April 6, 2023: Topical Study -- The Gap Theory & The Fall of Satan

:bible2: The Gap Theory & The Fall of Satan

:hawaiianshirt_2: Topical teaching discussing issues with the gap theory in order to demonstrate how those who subscribe to this theory overly diminish the power and glory of God by attempting to marry science with the supernatural aspects of creation. This discussion will also look into how this gap theory views the fall of Satan but will provide an alternate approach. As such, the hope is to reveal how the true and living God may have engaged with His heavenly hosts during the creation account, that conforms with the Scriptures without introducing over speculations.

Taught by Assistant Pastor Mac at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii.

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I just loved it all. Wish there was a part two. So sad it ended.
Thanks Pastor Mac.


How interesting, I too hated for it to end. Man has fallen for Lucifer’s lie (to have power and control, to be like God) from Adam and Eve on down to us. Especially today people want to be like god.
Thank You Pastor Mac