August 22, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains why it is that we as Christians should never worry about our Heavenly Father providing that which we have need of, despite the fear of losing one’s livelihood.

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Looks like we took down the Voice for Truth site with so much traffic! Here’s the web archive link: COVID-19 Vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines – A Voice For Truth


On Saturday, I attended a local health freedom event. Some of the speakers were well-known names in the health freedom movement (e.g. Dr. Jim Meehan). Last year they had Del Bigtree come. One speaker was a NYC lawyer who had been a part of bringing 16 lawsuits against Cuomo and DiBlasio, successful to the point that right before the trial date, they changed their lockdown rules because they knew they didn’t have proof to fight the lawsuits by business owners.

The lawyer spoke about religious exemptions as part of his presentation. I thought this might be helpful, possibly for someone out there, possibly to use along with J.D.'s letter, or just general FYI. This is not intended as legal advice. Just information.

He said his approach is the religious exemption letter that is from you, and a letter from an attorney. A couple of things:

  1. The religious exemption letter should NOT reference any state, federal, or other laws or concepts. It MUST be purely religious in nature. So don’t start your letter with “based on state statute blah blah blah and my faith…” Keep it PURELY religious.

  2. The letter from the lawyer (that he writes) isn’t unpleasant, but is a one-two punch which he says sometimes gets their attention a bit because it accompanies your religious exemption letter request with legal discussion about infringing on your civil liberties. Someone asked if you could add that you’ve already had Covid (if you have) and he said that could be mentioned in the lawyer letter, too, if you can demonstrate T-cell immunity.

  3. In one comment, he added that most employers think they’re covered for liability from the fallout of the forced vaccination, just like the vaccine manufacturers are, under the PREP Act. But the reality is that they’re not. So that would probably be worth looking into, letting employers know that they could be liable if you get ill after the shot. He also said it was important to establish a paper trail that shows you did not want the shot and you were being coerced/forced to get it by your employer. That will probably look different for people, but it might be that you didn’t respond to the offer of free vaccination by your employer despite the many emails they sent out, or even you informing them you did not want the vaccination. The lawyer didn’t specify exactly, so save your emails and documentation. He also noted that in NY state law, anyone who coerced someone against religious belief is held liable. That could be your employer.

Some of the folks at the event stood up and told of how their religious exemptions are being handled/disregarded.

  1. Hospitals are capping them at a percentage (e.g. 5% of staff can ask one, then the door is closed). And if the amount is high, they’re going back to “review” the exemptions they gave. That’s illegal, but as we know now, being illegal doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Some are requiring you to get a doctor’s signature on your request (which is odd, for a religious exemption). Part of this may be to force you to get “re-educated” about your misinformation by having to go to a doctor to sign-off. At the event, the gal who told about this said she hasn’t been able to find a doctor willing to sign-off. They’re being bullied, fearful of reprisal, or (as here in my area) nearly all part of the massive health conglomorates that control everything. You may need to find a courageous, indepedent doctor.

  3. Some exemptions are being rejected because they are being super fussy about wording. So instead of saying you can’t take the vaccine because they use fetal cell lines, which apparently has them rejecting your letter by stating it contains misinformation, accompanied by “information” to show you’re misinformed, the language has to be specific. The lawyer said use “aborted human DNA fragments” instead. He recommended going to this website to learn more about what language to use:

  4. Some are being told that since they got a vaccine in the past, many of which had the fetal cell issue, they can’t claim religious exemption now. The lawyer said this was becoming more common, and laughed. First, when you get a vaccination as a child, it’s impossible for you to have said no. But then he used an example of a sincere Christian gal who got the first Covid shot, her friends informed her of the fetal cell issue, and she sincerely did not want the next. His point was that this was about faith, and there is a conscience issue at work. If you didn’t know, but now you do, that’s the difference. This, however, may take a lawyer to help you.

To adhere to civil rights laws, employers must make a reasonable accomodation for your faith.

The lawyer did point out that if you have a job that requires you to travel around the world in person, they may have to move you to an admin position or something else, because what reasonable accommodation can they make? What a reasonable accommodation might look like varied, and I guess some hospitals in Washington state are saying that any healthcare workers who won’t get it because of a religious exemption were being taking out of patient care and moved to admin. That’s a real possibility. Here we have a large employer who I think is discriminating in that the vaxxed get special paid time off if they are forced to be at home because they get Covid (irony) or are a close contact and have to quarantine. The unvaxxed have to use up their vacation/sick time instead, and also have to get tested. So there’s some murky area where employers could try to “reasonably accomodate” your religious exemption by making your life miserable and discriminatory to get you to quit or get the vax, which I suppose is another need for a lawyer.

