April 3, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

i cannot guarantee this expose needs Stew Peter’s Premium subscription, if have I will at least post partial release of the interview: Targeted out this week


This strikes me as very odd Dennis. Why would apparently dire warnings be sat on for 10 days before releasing the full interview? I smell a rat and recall Q messages via the X22 report (that I naively listened to back in 2020) about watching the water?? For some reason, this memory along with the suggested snake venom source of the C19 virus quickly brought to mind Trump’s creepy snake poem, read out at rallies……about the woman being stupid for bringing in and nursing the poorly snake which bit and killed her. After all she knew it was a snake!

From Stew Peter’s Telegram post in relation to the interview:

“NOTICE to Demonic Pharma Killers: The tapes of this full interview and all of the documentation are ALL OVER THE PLACE, and being safely kept on multiple continents. This information blew my mind, and it’s going global inside of 10 days.”

False flag? Stirring up unnecessary fear? (Edit: post thought…a declared threat to the PTB if indeed there’s any truth at all in it?). I don’t follow Stew Peters on Telegram, just dipped in to take a look at this out of curiosity.

I pray discernment for all and a big bag of salt at the ready if planning to watch this interview when they deign to share it!

Maranatha! :pray::pray::pray:


Nodding my head a bit. I have tried at various times to listen in on Stew’s reports, but I usually end up with a “hmmmm” instinct about him, and move on to other things.


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I tend to agree. I used to listen to Stew Peters thinking I was getting conservative truth.
But like you, I sensed something wasn’t right.
For one thing is he use of sensational terminology that evokes fear, panic and hysteria.
I do believe there’s a lot of nefarious things going on out there. But the truth tellers, if they are truth tellers need to be careful not to use the same tactics as the godless media.


:dart:. @NStallard Naomi, you hit the nail on the head.


This is interesting…we all know we are in a spiritual battle…check this out

This clip came in on our Action Canada email today…

A targeted and trained New Age Guru (now a Christian) exposes the plan to bring a NWO/New Age now happening today to the world…need to only watch to11:25

Examples of progress and success…

Trudeau Sr and Jr Yoga peacock poses

Trump Hindu priest/prayer WH


Evidence: A Guru, the UN & the WEF

Pope Francis also advocates for a One World Religion


Well spoken (typed) Naomi - Galatians 6:1


I don’t know how many of us, but I am sure there are a number of us get somewhat sucked into some of this " untruth" when it is mixed with truth and the truthteller uses the Bible in strategic places to make it sound believable.
Now, here’s the thing. For me at least.
I will listen and watch for a while. Tuck it under my hat. See if it plays out like this person said.
HOWEVER ,always keeping the Word of God in the FOREFRONT of my mind. If it doesn’t line up like God says it will then it "ain’t " so.
Having said that here is where I think we can wander off the path, is when we wonder if there will be a reprieve from the “labor pains” or will God thwart the evil plans of the enemy and not allow all of these terrible evil devices to happen yet.
At this point I have seen enough wickedness to believe that none of these weird and evil things are impossible. In fact most are plausible.
I think I should be aware of what people like Peters says, but keep Scripture in the front of your mind always.
As a side note…and certainly not to get into people bashing, but i look at attitudes of the individual speaking and profanity or off color speech that, to me isn’t becoming of a Christian.
I know we all slip up and we are all sinful. But the consistent use of off color or inappropriate terms on public platforms without remorse or respect for the listener does make me question.



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Yes, Unbelievable, we met an older German lady in her 80s last summer while walking. Chatted about world events and back in her day….and today. She talked about how they closed all banks in a day and the next day changed everything in 24 hrs, and how they took their property etc. In chatting she mentioned something strange about going to this movie with her husband when it was out but didn’t say the content…told us to look it up. I never heard of this movie, could hardly remember it’s title. She said her husband asked her what she thought of the movie and she answered well…I think it is prophetic. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about until I came home and looked up Soylent Green on wiki.

Well I saw an article shortly afterwards on human composting re: a Washington based company. I didn’t even want to think where that might go.

Join our growing community working to bring human composting to the world.

One of those a strange encounters!



By 2022,[3] the cumulative effects of overpopulation, pollution and an apparent climate catastrophe have caused severe worldwide shortages of food, water and housing.

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Interesting…Recompose’s designer Alan Maskin is associated with the Gates Foundation.

Alan Maskin

Architecture & Design

Alan is an owner and principal of Olson Kundig – an award winning, Seattle-based design firm. For over two decades he has focused on the design of museums, installations and exhibition projects including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center, Microsoft Cybercrime Center, The Frye Art Museum, and the Bezos Center for Innovation.

