April 25 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video Here: Bible Prophecy Update
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Pastor JD explains the good news and bad news concerning the global economy, global threats, and global crisis.


todays prophecy update was my favorite ever. addressed things really relevant to me. it reminded me of why i believe that my “lost” family members will be saved. even if they sadly have to go to the very bottom of the barrel in life in order to see God as their only hope, i know they will choose Him. He is deep in their hearts even if they think He has no life right now. thanks JD for todays extremely important messages. i feel very informed at this point in the scamdemic, and have not been afraid so much anymore. i feel very much assured of what i think is going on in the world, and im nervous about upsetting or disagreeing with others, but at the same time i just have enough material now to engage in a conversation without being afraid of looking like a heartless fool. indeed what matters so much now is just reaching others for Jesus- i LOVED that he said something like, “youre in a place that i cannot reach.” very very true!! look at the people you are close to that need witnessing. even if youre the only christian in their lives, well that is a constant flow of intercedence for them. watch God work in their lives and take them over. it will happen. we all know whose hearts are inclined toward love (the people we’re close to) and they will not turn away from that even if they go to the very end in order to see. love you all


Has anyone else been eating their way into oblivion, thinking, “I’m going to be raptured soon, it doesn’t matter how fat I get?”


Does Jd believe in the doctrine of once saved always saved?


I’m betting yes. According to the Bible once you are saved you cannot be unsaved. The Bible clearly says that nothing can come between us and God. With that being said, people who think they are saved or claim to be saved may not actually be saved yet. Therefore when they think they have lost their salvation they were never really saved in the first place.


What about the great falling away from the faith? Or lukewarm Christians?

Your question is easily answered through the parable of the sower and the four kinds of ground the seeds fall upon. Only one bares forth a crop. The rest wither and die, or never were accepted. So if something dies was it accepted? If it never received nourishment was it cared for? If not cared for was it ever accepted?

Will someone who didn’t accept, come back to accept, are they saved? If they accept, yes. If you accept, you would not consider turning back. It took root and cannot be lost.

God’s hand is always open to us but He will turn His gaze away from us when we do wrong. His offer is always there to grab hold to, but He won’t force it on us. If you can be forced into something, logic dictates you can be forced out of something. With God, you either accept or don’t. No test trials, no money back guarantee if not satisfied in 30 days.

Once you have accepted salvation, you will fight to keep it and not abandon it. He knows who will or won’t accept it too.

That’s kinda my take on it.


So what happens if someone is born again then falls away and doesn’t believe anymore and lives as the world

I defer to my previous segment of post.

I’ve sent you a private message, Simone that will give you the answer I feel I cannot. It should help.

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Ephesians 1:13-14 says we are sealed forever once we become believers…romans 8:35-39 says nothing can separate us from God’s love…John 10:29 says none can pluck a believer from the father…once you are saved, you can become backslidden and even feel like you may be unsaved…the Holy Spirit will speak to you to get you to come back…the Father may even discipline you so that you come back…I was a believer for 10 year and fell into a sin and boy did I get a punishment from the Lord that brought me back to Him!!


Yes he does, becuase it is the truth.
The reason you can believe it, is Jesus.
Jesus died once for sin… He did not die twice.
Once Truly saved, you are SAVED.


In that case, then the bible says, via Paul’s words, “They were never of us.” This means that their salvation was not an all-in, true salvation. Sandy soil foundation washes away.


To add on this short video, longer sessions is 52 weeks on salvation teachings by Andy Woods. Salvation is so basic and yet Christians still cannot grasp it :scream:


I just want to interject that I am so glad that you all are here! I see a growing bunch of posters and more interaction among so many of us. While we yet have a chatting place to hang together, I will be so very thankful. :cherry_blossom:


Amen same here. My huge slip was more like 20 years in the making, but I also knew He’d come after me. Yep, mine became a world of debilitating panic attacks. I knew exactly why.


For those who are following bro Chad’s channel:

Personal Sharing: Just now this morning I received a picture of that cited Dr Yeadon interview article from LifeSiteNews via Whatsapp.

I am looking for the original PDF file for this link: This link used mobile screenshots, but I want the original PDF for better reading on PC. If anyone finds it, please share it here. Thanks much.


Question: Listening to the message I was wondering about the first two seals, when the Pastor started with three and four. Any insights? Should we be thinking the judgements will not necessarily come in order? I always thought of them that way, but re-reading the scripture, it does say in Rev 6:1 “Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals…” The seals could be overlapping at the rate we are going!

I used to follow him on Youtube. Thank you, D!


My 83 year old mama recently passed away. She led me and my four sisters to the Lord when we were children. She taught us everything we know about Jesus. She even taught new convert classes in our church as an adult. Then, a few years ago, she started following an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi from Israel and based on his teachings, decided that Jesus was NOT the Son of God and became offended whenever His name was mentioned. She never actually became a “converted” Jew (although that was her goal just prior to her death). She said the Rabbi showed her that according to the scriptural account of the genealogy of Jesus, it proves that Jesus is NOT the Messiah, nor did he come from the line of King David. I don’t believe that of course, but my question is this: when my mama said the sinner’s prayer at age 15 in all sincerity, even if at a later date in her life she changed her mind about Jesus, wasn’t her eternal salvation sealed at that moment she said “yes” to Jesus? I do believe this is scriptural, I’m just asking because I don’t see another question like this one here on the forum.


If she truly accepted Jesus into her, she is saved, and in heaven.
She may have lost some of her rewards, but NOT her salvation. It is impossible to lose your salvation, once you really believe. So, I do think you will see her on the other side.

If you want to listen to a Godly Jew, listen to behold Israell, with Amir tsarfati. He is a devote Jew, who follows Jesus.