April 25 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I’m so sorry! :revolving_hearts:I believe there are sound theological explanations as to why this could be but I realize that only God knows for sure. I do believe that there may be those who further the kingdom of God, but are not personally saved, themselves. Perhaps they “said the words” but did not make Christ the Lord of their personal life. ?

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I rather appreciated J.D.'s Prophecy Update today. While there was still a large covid content, he did mention other things happening in the world, which I believe adds context. I had been rather apprehensive about whether I wanted to listen today (burned out on covid talk, sorry), but I’m glad I did. There are a lot of things happening, especially around the Middle East right now.


We are all very familiar with Ephesians 2:8 & 9, for me, a little less familiar with 10…

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.

What is neat this time around spent there is that i don’t recall seeing before is that we were just told: “not as a result of works” and then 10. So we are created “for good works.” But not just that. Before that it says “we are CREATED IN CHRIST.” Now that really jumped out at me. We are new creation in Christ. So the way “works” work with that is that “those that God prepared for us beforehand” (“not of ourselves lest any man should boast”) are the works we walk in because we are NEW CREATIONS. The only way we “walk in the good works” is when they are “prepared beforehand” by God. And that we can walk in THOSE, only because we are “created in Him.” So being created in Him qualifies us to walk in good works. But the kicker is the word shows us (clearly in other places…but I never saw it quite pointed out as such before here) that we do good works not only because we are saved but because we are “created in Him a new creation.” The word is clearly saying that we are saved when we are “created in Him.” I knew that “saved by grace through wraith” part, but never realized how much in concentrate it also was in verse 10. Well…hope that you find it a blessing as well. :slight_smile:

The way I see it is that 10 shows us the tangible supernatural provision of what 8 & 9 show what that looks like in poetic motion. So “grace” and “through faith” are things “we” experience. We experience His grace and we experience trusting Him through our faith. And 10 shows us what that looks like in tangible form. If we are literally new creations “in Christ” then we will begin to see the good works God has prepared for us to walk in faith in. Because, grace was provided by God and through trusting in Him (His Character, Ability, & Work) which would be through faith we become in Christ. In faith, we believed, we received the tangible grace of God and literally became tangibly “in Christ.” But that is looking at how it affects us or has to do with us. If we flip it around, and look at how that same equation of the grace dynamic or principle we can see its tangibility from the God side. One place helpful I have also found to approach is in Romans 5. I used to think that Romans 5 was a riddle of sorts. To me it seemed like transgressions and grace kind of came the same ways sort of but different people and had some kind of poetical spin on it to be magically something else. As I revisited it also recently, I realized I was making it too complicated. I think Romans 5 actually shows the tangibility of Ephesians 2:10.

In Romans 5:15-17 we have three aspects


In the following, Christ is contrasted with Adam. In that contrast Adam did not pass on the ability of original sin. Adam’s gift to us was death without option; we could not decide if we wanted death or not. That was his gift. NO CHOICE. We could not choose if we wanted to sin originally or not. HOWEVER, with Christ we see that Christ’s gift (by HIS grace) is an opportunity for all. Not like Adam’s leaving us no option.

15 “For if by the transgression the many died, much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one man Jesus Christ, abound to the many.”

. . . . .


The free gift transcends the limits and boundaries of our 4 dimensional world. Transgression produced judgement. The reap and sow law contained within the 4 dimensional. The gift is not like that. It does not follow the reap / sow law nor does it come from the universe of any laws we understand. In the heavenly realm if an angel sins against God, its over. That is how reality is in relation to God. He is sinned against, the opposer dies or is severely punished. That is just how things are. Well, this gift transcends that realm. Even as God becoming His own creation transcends.

16 “the free gift arose from many transgressions resulting in justification”

. . . . .



17 “Those who received the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.”

. . . . .