I know how you feel! I started looking into this about 10 or 12 years ago. Started following Dane on fb before all the censorship started .He was doing all he could to bring it to people’s attention. I even emailed the EPA, but if course they denied it, said it was only jet stream. My husband, friends, family all thought I was crazy too. God sees, God will put an end to all this nonsense very soon! Maranatha!:heart::heart::pray::pray:


Thats what i said!

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It’s encouraging to know we’re not alone among the human race in our understanding. Thanks so much for your response. One day . . . Revelation 21:5 *And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I m making everything new!” And then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”


Tinnitus and some resulting hearing loss pretty much stands to reason as an effect of something that contains nanotech and thus makes one more susceptible to EMF poisoning because that is one of the early symptoms. Some others are headaches, insomnia, heart irregularities, and well… its a long list.


She actually said it out loud in front of camera and no one bats an eyelash.




My problem with Dane Wigington (from Geoengineering Watch, of that video) is that I live near where the Dakota Access Pipeline protest happened back in 2016. Now, when I go to his website to try to verify him and his claims as reliable witnesses, I find this article: Power Structure Wages Weather Warfare Against Dakota Pipeline Protesters » Power Structure Wages Weather Warfare Against Dakota Pipeline Protesters | Geoengineering Watch

You have to excuse me for being more than a bit skeptical of Wigington.


Because I literally wrote the book on what really happened at that protest. Almost 500 pages of way-too-small print to get it all in there. And while there’s no way I could know all of what happened, seeing phrase like “criminal assaults that have been hurled at the peaceful pipeline protesters” tell me Wigington isn’t a credible source. I lived that protest; I saw and talked to people who experienced what the protesters did. I extensively documented terrorism of ranchers, National Guard members, slaughter of horses and other livestock, and more.

Yet Wigington’s website was used by the protesters during the incident to prove that the blizzard was done by North Dakota and Morton County Sheriff’s Dept, and used to drum up yet more millions in GoFundMe dollars for their private bank accounts.

The blizzard he attributes to weather mod was not as unusual despite his description on that page. He calls it an “early season snow” but it wasn’t. It was early December. We get blizzards in North Dakota as early as October at times, and as late as April. If they could have cooked up a blizzard, why wouldn’t they do it a few months earlier instead of allowing a warm fall to bring in tens of thousands of protesters? (Since the protesters were using this geoengineering site in their social media, that’s actually something people here were joking about–why wait until December? Couldn’t they have done it earlier?)

Combine that with an administration (Obama) and federal system that REFUSED to help the state to the point of individual states not honoring sheriff shared-assistance agreements due to how the media painted the protesters as so good while the law enforcement was evil, and I can’t imagine who Wiginton thinks was interested in shutting down the protest early. What power that be did it? The entire world and the globalists were on the side of the protesters. Kill the pipeline and the oil. Every celebrity and environmentalist had to make their way to the protest to get their photo taken there. It was basically the world against North Dakota for a year, if you remember. The DOJ refused all requests for help. The federal govt. refused to help. Obama literally said “let’s just let it all play out.”

Thankfully, despite the double-digit tons of trash the protesters left behind on the flood plains of the very water they were to protect, we had a slow melt that year and the state (at our own taxpayer expense) spent millions and millions to clean up all that trash and debris instead of it washing into the spring floodwater and sending untold amounts of plastic and toxic garbage into the waterways and ultimately the ocean.

So even if there’s truth to Mr. Wigington’s claims in general, I unfortunately cannot believe he is reliable in his research. I don’t put him in my column of reliable witnesses. He didn’t get it right about the nature of that protest and North Dakota weather, and I can’t trust him to get it right about this, either.

I’m not attacking you personally. And I’m not even attacking JD. I don’t know what I think about this topic, but I do know that this guy got it wrong in his article about what was happening on the ground in North Dakota during that protest, so why should I think he got it right about what was happening in the sky?


There are various types of funeral homes that offer alternates for burial in Canada. A person can arrange to have their body put in a fetal position in a bag that also contains the root system of a tiny tree and is buried in a tree cemetery.
I wont elaborate any further. You get the drift.
This film reminded me of a vid that was online, in 2020 when I was looking for news around the world. This appeared to be part of a newspaper. It was very similar to this movie only it wasn’t adults and was grotesqly disturbing. Again, I won’t elaborate any further. Point is, there is a lot of dystopian info out there and I believe its there to attack our minds. To devalue Human life and to destroy our peace of mind.
It pushes that people who were and are created in God’s image, are instead with no value and are equal to garbage.
Those who believe that life here is all there is, will fall in line with all this stuff and the saving of mother earth etc. Its all they have to hang onto. That thought is horrific enough in itself for they are truly lost.
Praise be to God, He preserved His word down through the generations so that we could know the truth and that as followers of Jesus Christ, we have that to offer to others.