The lawyer made a comment that lawyers are starting to get interested in people being forced out due to this vax issue, and that it might get interesting if they smelled money in play (they could get a settlement from larger employers). So there’s that hope. I know the rule of thumb is to not quit, but to let them fire you for this very purpose. However, one hospital in my area is being sneaky to avoid that. They set a date for everyone to get the shot. If you don’t have it, you stay home unpaid until you do. After 60 days of absence, they will consider it voluntary resignation. In that case, they may have better results quitting all at once en masse if they can get the courage to do it.

I’ve attached a few photos I took of the lawyer’s slides. I did cover his contact information, as that was for the attendees only and not to be blasted out to the whole internet.

There’s a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of going with the religious exemption, whether you’re kicking the ball down the road or solving the problem. I don’t know. The Lord will have to guide you. But here is some information for you.

UPDATE: I believe you will find this video useful. At the end, he clearly lays out the fetal cell issue with all three shots. The entire video, however, is extremely informative.


I’ve watched JD almost since the very beginning, I could probably count on my fingers the weeks I’ve missed, but this week in particular, I’m so grateful to have found his teachings. Thank you for letting the online church receive the letter.



Always a joy to hear what Farag shares and gives me an expanded education not just in what he sees, but the bible says. Very relieved to have found him on my journey.


Similar information over here: Vaccine Chart – Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute


This was such a beautiful sermon today. JD brings tears to my eyes with his sincere love for Christ and for all people. I think many of us needed to hear this today, I know I did. My fear is not of dying. My fears are every day fears, being upset over the news, things happening all over the world. I worry for others, e specially those being persecuted. Thank you JD for keeping us strong in the word despite what is happening around us. We do need to focus more on God and his promises.


Thank you Julie for sharing this very informative and helpful comment and information. It is very much appreciated. :sparkling_heart:


Thanks be to God for Pastor JD in this hour. His faith and courage in Christ during this unprecedented time in history is such a tremendous blessing to us all. God Bless you dear Pastor and team, and Maranatha! :heart: :heart: :heart: :raised_hands: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Has anyone seen a copy of the contract Pfizer has with countries (not companies!)?
They’re onerous and outrageous!


Thank you for sharing this valuable information. My prayers are for peace and discernment for those having to make this decision


“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Matthew 6; 33

This has been so true in my life, as the one about being given the right words at the right time, it’s sort of an instantaneous quickening tangent to the situation and you know it’s not coming from you, and no one could have said it better and you end up marveling, like ‘wow!’

This is how it works with faith too. God gives you what you need when you need it. Picture a wooden slab on top of a ball. The ball rolls and the slab can move, but it has to move, and it moves over the ball but only one part of it touches the ball at any given time, and that is the instantaneous moment we are in. You could call it the ‘calculus’ of deliverance, which is why it happens at the moment 11:59. And oh! I have seen that in my life so much! If He gives it to you sooner, you are not ready and don’t know what to do with it, it works better this way. One thing at a time.

Now a bit about worry and anxiety. I too have suffered from these. It went away in much the same way as for JD when I was younger. But later in life due to the ‘change of life’ in women, many of us suffer from serious anxiety and some seek medication for that, which I hear is hard to get off of later. I did not want anything like that so I just went right through it. It was at that time that God called me to move, with my very elderly mother, to another state. We were in the big city all the way in southern CA and it was just like this road sign ‘get out.’ Well I felt lead to move to a rural part of another state across the border. We left senior housing. I left my job. I got a motel reservation in the town we were headed. We had no place to stay lined up, no job waiting, and no family anywhere in the world, only us. Yup. A leap of faith? I rented a car, loaded it up with all our stuff, and made the long journey with her up, then went back down and took the last load in my car, all that we had in the world. Keep in mind, I had never even been to the place we were moving to! I also had a history of in my travels, going to places and being disappointed that it did not match the travel brochure. On top of that my anxiety. But He gave me the peace to endure it. Was I scared? Witless! But I felt that things would be much worse where we currently lived and we needed to go, and not to fear, it was a deliverance much like all the other ‘red sea’ partings in the past. I remember my fits of anxiety. I knew God called me to do it but I still suffered from this and it was partly physical due to the body changes I was going through. We had a pink towel in the hotel bathroom (my favorite pink, carnation!) hanging there on the rack. Each morning when I got ready to face the day I closed the door, turned off the light, and cried my eyes out with anxiety into that towel! And yes, I prayed. Sometimes at night I repeated this. Well, in a little over a week I had a job with a Christian company, of which there were many here. I found a church home and everyone kept telling me how ‘hard’ it was to find housing here. (Gulp.) Well okay, in another week we had an apartment, just before Thanksgiving! And it’s so beautiful! We have been so blessed by coming here, we love it here, and now things are getting worse in all the big cities with mandates. And in our lovely bathroom, sometimes that pink towel hangs up where you hang hand towels and it’s like God says to me, “You SEE?”

