April 23, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Making a Molehill out of a Mountain

Morning Kathryn @BABBAB58,

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Thank you for posting, Margaret. Last summer, I had TKR at a Surgery Center because my surgeon will not contract with the hospitals which I interpreted as his refusal to abide with corporate medicine. The last thing I said to the anesthesiologist was, “you better not inject anything into me that I haven’t authorized.” I now need ankle surgery and was informed that I must take the jab if I want this surgery. I guess I will be lame until the Rapture.
PS while typing this, my son just asked my opinion about him giving blood at school. I told him he should NOT. I know the Red Cross is part of the 2030 agenda. Thankfully, the Lord is working in my son’s life because he would have never asked my opinion a year ago!


Hi Michelle,

You can fly to Oklahoma City and have your surgery done here because they’re not making everyone get the jab before surgery, Mercy Medical Center is better than most hospitals because my sister in-law’s sister works there. Baptist Integris Medical Center isn’t making anyone get the jab either.
In the meantime i’ll be praying for you. :heart::pray:

Pray about it and call around in Oklahoma City.


Morning everyone!

Wow. Every time I hear Pastor JD teach, I am more thankful for this Godly man! He is marked by Love; brilliance, humbleness, compassion, oratory skills, discernment all rolled into one excellent example of Love. I’m so thankful to God for putting JD here for us, and so grateful to call JD my pastor.

I want to make a few comments and ask a couple questions.

Does anyone else worry about taking medicine nowadays (Rx or OTC)? I try to take as little as possible, but wonder if medicines that are not C related might eventually (also) be tainted. There are reports of food contamination. China makes most of our Rx meds and IS our enemy. Would be easy for them to slip in a lethal dose of fentanyl into common meds. Just wondering if anyone else has any concerns. Sorry if you didn’t but now do…

As for the IDC codes, I have a heart condition and my doctor is affiliated with a large hospital group which has a patient portal. The other day I was exploring the portal— has a separate page for jab info. Includes a somewhat large photo of me, on THAT page. Hmm?

Looked up medical definition of ‘diagnosis.’ It’s the “act of identifying or determining nature and cause of disease or injury through evaluation of patient history, examination, and review of lab data.” Synonyms include: judgement, ruling, resolution, verdict AND opinion. Antonyms include the word ‘standoff.’ Hmm… After reading that, “Immunization Safety Counseling” and “re-education camps” seem waaaay too similar.

On the subject of “Russia Bad, China Bad,” all I could think of was “Government Bad” and remember God’s warning when Israel rejected His rule and wanted a king. Nothing is new under the sun.

On the subject of the MOTB: Anybody wondering if the mark/palisades could be the final component to connect the graphic oxide (and whatever else the jabs insert), creating a complete system, a transhuman? Or as U. Harari has said, “Human 2.0”

Don’t you love how shipping something is regulated for environmental friendliness while environmental catastrophe after catastrophe is engineered? A million pieces of junk mail is a-okay. Lear jets carrying the elite anywhere and often on a whim is fine. Nukes are threatened by every government who has them and at least one president (US😢) has even threatened his own nation. But, or hestrated disasters are downplayed or overlooked altogether. All that IS a mountain is discounted to molehill status by tptb. But no unauthorized shipments!

I just read this week that rice (The food staple of the world…) has been declared to contribute 10% of all climate change. But flying in a private jet when a phone call would do the trick is no problem.

Our propaganda outlets, er I mean, news outlets and social media make a molehill out of a mountain and mountains out of molehills— calling evil, good and calling good, evil. This war on humanity (rebellion against God) by redefining words and ideas will ultimately fail. And that was our beloved pastor’s message this week. Thanks be to God!

I miss talking with everyone! I’ve begun using the Watchman River channel on YouTube as a path for prayers. I’m amazed at how many comments include, “So and So, a prophet on XYZ channel says….” or “I’ve heard some people say…” So many people want to know what’s going on. BUT they want it fed to them from some modern source instead of reading what the Word of God says. I know you guys pray for the lost and rebellious; you do not pray in vain. So many are willing to believe anything— except the Truth. So we pray and plant seeds!

