April 4 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video Here: Prophecy Update
Resource Link: https://cdn.subsplash.com/documents/82QP6C/_source/dce92c4e-a113-4548-9047-a95963799a08/document.pdf

PROPHECY UPDATE: Pastor JD talks about how that everything happening in the world today, is now coming to a head, exactly as Bible prophecy tells us it will at the time of the end.

Just to keep everyone in the loop, to allow the @JDForumTeam more time to focus on other things Jason and I have offered to help by posting these updates.


We cannot stream your videos. We have lousy Internet speeds where we live. The video’s continuously load every 28 seconds. It’s impossible to watch the prophecy updates this way. My question is, why isn’t a service such as Rumble used instead of YouTube to download videos to also for us viewers that can’t stream off your site? Rumble isn’t censoring videos. It would help a whole lot of us slow Internet viewers.


I don’t know if it’s my connection, but the video kept stopping and starting and losing a bit of content. I will try again later. I had a problem in the beginning of the video so I went to YouTube and watched the first part with no problem. I’ll keep trying! Praying for you all!! God bless! Happy Resurrection Day!!

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Not able to stream your videos so easily. I agree with Bec above. Adding this to Rumble would be so helpful.


I never have issues with streaming, yet I’m also experiencing these glitches. Clearly, the enemy doesn’t want JD to get this message across… power of the prince of the air?


I couldn’t watch the video today. :disappointed:

I also have issues with the stream.

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I never have problems with JD’s videos. However, could only get half way through th today before the video stopped. Can not see the whole video

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I had no issues At all. Something seems to be maybe an internet issue? I’m sorry. Keep trying. Great update!


Keep trying, I agree, it was a really great update!

I was able to watch the livestream 4 hours ago no problem, but it does seem like the streaming playback is lagging right now. :persevere: Might just be a lot of traffic right now, it’s internet prime time for many!

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This article came to my attention today. I think it is pertinent. This was the main story, front page on Penn Live. I’ve linked to this UofGA PhD student’s opinion article and then checked her bio. She is liaison for the Muslim community in Atlanta. They are gearing up.


Having a really hard time listening to this, it keeps stopping and then when it starts up again I miss some of what was said. Can you also upload this on Rumble or somewhere else or fix the problem? Thanks!

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You all are banging up against the wall of file size (typically ~2 Gig and full resolution 4k likely) that’s why it is buffering so much.

It is not up yet, but these people mirror the BPU and other videos on their vimeo page. Takes about a day or less to see it. They also run the Unofficial JD Farag Roku channel which pulls from their vimeo page.

The benefits here are that you can watch the videos in lower resolution and file sizes through vimeo and also download the smaller videos as well.


@Twi , I am confused with this thread title. Actually @JDForumTeam uses this title exactly for BP update section. Are you able to modify the thread title? Thanks.

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Yes, it’s really moving quickly. Regarding the timeline there is another interesting website that shares about the covid plot from a Christian perspective. As always I must say I don’t back every view presented there but much is spot on, especially the research. It is New Jerusalem Chronicle blog and there is a new post about covid, a link called the apostasy plot, and another one called ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ that is not for the faint of heart. He also gets into the rapture stuff under that apostasy link.

With the more time that passes, the more I feel like I’m in one of those dramatic end times movies! Over a year ago I saw one called ‘new world order’ and as prepared as I am for the actual sequence and our fate in it, it still sent a chill down regarding the visceral reality of it, which we need to face along with everything else. Speaking of a head near you that is. I just saw the naomi video yesterday, and that one shakes you to the core as well. And keep in mind, I’m prepared! But we need to stay prepared. Not like the virgins who slumbered.

