Jesus said seek and you will find. Your will plays a role. There’s no way around all of that. It’s real. And I don’t know how I would have made it otherwise.

The Holy Spirit has shown me so much over the years. List is too long. But one thing I will share is very personal. You still have to make a concerted effort to walk with God every day. Well I was young and life had it’s twists and turns and to make a long story short I did slip. It was only in two areas. One of them is bad enough. One area was due to my age (enough said) and the other was sort of eating the forbidden fruit in a theological sense. It can happen to anyone if it happened to me. Anyway, to make another long story short, Jesus always comes after His lost sheep. Like a hostage, He rescued me. Little by little things were restored. Well it was rather fast but there was a pile of stuff to deal with by then. But wow! It was like a crash course in discipleship. He uses these things for our good in the end, and the good of others. He set me up to keep watch over the sheep and I have been ever since. Well, right away He wanted me to get rid of some things that were leading me astray. It’s stuff most Christians don’t even blink at now. First went the popular music. The stuff you hear on the radio, any sort of rock and roll. So, out the window it went. Never missed it. You have to watch modern Christian music now too, the apostasy plot and all that. But my discernment was growing. Next went secular movies, tv, anything like that. So, out the door it went. One kick in the butt and gone. Never missed it either. Never cared for sports. But any form of media or source of input, I was to guard that filter that let anything in. So I turned it all off and tuned it out. And guess what happened!? All of a sudden, I could HEAR God! It wasn’t the audible thing. It was the clutter that got in the way. I could now hear the Holy Spirit speak to my heart more than I ever had before when I was a young Christian. And BOY! Did He tell me things, warn me, let me know what was ahead, things you would not believe! And all of these things have come to pass. What He shared about people I got confirmed later. About organizations, agendas, all that stuff. Well when the covid thing came up, it was like ‘click’. I knew what it was right away. Like a snap of a finger. I could have told the folks around me. They would have laughed me to scorn. But… guess what? I was right (He was right) again! The list goes on. I share the stuff about the future but still, I am laughed to scorn. If I can prepare just one sheep, it’s worth it. I do it out of love. He loves the sheep and wants them safe. I love Him and love them because He does. That’s all there is to it for me.

I saw it. Us wearing the ‘yellow star’ for not taking the vaccine. Being called the ‘problem,’ the ‘virus’ that needs to be eliminated, the ‘cancer’ that needs a final solution. The ‘murderers’ that the true murderers will exterminate with their genocide. I saw it all. The new ‘gulag archipelago’ so to speak. I recently came across a video by a lady who had went astray into the apostasy of progressive ‘Christianity’ and came out of it again (Alisa Childers) and she interviews a guy whose relative went through the rise of communism in Eastern Europe and says that all the signs are there again now in the West. It’s called:
How Christians Can Resist the New Cultural Religion, with Rod Dreher. I haven’t seen all her videos but the few I have were solid. This is not just for one area, it’s the NWO.
If we are not ready to let go of the world now, then we are not ready. I am so ready. I don’t care HOW I get there. That’s how ready I am. I hope you all are too!

Another great Christian song: The Nails in Your Hands

The nails in your hands
The nail in your feet
They tell me how much you love me
The thorns on your brow
They tell me how
You bore so much shame to love me
And when the heavens pass away
All your scars will still remain
And forever they will say how much you love me
Forever my love
Forever my heart
Forever my life is yours
It’s yours
And when the heavens pass away
All your scars will still remain
And forever they will say how much you love me
Forever my love
Forever my heart
Forever my life is yours
It’s yours

Our love for Him could not come close to His love for us. His death saved us. Our dying for Him is a mere sacrifice that can only declare our love and loyalty for Him. But now might be a good time to ask, how much do you love Him? And is any sacrifice too much? Is it not the ‘least we can do’? Many Christians try to skate in on one rollerskate, get in by the smoke of a hair, while sacrificing the least. All I can say is that “I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m going for the gold!” That way I have a bigger nugget to sculpt into a bigger crown and lay it at His feet as a token of love.

God bless!!!


I always love his crazy shirt. It reminds me of loco moco. Aloha Pastor JD!!

I find the three colors you have used for the vaccine bombarment picture is well suited for your todays prophecy update.


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Two amazing sermons, thank you!


Hi Lillianna,
Just so there is no confusion, do we really know that the current vaccine is going to kill everyone yet? Don’t we need to wait and see what is going to happen first.

Those who refuse to take the vaccine, they will come after and kill?
Don’t you mean they refuse to take the mark of the Beast during the 7-year tribulation when we are not here?

Thanks Ken


Last weekend was horrible. My 80 year old mother, who had said dozens of times she did NOT want the vaccine and promised me she would NOT get it actually DID get it Monday! My oldest brother and his wife insisted and I feel bullied her into receiving it! My sister-in-law drove six hours to take my mother to get the shot! I was so angry and disappointed. My mother either can’t or won’t stand up for herself. All this after she told them both to their faces on Easter Sunday that she did not want it! I’ve been estranged from my oldest brother for a few years. His wife is very liberal and they’ve both completely bought into the big DECEPTION! My oldest brother also told my other brother that he MUST get the JAB if he wanted to go visit his adult daughter! So he got it! I’m the only one in my immediate family who has not and WILL NOT get the shot. My local church here in central Ohio just resumed in person small groups. I attended Wednesday night and everyone there announced they had been “fully vaccinated”! I calmly stated I had not and will not be getting it. Nothing more was said on the subject.

I truly don’t know what else to say other than God remains in CONTROL. All I could do after learning about this incident was cry and call out to the Lord!
Please pray for me.



Lol. Yeah it was competing with the update…but i quickly adjusted.

I must say I really appreciate Pastor JD’s loud voice against the vax. A voice of reason within the wilderness. Love this man.


New here. Really enjoyed todays update. Thought folks might find Panda.org interesting. Their video substantiates Pastor Farag’s comments about Covid.


BRM private link on Vimeo for today’s Bible Prophecy Update 4/18/2021


My family is being pulled apart by this decision. My mother feels isolated from her immediate family concerning this since everyone else is receiving the gene therapy vaccine. She is being pressured to take the vax. They live in fear of not seeing each other or grandchildren or others to see grandparents. It is completely irrational and they do not understand how immune systems work and understand basic respiratory virus biology and the true data that many here who come to understand. They have fallen to the lies and the propaganda of the Ministry of Truth (the media) and the Ministry of Hope(government).

I am very tempted to lie that that I have taken the “vaccine” to ease the family’s delusion that everyone needs a corona virus vaccine.


@ JoshuaYeshua

Those who become Christian after the Rapture and refuse the mark of the beast in the last 3 1/2 years of the 7-year tribulation. The highest one being our GOD


This was a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum here in North Dakota.

It only took about a week or two of media talking points on evangelicals and the vaccine, combined with the January 6 “domestic terrorists” angle, to merge together to create a picture of who the enemy is.

I will add that after a year of all of this going on, when friends, fellow believers, etc. seemed to fall away and go for all the propaganda, that I became much closer to my immediate family. We were always close, but my parents and siblings are like-minded on masks and vaccines. When I read these stories, and see friends whose own families are divided, I often cry and thank the Lord for my family. We even started having family camping trips. None of us will be getting the vaccine. I don’t know if I could have been able to watch the blindness in society without having my family in agreement that this was a mass deception. I am so thankful for them, more than ever.


Brother I love you just the way you are. Please don’t compromise your witness and lie about taking the Vaccine. Ask God to help you find another way.
Agape, Ken