So we can see that being a new creation in Christ is by the grace He provides to receive that gift, and once we do, we are “in Christ.” And from that new creation (or as that new creation) we are saved. No new creation in Christ, no salvation. By grace through faith we believe, and are placed in Christ. Works fit no where. As Adam gave us no chance to choose to disobey or die, works gives us no option toward salvation and works are of “0” value. HOWEVER, In Christ works (prepared for us in Him by the Father) works are what SALVATION fits us for. And they become the vehicle not of salvation but of reward. As we walk in His works prepared for us ahead of time, we store up our reward in heaven eternal. The gospel is incredible. No wonder the angels (1 Peter 1:12 ) long to look into it.

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The Big Picture!

It is interesting to study all these things and see how they interconnect. Like a puzzle with pieces falling into place, God shows you the framework bit by bit. There is another interesting area that many fall as a result of. They are led into the false light of the new age. Many concepts are good indeed. But they are simply not possible without God. Put your seatbelt on for this one! A one world government. Good, or bad? Ah. It just depends on who’s running the show! God will also have a one world government one day. It’s called the Kingdom of heaven. But when man tries to do it, it’s all evil. The antichrist runs it, so that is clue number one. Until the sign reads ‘under new management’ by GOD, it will be evil. Now, what about the one world religion? Ahhh. Same deal! God will have His one world religion. Every knee will bow to Jesus and confess that He is Lord. NO other ‘religion’ will be allowed, in heaven it will only be Christianity. But on earth it will be that conglomeration of false religions and counterfeit ‘kristianity.’ We see that stuff all forming. Now what about a one world economy? This is a real stumbler. The secular world has tried over and again to set up a utopia of a one world economy in the sense of an economic paradise on a model of sharing. Is the concept bad? Surprise answer: No! More on that soon. But with man’s muscle all we saw was the likes of communism. We know how badly that went. It was under the devil and not God. Spoiler: God has a version of this too! In the kingdom of heaven! We read a sneak peek about this in Acts during the early church. They had all things in common, considered nothing to be their own. Yes, property ownership is okay. But in heaven it will all be on another level, we won’t need anything anyway, but if we did, the heavenly saints would share! Next one: world peace. Another buzz word among the new agers and such. Is it bad? No. But who do you put your trust in for it? That is the key. It is a good thing, but only Jesus can bring it! No one else! Not man, not king, not the devil. Only God. But the devil will use it as a bait as well. Unless God is at the center, it won’t work. Now what about tracking? Same thing! All of this stuff is just the devil trying to counterfeit what God has done. A one world surveillance system, the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid with ‘2020’ vision is a substitute for God’s three attributes of being all seeing, all knowing, and all present. God has the real, and the devil has the counterfeit. Now let’s get into the end times framework and some symmetries. Same ideas will apply. Look at the Holy Trinity. We have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father sent His Son, the Savior, the Christ. The Holy Spirit was sent LATER, after Jesus came. The Son glorifies the Father. The Holy Spirit glorifies and points to the Son. Okay. Now, look at the unholy trinity. There is the devil, who sends his ‘son’ the antichrist. He will be the counterfeit savior. Then the false prophet comes LATER (Rev. 13) and points to the antichrist to be worshipped. NOT before, but LATER. So the first beast who rises is the antichrist, NOT the false prophet. For some reason, the masses have been confused on that one, and not unintentionally. Now we have the fact that all the false religions point to a false messenger (who they think is real) who will come on the scene. We also have the new age movement pointing to a ‘new era’ and time of utopia. Many false ideologies share in this false utopia idea. All of this will coincide with the end times. The antichrist. His kingdom. His one world government, economy, and religion. The mark of the beast. The persecution of Christians. The false awakening. Doesn’t anyone find it funny that the church has been set up for the same show? False teachers have been discouraging the church from studying Bible prophecy, especially end times prophecy. The devil derides, “Aw, you don’t need to know about any of that!” in so many words. And so it goes with the rest of the Bible. In it’s place is put Dominionism, or the heresy that we can ‘usher in’ God’s kingdom… (drumroll please…) without God! The irony of ironies! The church is being taught new age concepts from the devil like ‘the divinity of man’, ‘pantheism,’ ‘universalism,’ ‘interfaith’, ‘ecumenism’ and embracing all religions, pagan practices, and sinful ways of the world. Instead of separation, they are tauting the inclusive ‘oneness’ with ‘all.’ It’s all new age lies!!! They talk about a ‘great global revival.’ They will see the antichrist as a great spiritual leader and world savior (one of many). That time is already here! If anyone else has studied the great apostasy well under way, you will know this to be true. The church has been infiltrated and set up for this great deception! One of the reasons the church will not recognize it for what it is… is because… it will be told it will never see this, so what they ARE seeing must be something else. Hook, line, and sinker they bit the bait. I can’t tell you how many have been brainwashed by false end times narratives like the ‘left behind’ series! That guy has Jesus commending a guy for taking the mark of the beast! Wolves in sheep’s clothing are doing that very thing from pulpits today! Now it’s the vax, next it’s the mark. WHY do you think they spent so much time and effort, slowly infiltrating the church undetected, to deceive them to take the counterfeit rather than the real, if they will never face that test? The devil knows why. Anyway, on to another symmetry. This time about the church. In Revelation we see two grooms. We also see two brides. We see the harlot, who represents false religion, including the false church. All of the false church. She is a harlot. What is a harlot? A harlot is one who has sold herself for money. Think ‘church growth models.’ Need I say more? All part of the apostasy plot. Compromise with sin for numbers, which translates into dollars. Hence: the harlot. And, she rides the beast. The antichrist is her bridegroom. Then we see the true Bridegroom; Jesus. We see His Bride, the church. The church is referred to as a virgin bride. She is the opposite of the harlot just like Jesus is the opposite of the antichrist. She is pure. She is holy. She is undefiled by the world. She does not compromise. She does not sell her soul for all the money in the world. Her heart is loyal to her groom. No matter the cost. She does not touch the unclean things, has no dealings with false religions, and does not fool around with false gods. She keeps herself for her groom. And yes, she has oil in her lamp. Her gaze does not waver from His face, her feet to not stray from His path. It is a stark contrast.
The real and the counterfeit.
The coming test will be real and not a drill or dress rehearsal.
The wheat and the chaff, the sheep and the goats. And yes, it is necessary.
God bless you.


