Assurance of salvation truths

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Grace Evangelical Society just put out teachings on assurance of salvation and why works do not prove our salvation.
Worth watching especially because so many doubt their salvation, think they are saved because they’re doing ______fill in the blank or they think they can lose it.

This is paramount to others of what is the TRUE gospel and nothing create more peace in that person than knowing 100% that they have eternal life.

This one is titled: Is Assurance of the Essence of Saving Faith

This one is titled: Proving Our Salvation by Our Words, Works , or Both?


I am looking for a sermon or sermons that refute Arminianism, not from Calvinist point of view but rather from bible ground based type one.

I learnt that both camps have 5 points in their theology.

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Check out this same channel ( Grace Evangelical Society/ GES) for Arminianism as well as Ralph Yankee Arnold’s channel.

Soteriology 101 , although focuses on Calvinism, Leighton Flowers does have some teachings on Arminianism.

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