April 18 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I didn’t know Sask was! I’m thinking Alberta will be soon, and yes it’s all coming together, I pray our exit will be soon!!


My friend at work just sent me a picture of a “field hospital” in Hamilton being set up. His observation was that it looked a lot more like a military base. Sure looked like it to me as well.


I know! I hadn’t checked the gov’t website for a while :grimacing: so I just checked now…

Non-essential travel, including interprovincial travel, is strongly discouraged. Travel is not recommended in or out of the Regina area unless absolutely necessary.

I feel for those in Regina.

When this whole thing started (it feels like a gazillion years ago!) one of my next-door neighbours had to police exit into and out of northern Saskatchewan. He works with the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol.

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I’ve seen those as well, all located at major hospitals, one can only wonder what’s coming next

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I am staying in Malaysia, South East of Asia.

The fourth wave of covid19 has started in April and govt still in denial. My district is under lockdown for 2 weeks from last Sat to end April.

Please listen to Jan Markell link I posted earlier…


Thanks, Ed! I do what I can.


Yes I feel it will be getting worse, we farm so I’m curious to see if all of this will impact us being rural more so than urban. BC is now following Ontario, not sure on interprovincial crossing, how much they will enforce it but from what I believe people are supposed to stay in their health regions?


Rural should be somewhat less restricted than urban, at least for a while. But at some point, there will be some sort of excuse to shoo (herd?) people into urban areas. Oh, and get rid of those pesky cattle, too, since they’re ruining our planet with their emissions. I can’t even. :unamused:

Yeah, my understanding is that we’re supposed to stay put in our areas. Sask is more open in that we can travel outside the province (not sure exactly where lol) and when we come back we’re to self-monitor for 14 days. If we have even the mildest symptoms we’re to self-quarantine (also for 14 days, I believe).


I am thankful that in rural north-central Tennessee, things are quite relaxed. There isn’t much talk about covid anymore, life has kinda returned to “normal”, which is pretty much what country life was always like. We grow our crops, take car of our animals and each other, and look out after each other in simple ways. Nobody is sick. A few have been vaccinated but most aren’t and don’t wanna be. Masks aren’t seen much except when we go to a larger town and even then, they’re more sporadic, as in wear one if you want but nobody is gonna get too excited if you don’t.

That could change, I suppose, if a new variant hits the local population. But I am blessed to be away from much of the “noise”. The TV hasn’t been on in nearly a week. And we’ve been busy in the gardens and greenhouse so pretty much connected with nature, which is peaceful. We do catch a bit of the news on the internet, enough to know that we’re thankful to be out and away from the cities, and also sincerely appreciating good farm neighbors. Wish we could give some of that peace to those of you who really need it. God bless!

(And even though I believe He’s coming back soon, I still plant my little seeds and take care of my little plants. It’s what He’s given me to do. I may not be here to harvest or eat a single thing that I’ve planted (well, take that back, we’ve eaten from our asparagus patch this year… that we planted 3 years ago), but I have this feeling in my heart that even if He returns and takes us home before any of it matures, that maybe someone will need what I planted, perhaps finding some things here on the homestead like our Bibles that will show them Christ so that maybe they can join us in heaven one day. Whatever your hand findeth to do…)


Also new here
I find it helpful to stick to the medical reasons against it and avoid mentioning the spiritual dangers (the Mark) when talking to family members, until later


According to RFK Jr, there are:

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Am I the only one who can’t get live prophecy broadcasts any more on the Farag website?

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Dont know if this has already been posted but Pope Francis has place a photo of Jesus
naked in his personal study.
This site has wisely placed white over some of it because it is disturbing.


I am doing great. Would be even better if I would let Him work in my life without interfering.
Glad to hear you are well.
Very glad to see you are still here sharing and helping. You have always given helpful insight.


I totally get that. And when I think about the worst, The Holy One reminds me that the Bride of Christ is Not appointed to Wrath.
Then I feel better.


@Jon , @BCD

Something I have noticed about this system is that if you quote the entire comment of another, it will remove it at publishing your comment. For example, from a nonexistent thread we have (Spaces added to brackets to keep it from parsing the quote):

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Notice the extra comma and variable “full” marked as “true” …

This is what removes the quote, because the system is trying to save text and body space from things that have already been said.

If you remove this ( , full:true ) from the quote string, it will keep your quote.

Other ways to keep it are to remove a trailing period of a sentence, or a preceding word or two of the quote, or something like that… Anything that keeps it from being a full exact quote. Only takes one character really.

I found this also with trying to post the same exact text in multiple places, The system will flag it as too similar to what I just posted elsewhere.

This is a good thing as it is a spam filter kind of thing, but a real frustrating when you are trying to deliver the same message in several different threads.

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In this case I usually leave the body of the message alone, and just ad different greetings before the main copy and paste body.

Hope this helps you guys or anyone else here for that matter. :wink:


Quote for a man, and he quotes for a day. Teacheth a man to quote and he quotes all his days.

I thank you for your tutoring on how to more effectively and less hassly, (That a new word @jasonacts177 ?) procedure to quote better. Thank you ever so much, @JackN


Whereabouts in the country are you Dixie?

Can confirm Brother - new entry into the JJ Thesaurus:

Hassly verb

The state of being irksomely botherational in respectulations of postingifications on forumified foundations.

Antonym: David Hasselhoff.