Oh, and I almost forgot, the new agers are calling for a blood bath for those who believe in separation, the doctrine of separation, and that they must eliminate those who remain separate. Hint: us. It’s part of their nwo initiation ceremony. Google for alice bailey and someone named madam blavatsky. (Lighthouse trails research has info. on them.) Their key words are oneness and inclusion and a.c. p. francis has been tooting that horn since day one, hitting all the bases of course as those who follow that know. Just google for it.
On that note… I may have said this, but yes those of us who are vaccine ‘refuseniks’ will be singled out as ‘murderers’ (ironically) and dealt with just as during the holocaust. It all intersects with their plans. But what they have meant for evil… God uses for good!


I worked in the pharmaceutical industry first as a method development chemist, then as a QC chemist and finally as a product development chemist, which combined my first two positions PLUS formulation of customer drugs into safe & stable formulations for use in clinical trials and commercial production. My formulations were safe, not necessarily the actual drug itself. Amongst the anti-cancer, anti-HIV, diagnostic and other products I worked on was a liposomal product to be used to deliver gene therapies which were added to the liposomes prior to use. As a result I know the FDA definitions (pre-COVID) for “vaccines” and “gene therapy” (of which less than 20 have been approved since I left the industry in 2005, almost all of which use the patients’ own harvested and cultured stem cells to which the treatment is added OUTSIDE the body). Only the Chinese Sinovac and the Indian Covaxin meet the definition of “vaccine”. The mRNA therapies (Pfizer and Moderna) meet the definition of experimental “gene therapy”, forcing your body’s cells to make the outer shell parts of COVID. The Russian Sputnik, Oxford AstraZeneca and J&J treatments are all experimental surface modified adenovirus treatments (made to look like COVID on the outside). I literally just read an article whose links eventually led me to a scientific journal article in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases titled “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease”. Please avoid the “vaccines”, because they are not vaccines. https://scivisionpub.com/pdfs/covid19-rna-based-vaccines-and-the-risk-of-prion-disease-1503.pdf


I see the parable of the sower differently. Dr. Andy Woods explains it better than what I will attempt but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the video I watched a while back to reference.

