April 25 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

**((( **I obtained mercy,)))above

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Wren, the video with Dr. Simone Gold is very informative. She begins speaking at around the 30:00 mark. I read your comment…were you concerned that it was a medical event? She’s on our side!


I was reading an article this morning about how Bill Gates “predicts that the world will be back to normal by 2022, thanks to the rapid rollout of vaccines.” I was reading some of the comments following the article and one of them literally made me LOL. It said, “funny how the man who couldn’t resolve viruses on MS windows is now an expert on a global virus!” Just thought I’d share since pastor JD is always saying that we need to laugh too keep from crying! :joy:


Lots of good points you made. For a very long time now, I haven’t thought of salvation as a “decision”…I think it is like scripture says…we are “quickened”, or made alive, by the Holy Spirit. Jesus explained salvation very clearly to Nicodemus, …it’s like the wind… an unexplainable work of the Spirit. Just as being born the first time in the flesh is a miracle, being born again, from above, is a miracle. The song is Amazing “Grace”, not Amazing “Decision”…even our faith is described as a gift. It’s all of God…He gets every bit of the glory :slight_smile: :heart::heart::heart:
Maybe I should add that I believe a truly born again person can’t be unborn…once we have been given ears to hear, and eyes to see ( spiritual) …we are forever a new creation. He gave us those things, and gave us a new heart. Our actions change, because our minds have been changed by Him. As for good works, the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and away from error/ evil. We are now a part of Christ’s body…we were even placed in Him before the foundation of the world, per Ephesians 1:4. Verses like that have become very comforting to me…because if not for Him doing the saving, it would never be good enough coming from me…and where would God draw the line? Which sin, and to what degree would the sin need to be for me to lose my spiritual eyes and ears he gave to me when I was born from above? He said His sheep hear His voice and follow him. Not all who hear the word follow Him…just His sheep. We are supposed to go out and find His sheep by giving the word…those that are His will recognize His voice, and follow :heart: I certainly don’t pretend to understand it all…but I believe what is written…and I know someday we will not see “through a glass darkly”, but face to face…and we will understand everything perfectly, and it will be just and righteous.


Yes I read that too! Made me laugh… except for the weird fact that the world believes his lies. He sure seems like a good antichrist candidate to me.

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Thank you for your details. It is helpful to get your take on the following 7 verses please if you may. I would appreciate it in getting a better understanding of your understanding.

1 Cor 3:10-15 Is this different than fruit? Can someone mature in Christ and bear much fruit and be this person? Who is this that gets eternal life like this?

1 Cor 11:27-32 Part of God’s temporal judgement is death for our not dealing with sin. This He does so that we are not judged with the world. How can this person be saved?

The following are statements of position that appear to occur at conversion. How can any of these (like being born again) become undone?

2 Cor 5:17 We become an “un-new creation?”

Eph 2:6 If this is true, how can what we do or don’t make us “not raised” with Christ?

Col 1:13-14 Is this figurative? Like, He did this. But it will be a while, or maybe not that you will experience this. It seems to indicate a past action or event applied, no?

Col 3:1-4 Raised with Christ and hidden in Him are not current status of a believer?

John 5:24 “has crossed over from death to life” or will at some point?

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With this I can truly agree brother. Thank you for sharing your understanding.with me. Blessing to you, and peace. Warmly Doc


Its just a lie from Gates. A carrot for those who want to get back to normal. He created the computer viruses too. Because in 2022 (hopefully we are not here anymore) we will have climate lockdowns.

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Amen, I believe a truly born again person can’t be unborn…Thank GOD !!!
" And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. Ephesians-3-19


this just in, CDC announces that fully vaccinated people can now go maskless in most settings. articles are all over the web if you want to look into it.

this is definitely another step in creating division.

Dem VS rep, black VS white, vaccine VS no vaccine, mask VS no mask- and, coming soon obviously, covid passport VS no passport… they are making division as clear as possible. whatever they can to divide and conquer.

I fully believe that the fault lines in our existing relationships have been exposed over the course of this past year. people who cut ties with loved ones, or even divorce their spouse because of dissention over covid, well they might say it’s because of covid, but they are only avoiding admitting that they already had issues that this disagreement exacerbated.

my family is mostly getting vaccinated, but there has never been any threat made over the fact that I won’t do it. they even avoid talking about it. we don’t want to fight. my family is pretty lost but they don’t want to lose me and I don’t want to lose them. we make the relationships as good as they can be. those who give up over covid allegedly, are just passing blame for the existing issues they didn’t resolve.

these are personal thoughts and I’m hit hard seeing these headlines today, knowing its yet another bold move toward trying to break up our relationships. it doesn’t matter much what side we are on, in a sense. it’s whether they can weaken our fold by breaking us into smaller groups. divide and conquer.

well they will not divide us in spirit from God no matter what they take from us. keep putting treasures in heaven and let them go , knowing God closely guards your heart and spirit , all that you deposit into heaven is just that: A deposit that cannot be withdrawn. it will be there when you get there.

love and guard your family and friends, vaccinated or not. sort of as one user on this forum said yesterday or something: Instead of debate the vaccine, at some point you have to just ask them to sit with you in the sunshine and soak it up together. because if the evil powers in this world fail to divide your heart from that loved one, the evil powers are losing that part of the battle. blessings to all <3


Absolutely guilty! I know I’ve put on at least 20 pounds in the “15 days to flatten the curve” in march 2020. I think everybody I know has gained a lot too.


Very encouraged (and dare I say relieved) from the wisdom and maturity of some of the responses here re: OSAS etc.

There is often a fine line between rightly dividing the Word and wrongly eviscerating each other.


Amen sister. In addition to storing up in heaven, in contrast to the powers that wish to divide with this, are our prayers that pulling teeth and taking candy from a baby is an uncomfortable task at first, but I am thankful that at least consensus draws yet another millimeter toward a sobriety matching reality. In light of this, showing even more love to those in opposition (or caught in the crosshairs) can only hopefully further a granting perhaps of our dear Lord in bringing us still further toward (rather than further away from) the shores of social sobriety where these troubling and menacing half baked principles dissipate in the noon sun. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings. :slight_smile:


Hi Violet, me again. :slight_smile: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers re: my step-father and his dog. Things worked out beautifully. Step-father said he decided he did want to go ahead with getting a full blood panel done. He was very impressed with the vet who told him that “Queenie” is definitely not 5 years old but closer to 10. The vet he first went to also said that, unless the dog had had a very rough life, she was older than 5. We knew she had been used by an (imo) unethical breeder; it’s very obvious she’s been abused as she still slinks and cowers even though I can tell she trusts me and my step-father. They did a specific “senior” blood profile on her which just came back - they said it was “perfect.” Since no one can make heads nor tails of the “health report” the rescuer gave to us the vet gave Queenie a rabies shot. Step-father was wise to say he didn’t want the full panel of shots given at one time so we’ll return next week for distemper & bordatella.

I carried Queenie into the examining room as my step-father walks with a cane. I wasn’t permitted to remain even in the waiting room so I waited outside. The tech who carried Queenie back to me said she was the sweetest dog and was so glad she found her way to us. Knowing how old she really is touched both me and my step-father and he said he will do everything in his power to give her a good life and keep her healthy from here on out. I told him if something happened where he couldn’t take care of Queenie I would be happy to take her as neither of us want her handed off to yet another stranger. Step-father said he was going to update his will to name me the guardian of Queenie.

While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a delightful woman my age who rescues animals but keeps them herself. She apparently has a lot of property - has 14 dogs and a good number of cats. She also cares for a feral colony of cats. She asked if I’d like to meet for lunch to continue our conversation and I’m positive she was sent by the Lord as I have a very limited income and am currently concerned about my cat (who I took in from him likely being abandoned by someone when they moved from my apartment complex) and turned out to be FiV+. After I had him for about 3 months he began coughing. I’d never seen a cat coughing before - it’s scary. Vet said FiV+ cats are prone to cancer & the lungs is one of the top places it shows up. An x-ray “confirmed” her concerns but she said, “Let’s try an antibiotic” and the cough cleared up. That was three years ago. I don’t know what the spot on the x-ray way; vet said it could have been the fluid buildup in his lungs. I live in an apartment that literally grows mold - huge problem in all the apartments. I do not have the financial ability to move so I clean the hotel-type floor AC filters and other areas with a natural product that is used in hospitals. We’re having a lot of pollen blowing around now and it comes through the AC; I can feel it stinging my eyes so also have my HEPA air purifier running as well. My cat began coughing about a week ago, but just sporadically. I have to wait until the first of the month when I get my social security to be able to take my cat to the vet for antibiotics. That was one of the issues the woman I met & I were discussing. Since she has so many animals she buys meds like antibiotics herself and knows how to dose and said she would give some clavamox to me. I’ll be really careful & still may take him to the vet but the whole encounter just had “God” written all over it; mainly to have a friend who loves animals & would enjoy meeting periodically for lunch.

God bless you and thank you again, Violet.


I actually had to buy a new robe and nightgown because they didn’t fit loose and comfy anymore!! Now, you know that’s a problem. I would say I’ve gained 20 also. I just got off the phone with one of my friends, who’s going through the same thing. We started NOOM together last week and we’re like … “We can do this!”. On a side note, if you want to lose weight, look into NOOM, and no I’m not selling or anything like that. I just have been so depressed about how I look and feel, I’ve never been this big before. I didn’t know how to stop eating and this has done it for me! There’s a two week trial period and that’s what we are doing right now. Anyways, I hope this helps. And making me laugh when I read, “15 days to flatten the curve”.


You can also add to that: liberty to blaspheme the holy spirit! Of course you can, but there is a bad surprise at the end! (Don’t do that)


Like everybody you have the right to seek God and enter in his kingdom. You are not responsible for the mistakes of your parents, your origin.

What I suggest you (as you said you are “toxic”), don’t present yourself like some one of the tribe of Dan (not directly) and don’t tell others that your family are in freemasonry. Be you, not what they are.

Just my opinion.
God bless you…


The devil and catholics also believe in God but do they do his will?! (Love each others in trueth, be peaceful, don’t sin, accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior…)

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Some interesting quotes include, “If you are vaccinated you can do more things more safely indoors and outdoors,” the president continued. “For those who haven’t gotten it, this is another good reason to get vaccinated. It’s about saving your life [and the lives] of those around you; it’s about getting back to normal life.”