August 15, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how the well-known idiom of “strike while the iron is hot” is exactly what we’re seeing today with everything that’s happening.

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Just out, Malaysian PM resigned today and uncertainty reigns now. As Ps JD said, collapse of governments thanks to covid-1984.


Can someone start a parallel, where we can all be together…please? I almost can’t stand it anymore. My heart and spirit grieves.


I’m sorry, but can you explain what that is? Thanks

BTW, I absolutely cannot stream the current Hebrews teaching. It plays a minute then freezes! Anyone else?


Soylent Green Zone?


Where are the links to the flash drive content?


Welcome aboard! Do you mean a parallel structure, like a society living outside the “woke” world? I think it’s coming soon…stick with this family.



Wow. That’s very fitting.


Something I was just shown and reminded of. The events and signs we were told to look for have BEGUN, this is the time His coming will happen.


Imagine the government projecting an Image of Jesus Christ coming in the cloud with this technology.
And with HAARP the government can also send messages to everyone’s brain and communicate like as if Jesus was coming back at the same time Project Blue beam is projecting their image! The devil can surely deceive and if it were possible he can deceive even the Elect of God.


They are actually aiding the False Messiah who will soon appear after we are gone!

Another thought I have, what if the Pzifer vaccines got activated and cause severe reactions and deaths among Israeli military? Would that cause much problems that Israel is impotent to react to Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria attacks due to unable to respond fast?

Would that drive Israel to seek the Dan 9:27 covenant with the antichrist? Food for thought.


For the first time after listening to one of pastor JDs Bible Prophecy Updates I feel anxiety and fear trying to grip me. I don’t know why now, nothing has changed. I am still confident in the salvation I have in Jesus Christ, I’m confident in the blessed hope of the rapture. Yet for whatever reason… maybe it’s just the cherry on top for the way I have already been feeling this past week, I don’t know. Lord come quickly…


This is good, I’m stealing this meme. :+1:


Well, I imagine my contributions are well received and fitting to the discussion topic, no?

Either way I have my blue gray Hawaiian shirt ready! (Inside joke.)
( ;
One video I feel people now must watch is called ‘the new normal.’
It has been banned all over the landscape but I found it on a site called
‘ratherexposethem’ blog. Scroll down a few days, it is under a day late last week.
It shows the protests over the lockdowns in various European countries and the police backlash and brutality. Things that only a satanic army could do to peacefully protesting civilians. The world needs to know. This is their plan. This is what is coming soon to a city near you.

Speaking of updates, (and I don’t endorse everything that is on any of the websites, lots is good but I can’t vouch for everything), over on ‘now the end begins’ he has a news item from yesterday about a gov. document pertaining to an upcoming event/attack and the proposed response, another one of those scripted things. I heard of this on other sites as well.

Also life site news has info. on the jabs and stuff too.

There are still youtube videos that reveal things. One of them is called ‘the prepared homestead’ and you can find info. on his videos often too. That is something I would be doing too by the way if I had the means. It’s at least one way out of all this mess, at least for a while. Personally I think they will hunt down everyone anyway during the full blown nwo.

The world is changing at break neck speed, and it is accelerating. It won’t slow down anytime soon, or at all. We are at the end. It’s here. The clock has reached it.

And I’m “Over-ready!” (More than ready.)
: D


Yes,like minded people congregating. Don’t want to get any more specific, to thwart evil.


the thing is, the rapture is such a new idea to me that I don’t believe in it (yet?). I can read the verses over and over and listen to many perspectives on it but personally it doesn’t seem like something I’m able to touch on much right now. it’s been so much at once, seeing Revelation’s prophecies unfold before my very eyes, suddenly understanding those strange stories I’d read years ago and couldn’t comprehend in the slightest… it’s all so much to take in that it’s hard to wrap my head around. “rapture” concept sounds so fantastical and I don’t want to believe any lies. it’s not that I don’t think it can happen, I just want to be sure that I’m understanding it correctly before I promote it or speak much on it. it’s too big right now but God has me on other things and I’ll keep listening and see.


Take my tunic too ;p

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