August 19, 2022 - Guest Speaker – The Power of Parents Praying for a Prodigal

:bible2: The Power of Parents Praying for a Prodigal

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks with a family about the power of parents praying for a prodigal son caught up in the LGBTQ lifestyle.

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wow just wow Gabriel’s testimony was powerful! I was amazed by his Parent’s love for him. This really bring tears to my eyes as i can relate to what his mom went thru as i have prayed for 30+ years for my dad’s salvation, for him to be set free from his gay lifestyle and alcoholism and i still pray for my dad… i’m like God? what are you doing? why are you taking so long to change my dad’s life? i’m happy for Gabriel that he found Christ at a young age. I was touched by his gentle sweet spirit and his powerful encouraging nuggets. I know angels are rejoicing! it makes me sad that i still have to watch my dad suffer… i do not know what else to do… i have prayed and shared Jesus with him and i’m not giving up on praying for my dad! Thank you Gabriel for allowing God to shine His love thru you. :yellow_heart:


What an encouraging testimony. Praise God. It gives me hope as well to keep on praying for my wayward daughter and my Trans. Grandson. God loves them more than we ever could and God knows what he is doing. Whatever it takes Lord. They are yours. Thank you Father. And thank you J.D. for having this time of testimony. Such an encouragement to keep on praying.


This was such a genuine and hopeful testimony from this family.

The part where the mother says “I love you…but…I love Jesus” really touched my heart. This is one, strong woman of the Lord who puts God first without a doubt.

These praying, faithful parents also have a great testimony within their son’s.

Thanks to JD and this family for a beautiful and very timely message of restoration and hope.