The seeds by the wayside are unsaved as they were devoured and never came to life. But there was LIFE that grew from all of the other seeds. We are DEAD in our sin before we come to Christ, but a new LIFE begins when we hear and believe.

Jesus said when explaining the parable in Luke 8 that the one on the rocky soil “believed” (“whosoever believeth” John 3:16 and also John 6:29) but then fell away (i.e. from the faith) Wouldn’t they have had to have had faith in order to have fallen away from it?

The one among the thorns is alive and grows, but is said to “bring no fruit to perfection” KJV.

Paul talks of Christians who never progress beyond milk to the meat, never grow as Christians. And he also speaks of carnal Christians which fall into sin. 1 Corinthians 3:1-3

Sorry if I didn’t explain this good. I’m not great with words like some of you.


What? I’ve read the article listed at the bottom of this and do not see where it says that about 2 year life expectancy, nor can I find the quote about the billions condemned. Is that online somewhere?

My oldest daughter, a young mother of two, and her husband both took the Pfizer jabs.


I love you name :slight_smile:

I have not seen the update yet. Maybe Pastor JD gets into this. But yeah I understand what you mean RoseLilly. It looks like it comes out that way in Rev 13. One thing that I find amazing and wonder about is the “dragon” that gives the first beast reanimation it would seem. So the people worship the dragon and the 1st beast. Like the anti-spirit of God, and the resurrection it would appear perhaps.

As for chapter 13 though it might be worded in such a paced out way that might give some the idea that chapter 13 may only be semi-linear and semi-story unfolding like literary form. Like it talks about AC first, then the false prophet. We certainly see the false prophet animate the image of the beast. But we are also told it points to AC to worship. So it might be linear in explanation but a sort of comingling of narrative perhaps. For sure, the false prophet extends into the initiation of the MOB through the image. One thing that is interesting is that perhaps the AC might come before the false prophet…like the reverse order of how Christ was introduced. If true, it would make sense in that the AC would be too selfish and impatient and demand focus first…lol. It does make sense like that. Blessings.

[Complete EDIT from original posting to take placeholder into the actual response meant.]

This is a SUPER long post. Longest I will ever make and I apologize. Grab a beverage, a big one and perhaps a snack or two. Sandwich perhaps as well.

There are many ways to get to know God. We now have the radio, television, internet, churches, street preaching and most important, the Bible. You don’t have to search far for various teachers of the Word.

This being the very first parable Jesus taught is an amazing one. It was taught for spiritual truth in such a way for all to understand. We need to use the 20/20 rule and read 20 verses before and farther ahead to help us understand this parable and there are counter arguments in Hebrews that trip many of us up by the literary sense of it and I will try to explain that from my perspective later. I will also state right now, just because this is how I and others see this parable, doesn’t mean you have to agree with me and we can disagree, that’s fine. The important matter for us is that Jesus died on the cross for us, raised from the dead three days later and overcame the world and ascended to Heaven. He sacrificed Himself for our sins to be wiped away in God’s eyes. John 15:13 to me, really helps deliver that point along with famous John 3:16.

The main bullet point is the qualifier for salvation is:

  • Receive the Word of God
  • It goes deep into your heart for growth
  • Overtime it produces good fruit

In Matthew 12, we begin to see Jesus’ tone and attitude change with His message. He begins to warn them of judgement for their rejection of the Messiah. This rejection has to come to pass so we, the Gentile may receive what God intended for the Jewish Nation, so we can receive it.

Matthew 13 Parable of the Sower and the seeds.
Christ being the sower, broadcast or throws His truth to the world as a fisherman casting a net into the waters to gather fish. There are four hearer’s hearts that the Word is given to. That is the ground which we read (heart). Something that I am learning even now is that the mention of birds in the bible is a bad scene. Now what I mean is the generic statement of birds. However, when the birds are described by species, it is a good thing.