A few personal things. I prayed 9 years ago that the Lord would iron out all the intentional confusion regarding end times events, and He did. You will be shocked with what I will share. It was not a year later that this whole ‘plot’ was revealed to me, the intentional apostasizing of the church, infiltration by wolves (as that blog discusses), and globalist deception in place for centuries. It came in parts but completed a puzzle. Anyway, it would be ‘soon,’ that these events would unfold. Not a cloud on the horizon, but my response? “Okay Lord, I believe you.” I was in a critical place in my life. But it was like, don’t bother going back to school. Don’t bother trying to get into a house. Don’t bother with this, don’t bother with that. It will all be in vain. Just keep watch, watch and pray and warn. So I did. I’m so glad I did. One day walking in the park on a lovely spring day it was like the Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart as a question, if I was willing to lay down my life for the Lord. A thousand times yes was my reply. Shortly thereafter I read Foxe’s book of martyrs, the updated edition. I read about the early Christian martyrs. I knew He is with us in these times and I need not fear. Then on that fateful day of 31313 that one showed up on the balcony and the curtain parted. Again the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “That’s him.” (beast #1) I keep a hawk eye on him ever since, and yup, it is conforming to that mold. I read volumes full of articles over the years since then. If anyone else has too, you’ll know what I mean. Anyway, believe me or don’t, but it’s just a matter of time and no further proof will be needed. As they say ‘I ain’t worried.’ All the pieces were falling into place. I worked in education for a while, and dealt with some really disrespectful youth for years. Yet I pitied them because I knew. I looked over the crowd every day, a different one, and it was like ‘this is the generation upon whom it will come.’ Yup. Nuff said. There were the constant warnings of persecution to come upon the church, as a refining and sifting process. They would persecute us under certain ‘banners.’ Yup again. There were so many things. I was warned to leave that field. I did. And then, bam. Six months later the world was hit by the inception of the covid nwo scheme. And there it was. It has been unfolding ever since. And it’s NOT going away. That was another insight. I knew instantly. I mentioned, it was 7 years later to the day, on 31320. I had changed jobs and didn’t know I had entered a lifeboat from the titannic. There was just this buzzing siren that screamed ‘get out!’ A year later I was to relocate out of the city, which I did. It’s all happening. What He shows me, happens. I know, much is hard to take. Why me? Because I asked. I was willing to accept what He showed me. I was available. I put myself on the altar for whatever He called me to do. I consecrated myself for serving Him. I was willing to sacrifice everything including my life. In other ways, I also had nothing to lose. So I knew this was coming soon. And now it’s here. Those old signs street preachers used to use that read ‘the end is near,’ they have to cross out ‘near’ and write ‘here.’ I’ve used that line before but no one is laughing anymore. Anyway it all came to a screeching halt. Now we are discussing how to dodge vaccine passports and microchips. Pastors are giving the green light to taking the mark of the beast (google, if it’s still there, youtube for one). Why, if it was irrelevant? But… it’s not. One thing leads to another. The masses are conditioned one step at a time in lock step to accept tyranny. Cognitive dissonance and rationalizing each step of the way all the way to the last one. Who is conditioned to ‘take up your CROSS, and follow Him?’ No one is ready. And the devil wants it that way. I was at two church services today. As I scanned the crowd I saw the same thing I see everywhere. Folks who look no different than anyone else out there. Addicted to distractions. Entertainments. Stimuli. They might act a little bit better, if you’re lucky. The same thought went through my mind as always does. Who, if any of them, are ready? It’s all here. It’s already in place. Just like in those end times movies. None of them suspected it. None of them saw it coming. Not a thing. Which of these were prepared? Then it comes like a storm out of nowhere. The less prepared, the less likely they will choose the Lord on that day of temptation. He said, ‘count the cost.’ Yet for most, the cost is too high. They stand to lose too much.
But Jesus said, “Watch and pray.”
What if a terrorist barged into a church service and threatened to kill you if you did not renounce your faith? (Which we can’t do, even to save our lives or those of others, according to the Bible, Matt. 10; 32-33 for one) Would you be prepared to die for Jesus? Well this is the same thing. And if one is not ready for that, they aren’t ready for an early escape either, or worthy. Rev. 3; 4-5. Something we don’t hear much about either these days.
Watch. And. Pray.
God bless you.


@Bec.n.Dave Have you tried reading the transcript instead? I love the transcript!

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" Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19"

Seems like it is a divisive research summary, there are NO people of color evangelicals, which is far from true. People of color some of the strongest evangelicals. IMHO


Cornpop5050-No, I haven’t tried reading the transcript but will look for it. Thanks.

I’m going to try watching the video again and see if it’s any better. I just wish it (Video) was loaded on Rumble where it’s easy to access. Maybe a lower resolution would better too. I hope the admins take some of our dead and present them as a solution.

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@Bec.n.Dave I don’t see the transcript available just yet, but I think it should be up soon.


Same here. My black friends and framily are some of the most openly Christian and evangelical people I know.