May God bless each of you and keep you and you.
Shalom, GR



So good to hear from you again in the forum! May God’s blessings be upon you :yellow_heart::blossom:


I am hopeful that this is the year. Pastor JD made mention in that the 2030 agenda, when you subtract 7 years, you get 2023. Interesting stuff… things that make you go hmmmm


O Michelle so sorry for you…stacey seems to know a place that wont require you to take the jab. No idea how practical or expensive it wd be for you. I have gotten semi used to living with pain rather than take the shot. Praying that God will strenthen and heal you. He knows you meed to be able to walk…
Its terrible that we cant trust our medical professionals. JD telling about the incentive driven medicine made me feel ill even though we have known for the last couple of years they are killing off and experimenting on us.
Praise God that your son is listening to you! Is he a believer?
Thank you so much for stand, and encouragement. God bless you


Dear Georgia Rose lovely to see you back on forum.
Yes people want spoon fed and then want to argue if you try to explain lol.
Also very grateful for jd


Thank you dear @GR

Very infrequently watch any news/commentaries myself but in view of the times these alarm bells being sounded in a very non-alarmist fashion from the UK seem worth sharing, esp. in relation to pastor JD’s concerns.

Indeed. @ 2 mins 39 sec approx

The WHO is domiciled in Geneva and so has special status. Its employees are exempt from tax and they and their families all have diplomatic immunity.

It is indeed a supranational [i.e. above nations] body, unelected and unaccountable [:butgod_dark:]

Another delectable irony that big pharma and related (funded) Agencies and NGO’s etc. involved in health always seem to be granted ‘immunity’…

A follow-up video on the same subject:

We know from Scripture and current events that the beast system is imminent and total(itarian) - Daniel 7:23 / Revelation 13:7 / 12 / 16-17.

Debates and pseudo-nationalist resistance, whilst not without merit or sincerity, are ultimately sandcastles on a prophetic shore that will be swept away by the sea of fulfilment according to God’s supreme Word and Will. And then, no more sea and nothing to see except our Lord.

Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea.

Revelation 21:1


All the more closer to being called home!! Maranatha


I love listening to Tom Watchman River… he’s a kind person and he takes his time in going thru many comments and even replies to them. :pray::heart:
It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone fellowshipping on his yt channel.


Excellent prophecy update this week!


Found the reason why people are making molehills out of mountains. It is a simple problem with distorte perception. He see for yourself.



Michelle, might there may be independent bone and joint-type facility where the doctors won’t require the juice? I would find an independent doctor who can refer you to someone and somewhere that is non-restrictive, if necessary. Don’t give up! :pray:


Thank you Stacey! @staceylovesJesus
Hope you doing well!


Good for you, Michelle @Michelle,
Did you know that a lot of blood that is donated is also sold to Big Pharma?
Yet another reason to stop donating. And I’d never accept blood either.


Hello Margaret,
Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I miss visiting with you. Hope you, Smurf and Gray are all fat n’ happy. Not too fat— just comfortably so, lol.
love, gr


Thanks for your kind words and another video Jason @jasonacts177,
On the subject of immunity… When it really matters, these rebellious souls will rue the day they declined the only One Who offers salvation— which is waymobetta than any earthly-taken immunity ever could be!

I’m so very grateful Jesus saved me!!!


I just watched Billy’s Klaus Schwab video this afternoon. Yikes :grimacing:!!!


Thank you @GR

I’m doing well. I asked my husband yesterday morning when we we’re going to go to the orthodox service so he could come to the Baptist church :smirk:… reminding I’m of his offer…. He said he didn’t know. Sadly , I think it was an empty offer …… but , I will hope for a but God moment :grin:

Regarding bugs, I watch so many prophecy updates and current events videos , I can’t remember who discussed the health implications from eating insects but they were saying that they can cause allergies to flare , allergic reactions and I believe even cancer given some of the chemical makeup of their exoskeleton and such. Overall it was not the healthy greatness, they’re espousing.

This is all just a deceptive, dumbing down of people leading to ignorant compliance when people will need food and can only get it by taking the Mark…. of course under their guise that it’s
“ for the good of humanity and saving the planet :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: