April 3, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update

Resources (Links): https://cdn.subsplash.com/documents/82QP6C/_source/98df5eb8-2244-4e4e-b458-4f33b9a76188/document.pdf


Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about the prophetic significance of the saying, “there’s light at the end of the tunnel” and how Jesus as the light, at the end, can either be exciting or terrifying.

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Hello, Pastor J.D. Farag, and church family,

I am writing to ask, Pastor Farag, stated in his Prophecy update from this morning, April 3, 2022!
I cannot find the links to the sites Pastor Farag spoke of. Thankyou so much for your time.
I can be reached at email. akr0422@yahoo.com ,[mod edit to remove personal info]. I watch Pastor Farag and the worship team every Sunday. Since the Thursday service is on way too late here after 1am my time EST. I am in Ohio. I watch it on Fridays.


Anita Rotunno. online user name is Lovepugs05


And to think 5 years ago I still worked for an organization that almost worshiped the SDGs. An organization that has close ties with WEF. An organization that I wanted to return back to after my studies but ended up somewhere else to my disappointment. I felt betrayed I couldn’t go back to my old employer, BUT GOD, He had another plan, THE BEST PLAN! PRAISE THE LORD!

Only now I know how evil this all is and God has been SO merciful to keep me away from it. I was just a baby in Christ. Never would I gotten to the place I am now if it wasn’t for our Father’s Hand. Oh how loving He is. I would’ve been a Laodicean Christian.

Thank you JD for shedding light onto this. Those goals might seem all wonderful but they are tied to mr turtlehead schwab and part of the soon to be switched on AC system.

PS: take note of those logos they use. My old employer had almost a similar logo. The nwo logo, the coloured pinwheel. Something peculiar.

Here is just one example. Saw it also pinned on Boris Johnson’s suit and other high officials.



Hello @lovepugs05 , maybe you need to wait for the mods to update the links later. The second service will start in short time, hence maybe after second service is over, the mods will update it.






Pastor JD mentioned this about USA oil reserves:


I liked what JD said about those who were watching just so they could use his video to tell others he is a false teacher because he preaches pre-trib rapture–that they are going up anyway!

It has always been my understanding that if someone believes and puts their trust in the true gospel of grace through faith in Christ alone, that they are saved. Over the years, I have I heard pastors who held differing ideas about eschatology since I was a kid and all seemed to still accept and respect each other. But recently so many seem to be calling into question the salvation of anyone who does not agree with their view (whichever view that may be).

PS. I totally believe in Pre-Trib rapture, just in case anyone gets the idea that I am saying I hold some other opinion. I’m not.


With the logo the 8 pointed star represents ‘ishtar’ and in the center there is a hexagon which represents the planet saturn the black sun which is what those in the occult worship. The planet saturn is a dwarf star, a fallen star, and at one pole of the planet there is a hexagon storm and at the other pole there is an actual eye, hence why the so-called elite are so enthralled with one eye symbolism.

PLEASE DO NOT look into this filth I have mentioned as it is pure evil beyond all comprehension. And if you study evil, it will study you.

Time is so short. Keep looking up. Our Lord Jesus Christ is soon coming for His bride.

God bless you all.


The video referenced by Pastor JD at 50m 21s


Video referenced by Pastor JD @ 50m 30s


@ 43m 20s

Pastor Andy Woods mentions/credits JD Farag’s prophecy updates in respect Ezekiel 37/38.


How are those videos still on YouTube.

There’s a modern day miracle.


On Friday, Ps Andy Woods mentioned their Youtube channel is being censored or blocked due to PPOV videos.

He announced he is migrating PPOVs to Rumble channel. Not sure about Sunday services.


I was thinking the same thing when he spoke to those watching that dispute the pre-trib rapture.


Lead up to massive famine. The evil knows no limits. They can wipe out crops. Kill cattle. It is a massive Satanic scheme. Blame it all on carbon emissions and Bob’s your Uncle! Excuse for climate lockdown and electric cars which justin plans to mandate at some point. This is a very powerful video The ship IS going down and there is only one way. Spread the word of God’s eternal love through His son Jesus.


Look what was caught on camera last night at the house where I’m pet sitting. This was at 9:30. I returned from taking care of a cat at 10:00. Just a little freaked out right now. I hung rags outside soaked in Pine-sol hoping that will repel him/her.



Typically why I do not do pet sitting visits after sundown. (Professional Pet Sitter here.) Critters and crooks!


My days typically start at 6:00 am and end at 10:00 pm. I need to learn to say no.


Just realize the government is NOT going to help you as this unfolds.


@Janet7 Winter time I wrap up by 7pm. Summer hours can go until 9:30pm. First visits are at 7am.

Typical month of pet sitting is 200 total visits or more. :sweat: