August 14, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - Getting Angry or Getting Ready

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how everything that’s happening in the world today will either make us get angry or get ready for the Lord’s return in the rapture of the church.

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This Prophecy Update hit me pretty hard because of my joking at Biden, Pelosi, etc. expense.

It is true that the Biden’s, Schwab, Pelosi, Soros, Gates, all of them need Jesus very much so. Jesus Died and Rose Again for them also…and everyone else who hasn’t accepted Jesus as their Savior.


Another dynamic uplifting heart felt sermon by Pastor JD.
Now if only those who hear it, can put it into practice to please God.
Our Lord knows our hearts and where we place our focus.
Now is the time to focus on getting people to Jesus.
Jesus is already there with the door standing wide open for all to receive Him.
If your focus is off, or your heart not right before the Lord.
There is no time to waste, get right now so you can serve the Lord and know the Will of God. This is what pleases God.
Blessings to all in Jesus name. Love one another.


it’s a huge blessing to be Saved, Sealed and Secure in the blood of Yeshua Jesus Christ❣️
Thank you Lord


You know Pastor JD loves us when he is willing to go there again. To caution both saved and unsaved from getting emersed in politics, or any of the distractions flung our way. I’ll be honest, I let out a slow Oooh boy, here we go again. The last time a man’s name was put in print in this forum it took on the appearance of a firecracker-lined pinwheel.

Pastor JD NEEDS our earnest prayers. I can imagine the struggle he had this week in preparing this update. The battle is real. Sobering, isn’t it?

On May 6, 2022, while preparing a large pot of soup, I lost consciousness. I live alone. As I fell, I struck the back of my head behind my left ear, leaving a permanent ridgeline indentation. I was unconscious for over five hours. When I came to, the stove was off, a glass bowl was sitting on the floor, and none of the 30 plus tomato seedlings in Solo cups that I had landed across died. For three days I pondered about my reality, my life. I feel like the devil was hoping that God would THIS time let him finish me off. He has tried in very clear ways to kill me these 63 years.
I am a target because of who my Father is - nothing more. I have posted on FB quotes from God’s word. Answered posts with God’s word, and I guess, I just ticked ole devil off enough that he wanted me gone…again. You know that “thorn in the side” can go both ways.

I know I am still alive because my purpose is not yet done. Shortly afterwards, a young teenager and I started texting via FB. A sister on this forum helped me to understand a book the teenager was being groomed with. The teenager lives nine hours away. They came to a nearby town last week. They brought the book. After reading a portion of it, I took an extra KJV Bible to them. We talked and their sibling and grandmother listened. I am hoping seeds were planted. Only God knows.



After viewing Pastor J.D.'s update today, I wanted to check out the biometric info a little more and found an interesting site. It lists 100 countries that are using them and then rates them based on how invasive or non-invasive they are. Pretty interesting stats, although some countries don’t surprise me. Here is the link for anyone interested:

This next site explains biometrics: Biometric data | Identification for Development

We’re so close, or as Pastor J.D. says, we’re a gnat’s eyelash from the return of Jesus for His church. Stay strong folks and God bless!


Thank you, Pastor JD, for being REAL! It truly touches me deeply as I hear the heart ache in Pastor’s voice. I can so relate! Add to the heartbreak the utter frustration of not knowing how to get people to Jesus and that sums it up for me.

I spent quite a long time in my “prayer chair” today, crying as I always seem to do. . . But came away with a peace about it all . . . Remembering that my most powerful weapon is prayer, and my only wisdom and strength is that which the Lord provides, I laid down the burden, at least for today. I left the ones I love in my Father’s hands. They were His before they were mine. He loves them more fiercely than I could. And if there is anything more I can do or say to change minds and hearts, He’ll show me. Remind me tomorrow if you should happen to sense that I’m picking up the burden again; snatching back what I’ve committed to His care. But for tonight, I’m resting in Him. My heart needs a break.

Singing this song again. I find it so incredibly soothing. All the dark can’t stop the light from getting through . . . And, one day, we’ll see this world made new


I was uplifted to hear the young man speak at the beginning of the update who had been brought out of years of a homosexual lifestyle. Praise the Lord!

We have a young family member caught up in this and it has truly broken my heart. Please pray for Kya.



Today’s update was a blessing. Thank you Pastor Farag.



It’s easy for us to be upset and angry over what we see our leaders doing, knowing that their actions will undoubtedly have serious consequences in the near future. However, when we look at everything that’s taking place around the world, there is not one development that is not under the watchful eye of God. He is in control of every situation and they all will culminate in the eventual return of Christ for His church, the Tribulation, the Lord’s 1,000-year reign, and ultimately, new heavens and a new earth, with all of us who call Jesus Lord and Savior, living with Him for all eternity. When I look at our leaders from that perspective, I start praying for them and all unsaved people today.


I love Pastor JD’s honesty, and how we can best respond to everything! This must be what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, the church at this time. My local pastor yesterday also talked about us taking a good hard look at what we say to others, and write on social media. He also confessed having a hard time with it. Lord, please help these men and us to abide in You and walk in the Spirit, and by your power help us to walk in love toward others, and be fruitful i.e. loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, humble, kind, faithul, self-controlled (Spirit-led). Get us ready! In Jesus’ mighty name! Amen :pray::dove:


John 3:8

8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.


“Conspiracy theories supposedly expose the dark deeds and covert alliances of governments, secret societies and prominent individuals. One feels very powerful in the role of “knowing.” But the knowing can degenerate into an unhealthy fascination with the mystery of iniquity leaving some so consumed with evil that they lose sight of the Savior.” Jennifer Schwirzer





All our life, even our suffering, can be used by God in ways we cannot fathom. No one gets through life without hardships, but it will be worth it all when we see Jesus.

Dr. David Jeremiah