April 18 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

According to RFK Jr, there are:

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Am I the only one who can’t get live prophecy broadcasts any more on the Farag website?

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Dont know if this has already been posted but Pope Francis has place a photo of Jesus
naked in his personal study.
This site has wisely placed white over some of it because it is disturbing.


I am doing great. Would be even better if I would let Him work in my life without interfering.
Glad to hear you are well.
Very glad to see you are still here sharing and helping. You have always given helpful insight.


I totally get that. And when I think about the worst, The Holy One reminds me that the Bride of Christ is Not appointed to Wrath.
Then I feel better.


@Jon , @BCD

Something I have noticed about this system is that if you quote the entire comment of another, it will remove it at publishing your comment. For example, from a nonexistent thread we have (Spaces added to brackets to keep it from parsing the quote):

[ quote=“Jon, post:777, topic:888, full:true” ]
Which of your friends has a Maserati?
[ /quote ]

Notice the extra comma and variable “full” marked as “true” …

This is what removes the quote, because the system is trying to save text and body space from things that have already been said.

If you remove this ( , full:true ) from the quote string, it will keep your quote.

Other ways to keep it are to remove a trailing period of a sentence, or a preceding word or two of the quote, or something like that… Anything that keeps it from being a full exact quote. Only takes one character really.

I found this also with trying to post the same exact text in multiple places, The system will flag it as too similar to what I just posted elsewhere.

This is a good thing as it is a spam filter kind of thing, but a real frustrating when you are trying to deliver the same message in several different threads.

So change it up just a bit with an extra word, or remove a word, or change of grammar and syntax.

In this case I usually leave the body of the message alone, and just ad different greetings before the main copy and paste body.

Hope this helps you guys or anyone else here for that matter. :wink:


Quote for a man, and he quotes for a day. Teacheth a man to quote and he quotes all his days.

I thank you for your tutoring on how to more effectively and less hassly, (That a new word @jasonacts177 ?) procedure to quote better. Thank you ever so much, @JackN


Whereabouts in the country are you Dixie?

Can confirm Brother - new entry into the JJ Thesaurus:

Hassly verb

The state of being irksomely botherational in respectulations of postingifications on forumified foundations.

Antonym: David Hasselhoff.


I couldn’t have worded it better myself!


So I had a thought while researching the rapture–lots of dates being thrown around basically saying “SOON”, and some people are like naysaying because they say this leads to “disappointment” when the rapture doesn’t happen.

And well you know what I say to that?

I’m disappointed EVERY DAY when Jesus doesn’t come! :joy:

So, there lol. I would like for him to come, hmmm, how about right now? ooooorr…and…now! LOL


I live in central Alberta, kinda smack in between Edmonton and Calgary

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Couldn’t agree more!!!


Thank you for your post here. I truly want to understand this and to study this out in God’s Word. Are there any vids or teachings I can please ask for your help to find, that can confirm these things? And or verses you can share? I have watched many of Pastor JD and Pastor Macs video bible studies, including recent ones on Divine Providence, etc. but maybe missed the ones you referred to. Thanks so much.

:rofl: :laughing: :rofl: hilarious Jason, t.y. for laughter today.


Hi Brian,

Can so relate to your post, as we homestead too in the Northeast, growing zonel 4, snowed today. But the Bok choy spouted on heat mats and some kale in the greenhouse. I too have been wondering if we will be here to consume any of it, or if most would shrivel for lack of tending. Have been buying extra bibles just in case they plan to scarf those up. Leaving verses all over the house, for whomever inhabits it next, etc. Oh, but the peace of gardening…nothing like it in the world. Just talking with God and marveling at His wonderful works and blessings. It is such a joy truly. Many blessings to you and your family in these days. Maranatha!


RCC has been promoting another Jesus for centuries. Anyway another article i found commenting that SBC guy cited by JD also.


JackN, thank you so much for this info on doing quotes. I’m sure ill refer back to this.
@Jon, you are too funny. Appreciate the humor a lot in these days. Thank you. :smile:

@FearNot, Thank you, I didn’t know it was dog food too, yuk. We get our pups the grain free type, but I’m checking this out, if its in there, I’ll change their food strait away. Ill be on label reading stint this week. LOL.


From sermon transcript:

Here’s the bottom line. Clinging to Jesus is our only hope. Here’s a question. Are you ready to go home yet? Listen, I don’t mean to sound snarky. Oh, too late, I already am, but it’s a sanctified snarky. - Pastor JD


Fighting propaganda with truth – today’s edition. “Why would I take a shot that could kill me to avoid getting a cold?” Dr. Bhakdi explains in clear terms why we see the wide-range in ages of those who die after the injection.