  • Noah and the Doves
  • Elijah and the Ravens
  • Vultures eating the flesh of dead men (It’s gross and technically bad, but not in this case)

As seed (word) was thrown (broadcast), and some fell to the wayside and the birds take it and fly away and devour it. This is best explained as: You bring someone to a sermon or teaching and hearing it, you’re all excited and convicted, even for that person you brought. You are thinking, “This message HAS to have spoken into them!” At the end of the teaching, they look at you and say, “Huh, that was a nice message.” Before the message could sink into their heart, the birds come and devour the Word. Satan takes it before it can take root.

The second being the Word landed on stony earth (hardened/callus hearts). A bitter heart pushing and resisting the Word of God. There’s no breaking through, but God finds a way and through a crack in the rocks, the truth begins to grow. Because of the hardness of their heart and shallow earth (once again, heart) it isn’t taking root and lay in a deep and fertile foundation of God. So when the world and calamity come and begin knocking you around, the scoffing and mocking, fired from a job, no job, bad marriage, divorce; any hardship comes, as they are growing, they give up and walk away.

Third ground (heart) thorns sprang up and choked the growth. This one talks of the world interfering again but not through hardship, but through trinkets, worldly pleasures of life. These things presented are more important and so the fruit doesn’t mature. They seem to be doing good in their walk. Seems to be peace, love, joy and growth in their life, but, the things of the world begin to choke what had taken root and began choking the Word. We all wrestle with this. It’s kinda like an ADHD for the Gospel. We have to arrest that grabbing of our attention away from the Word and bring it back to where it ought to be.

Now, the good soil (heart). This is an open, prepared for the Word of God, sensitive to the Word, heart. The heart grows with the Word. It continues to read the Word, praise God, it educates itself in the Word, shares the Word, helps others. In so doing, strengthens itself by the Word.

All hearts received the Word but the reception of the Word is the problem. Where are you with Christ? Be encouraged in your walk to call Jesus, “Lord”. That when you call Him Lord, it is because He IS your Lord. You call Him Lord because your decision making paradigm is filtered in the Word of God and the Will of God is sought after.

  • You lean on Him

  • You rely upon Him to call the shots in your life

    • You no longer call the shots in your life
  • You want to do what God wants you to do

  • To be lost in Jesus is your desire and it continues to grow in you

  • You want Him to be your Lord in:

    • Word
      By you following Him
  • If you read further along, you’ll notice the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. This speaks of a great problem we have even seen on this forum. To sum up: You have to let the tares and the wheat grow till it’s time to Harvest. They look the same so plucking the tares out beforehand will result in some wheat being destroyed. Don’t want to do that. So to with the church. “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” ring a bell? These people come in and act like the saved but over time, they bring forth their destruction through false teaching, false doctrine, false gospel, false disciples, false prophets… There an explanation that when you rub wheat in your hand, the chaff leaves, just as with tares. You can put it in your mouth and taste a sweetness with wheat but sometimes tares can be poisonous when put in your mouth and it’s bitter. You wait till the crop matures, harvest, and then separate the good crop from the tares and burn the tares. In our case, we may be arrested for doing that, we you just tell them to vacate post haste.

If you read further, you will see the Parable of the Mustard Seed which also illustrates the point of having to be careful of letting the birds (see, bad sign again of generic calling of birds) that rest within your church ready to destroy and devour the sheep and take away the good fruits.

This is where we get to the Salvation issue.
Hebrews 6 is always used to counter the Once Saved Always Saved truth.
While people read this and believe you can lose your salvation, it’s the exact opposite.

People read this and think, “If I backslide in sin, I lose my salvation.” This isn’t want it means. People say this verse admits you can be saved then lose it and once again, this isn’t the case. It is regarding their nature.

  • They were once enlightened They became aware of the truth. They heard Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave.

  • They tasted of the heavenly gift

    • They experienced the emotional feeling, the content of (I cannot pronounce nor spell the word I am wanting to use as it would better describe this and I ask you to forgive me for that) God and His people. They “feel” the emotional content of the Church with His people. This doesn’t mean they are saved! Being partakers of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean you’re saved. It means they have seen the Holy Spirit’s power at work. They have seen people come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and be saved. They are not saved themself. They heard people respond to the work God does in a person’s life by the Word spoken by us (church). They watch it happen. They witness the event but are not themselves of the event or of us. “They were among us but not of us.”
  • “And being not of us, they’ve gone their own way.”
    1 John 2 is pretty good with this.

