Asking for your prayers for protection from the vaccine

My husband finally got a letter from the Human Resource Department asking for an explanation why he hasn’t taken the vaccine yet. He is the only one left not taking the vaccine because of our belief.

Please pray for him, for our family, that we will stand strong. That we will not be afraid. Also please pray for wisdom and guidance, the legal actions that we can take here in our country, the Philippines is different from other countries. We don’t have the protection that the US Constitution has given to its American citizens.

His name is Jason. Please include us in your prayers.

Thank you in advance. God bless us all!

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus Come!


In case you didn’t notice the US constitution is being used only for toilet paper as of the last 7 months. So neither is anyone in the US protected in anyway by anything other than God Himself. I do realize things in the Philippines as more progressed however so we are praying for You and Jason now. Stay strong in faith God will provide a way of escape.


While I haven’t been watching intently on your situation over there, I continue to read events similar and the one point of interest that hits me is, “Maybe you’re told you’re the last one standing, but can you really believe you are the last one refusing?”

What I mean is; corporations are really hitting people hard and when was the last time you heard of a company being totally honest when it comes to deceit? Maybe Jason is the last one standing, or maybe there are more out there and this is yet another in a long line of scare tactics to “fit in”.

Regardless, I am praying always for Jason without even knowing it and I will continue to do so. No one should be placed in this position, but we knew it would happen to some degree.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please place upon Jason, the wisdom of Solomon which came from You. Please help him in his journey to stand for You and with You as his cedar of Lebanon. Please affix his armor to not shift or rattle as he is faced with rough choices to make. Please help him secure his footing upon the rock while in the storm and trials he’s facing and protect him and his family as we ask you to galvanize him with protection from those who are not of you.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Yes, I will pray for you and Jason that the Lord will give you His grace and mercy AND healing if your husband chooses to get the vaccine ( not that he plans to). God doesn’t need a Constitution to protect you from your evil government. His Son’s shed blood is sufficient. It is sometimes hard to know what to do when you are confronted with these types of questions and is intimidating, but God will give your husband wisdom to answer in a firm and loving way. I am very sure of that. Praying now for you dear sister in the Lord! Keep on believing and you will see Him at work in your lives no matter what happens.


Praying for your family, dear sister!


Besides your health care providers, can they ask for medical information?

Hi @JanetW

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Thank you so much for your prayers. It is confirmed that in his (my husband) department, he and his boss are the only two people who haven’t taken the vaccine yet.

Not sure if there are others in the hospital.

Thank you again.

Now a new prayer request…again we are only asking for fast recovery, strength, wisdom and peace and joy from Father God…my oldest brother and his family are all sick. My brother is already confirmed…POSITIVE FOR COVID. We will be waiting for his wife’s results and his 3 children.

We do not ask for escape but we ask that we will remain strong in the LORD Jesus as my family and I know that we can not escape tribulations and problems here in this world.

Thank you all!!! :heart_eyes:


Can anyone else beside heath care providers ask for your heath records? I thought that that was between you and your doctors to know any medical information about you.

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HI @JanetW

He works in the hospital. His doctors are employees of the hospital. His health/ medical records are in the hospital records. In the Philippines, there’s no such thing as the right of the citizen to keep to himself his vaccine records. Even before the pandemic, schools, companies etc both government and private can ask for your vaccine records.

I forgot to mention, my brother is fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

Also, we have many friends and families now, who died of COVID though fully vaccinated. These deaths are not reported in the Philippine media.

People here are all nuts. Even the so called Born Again Christians are so afraid of Covid, of death…FEAR is just everywhere. Unvaccinated can not go to certain cities now, tourist spots and others. Government is fully pushing for the vaccine passport. Now, Filipinos can’t get out of the country if they are not fully vaccinated, The so called vaccine passport is in line with the WHO mandate to the Philippines.

I add that they might die because of the vaccine. They just tested positive. But it is now the narrative that covid kills the vaccinated too (thats why they need boosters). That is the mainstream media narrative to get you into booster shots.

The vaccine is a bioweapon and many are dying right now and this will accelerate in the coming months and the unvaccinated will be blamed for the death of the vaccinated.

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