      • You go to a seminar on Self Defense tactics. You walk out the same as you walked in. You’re not a Master of Martial Arts
      • You go to a Go-Cart track and race around the track. You are not A.J. Foyt when you leave.

Look at Matthew 7:21-23 *21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

Just because you cast out demons, prophesy, or heal people doesn’t mean you’re saved. This is what Jesus is getting at. If you think about it, in Revelation, John speaks of the Antichrist doing wonders for people. Perhaps he’ll heal the sick and prophesy and these will be some wonders that make people believe he’s the Messiah?

These people who believed for awhile (could be 5 minutes, could be 50 years)

  • They tasted of the good word of God
  • They were touched
    • They Laughed
      They saw the power of the Word

While they may have believed, it didn’t grow into faith. You don’t get into heaven by believing. You are saved by believing (ABC’s) But you enter Heaven through faith. True biblical belief is when believe takes you to faith in God. We are told Satan and his demons believe in God and even tremble when they hear His name. Just because they believe, they aren’t going to Heaven.

And the powers of the age to come. If they fall away

  • If they get up and walk out on something, we don’t know what

It’s an open shame to Jesus that He wasn’t all that was needed for our sin being paid in full. According to this act of defiance if you will, He did all this for nothing. That’s not true though!

Hebrews where we earlier talked, is a letter written to? Hebrews! Hebrews who became followers of Jesus but also Hebrews who used to follow Jesus as Yeshua but, went back to:

  • Animal sacrifices
    The Law

Their original belief system.

Impossible to renew them under repentance means if you’re a believer and heard the truth of Jesus and some time passes (what amount is unimportant), and you decide, “I’m going to leave this as I don’t think this is going to save me. I’ll go back to my original law or ‘Hebrewness’.”

This means simply if you leave to find salvation outside of Christ, it ain’t gonna happen. Does this mean they can’t come back to Christ? NO! They can! Of course they can!

**He was the ONLY way to have your sin taken away! he was the ONLY sacrifice! He was the one who came in our stead to do what nothing, or no one else could do.

When you depart from Him, you’re declaring His sacrifice wasn’t enough and so you put Him to open shame by going back to the old ways. “I don’t trust Him as the sacrifice to handle all this.”

The ones who left, didn’t lose their salvation because they NEVER HAD IT!

People think

  • “I didn’t pray enough today, I lost my salvation!” That’s what God’s grace is for
  • “I didn’t lead anyone to Christ!” That’s what God’s grace is for
  • “I didn’t do enough of this or that” That’s what God’s grace is for

Have faith in knowing Jesus rules your life. The person who walks out on Jesus doesn’t lose their salvation as they never had it. Those that do have salvation are not dragged up to Heaven either. God knows who’s going to accept and reject long before any of us were born. He know this when He started creating the Universe.

Once you receive Him then we become sons and daughters of God.

  • John 1:12,13 * 12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: 13 who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

To believe in Him and continue to believe in Him. This isn’t demanded or forced. It’s a choice of my heart. I choose to believe in Him. He’s revealed himself to me and no credit goes to me because God already knows how I would receive it and Him. After all, He invented salvation, not me. And he brought forth the offer to me.

For those who believe for awhile (doesn’t matter how long or short) or not at all; God knew how they would respond to this offer. He knew they were never in the family of God. He gave them a chance that is never ending and they refuse it. We call them Politicians. No, I’m kidding. Made that part up. Well…no, kidding.

If you lost it, you never had it and if you have it, you’ll never lose it.

We are commanded to abide in Him though. Jude 24 / John 15
Abiding is the decision of; “I love Him. I want to love Him more. I want Him to do whatever He wants in my life, so I’m going to do these things:”

  • Read the Word
  • Pray
  • Worship
  • Share the Gospel
  • Help others
  • Show the world what following Christ is

All along the way I’m going to keep getting close to Him. Christ gives me the ability to abide in Him, but doesn’t violate my will. If He forces us, then there’s no more relationship.

This concludes my 15 pages of notes and a small understanding that I possess. No one has all the answers and it’s up to us to find the truth through reading the Truth. If you are saved, you are not going to be dumb enough to walk away from it because of what’s at stake for you in so many ways. If you’re smart to continue your walk, after you have heard, and receive the truth of God through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you, paid your sin debt with His death, and rose again three days later…and it really resonates within your heart as you are not going to sluff off His sacrifice to you, thinking you can find a better way for saving yourself…then don’t worry about it.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve had two weeks of little to no sleep and I really gotta grab some shuteye. If this doesn’t satisfy you, I have nothing more to offer you and if this makes no sense, I still have nothing for you. Be well and enjoy your journey.


yes he does

Just listened to Dr. Jeffrees at First Baptist Dallas, and was very disappointed. He actually started pushing the vaccine, said they are completely safe and told everyone to take it so they could go back to their normal lives. He also claimed that there were no death associated with the vaccines, no injuries, and only a few people got Corona after taking it. Wow, another has been hijacked, bought and paid off. I began having suspicions after he began promoting Biden as the legitimate President, and acted as if everything was fine. He has never mentioned anything in his sermons about all the perversion which is being pushed by this fake Administration, whereas in the past he used to speak out regularly. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now I know why I had reservations and a check in my spirit. This is exactly how it will be when the Anti Christ comes on the scene. False preachers will push him as the Savior of the world so they can maintain their status, power and influence.


Wonderful teaching today. I have listened to it twice already. Lord, come quickly. Pastor Farag thank you for your honesty and dedication. So thankful I found out about this ministry.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: yes!!! Lol meee!!! You couldn’t describe my inner dialogue any better!

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Looking forward to it Jon…thanks :slight_smile:

I had many a discussion with my Mennonite mother on loosing salvation. She felt that you could, however a verse in 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 definitively shows that a person once “sincerely” accepting Christ can never loose their salvation regardless of what the person does, says, denies, for the rest of their life. There can be no other interpretation. A Christians work (what you have done after being saved) will be tested by fire. In the scripture all that the person did, after being saved, was bad and burned up. However, the person “will be saved as one escaping through the flames”. We are sealed with a guarantee. Eph 1:13-14. No one, (including ourselves) can take us away from Jesus. John 10:26-28.
You can never loose your salvation (after sincerely accepting). Some will just smell a little more like smoke.


As far as the “once saved always saved” doctrine goes does the Bible give any indication of Salvation being a thing that can be lost?

It does say that nothing can take us out of His hand but does that include your own actions?

Understand that using the typical favorite mantra “they were never saved in the first place” is simply an indication that they don’t have a scripture to back up their opinion.

There is a verse which I would like you to consider;

Hebrews 10:26

“If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left,
27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.”

Since most Christians don’t read the Bible for themselves but rely on the opinion and interpretation of scripture from others it is difficult to have a discussion based on scriptures.

This one?

From what I can tell, the falling away does seem to be like what happened to Mark. And also it says “offended.” So like I can remember some times i had been “offended” at the growth God wanted to do with me in the word. And there has been much healing needful from that. I think it is sober to consider if we are in the faith then. For to stumble because of God’s discipline (of which I have done well and poorly in as well) is part of what the falling away is talking about. However, ultimately, from what I can tell, the falling away is from belief…not remaining a marginal Christian on the sidelines…but losing belief. That place I have never been. But this sort of thing you bring up Violet is good. Because i see i got a lot of things to consider in respect to mature fruit in Him (A LOT). Please remember me in your prayers. And I look forward to Jon’s reply.

Andy believe some life can be in those unfruitful soils. But it could also mean the unsaved. These are good things you bring up for us to consider. Amen sister. Blessings.

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I have the same question as Violet…I read the article very carefully and didn’t see anything about a two year life expectancy for those who received it. I will never get it, but know lots of people who already have. If that’s true, it will be so devastating!!!