And there was the time of the endless paperwork and red tape. It was endless. The paperwork for my mom’s health insurance. A flat tire. Another flat tire. Other paperwork problems, it just never ended. I’ve always been one of those ‘all my ducks in a row’ type of people, and things not being squared away really bothers and frustrates me. I was so frustrated and cried out to God ‘why?!’ I was at the verge of a nervous break down with all the things coming apart at the seams. I don’t mind persecution at all, as long as there is a reason for the suffering! Was my plea. Well it was through that that God showed me that instead of having my peace and security resting in the fact that ‘all my ducks were in a row,’ I needed to have it ONLY in Him! Not in the fact that I had a job or not, knew where the next meal was coming from, or that the paperwork was all in place for everything, etc. All that stuff can be blasted to the far ends of the earth, in the wind, it won’t matter in the near future anyway! So it was like, oh, okay, and I just did it. I let go of it all and ‘blasted’ it away, and it WORKED! Not only that, I had such a peace about it and just didn’t care anymore, and it all came together after all! It was just another lesson.

And, I’m in this place now that sort of hovers above the cares of this life. I just share this because I want to help people who are going through this stuff right now. God might be moving you in a totally new direction and something good will come out of it. Maybe you will move in with family, and they will get saved by watching your example. Maybe this, maybe that. When it comes to worry, it truly is futile. Like that thing about the worries of today are enough, well consider this. Yes, most of the things we worry about don’t happen. And some do. But, there are things that happen that we WOULD have worried about, had we known about them! But God is in control and He delivers me from all of these troubles anyway! So I finally learned not to worry because of that, He holds the future, not me. The solution comes when we need it, and it always does. It’s like He’s up there saying, “well, I wonder if Bob will trust me THIS time?” Or whoever, you fill in the name. We are put through fiery trials for reasons as well and there is much to say about that and I won’t spring into that now, to make a long story even longer, and I knew that, but it’s another thing when you go through it. It’s like we have to experience these things in ‘real time’ and overcome through the Holy Spirit, it has a result nothing else can produce, like a trophy sculpted in the fire or something.

Now, I am in a place where anything can happen and I’ll be fine. I won’t take the jab as I said. Might I lose my job? Maybe. And then I will. Maybe I won’t be able to pay rent and keep this lovely place. Maybe… And maybe we’ll be homeless. We get some real wintery weather here too. I might die of exposure. My mom as well. Everything I have may disappear. There are so many variables. But a mother with children whose husband can die anytime will face the same fears; then what do I do? My answer is, okay, so then I will suffer it. God will deliver me, and even if not, I won’t take the jab because it violates my faith. I won’t do anything else either for the same reason, regardless of the consequences I suffer. So I join my persecuted brethren, so be it! Somehow I am so carefree about it all, there is something so freeing about knowing that it’s all in His hands!

Plus, okay. I do get to cheat a little. Because He shows me what is to come. And I know that none of this pile of troubles that might happen is even going to matter because of that. Some place their hopes in an early escape, but it is actually something else. For me the result is the same.

That stuff in Matthew 24 is actually about us. If people skip the commentaries it’s clear. But I won’t get into that again here and now. Either way I have nothing to fear, it’s the normal path that lay ahead of us as His disciples. I just see the sparkles of the kingdom in this path of thorns that many others can’t yet. That is my little reassurance, I know what is coming and none of this is going to matter. I said this before but I was not surprised by any of the things that have come that caught most off guard because of this sort of insight. I knew what ‘covid’ was about the day it hit. nwo is here. I would have been laughed to scorn. But oh, who’s laughing now? Not those people. Whatever I was told has all come to pass. Why would I doubt Him now?!

Now… this Fall is going to be a storm of events. Just be ready.
Spiritually ready. I have seen documents all over about them setting up the camps, there is one from DHS about folks like us being called ‘domestic terrorists’ for refusing the covid mandates. It’s all around the corner. Search it out and see for yourself. Sites have it like ‘now the end begins’, ‘rather expose them blog,’ and on youtube ‘the prepared homestead’. It’s a real document. Again, it’s not a surprise to me. For the better part of a decade I knew and was able to prepare. The Holy Spirit will show you what is to come. That is in the Bible. We all have access as saints, but not all choose to use it. Do not be surprised when these things come upon you. Many who slumber will be caught off guard.

Blessings, love, and peace in the Holy Spirit


Thank you JD for your profound message. My heart wept with you when you spoke of your precious Noelle…my prayers tonight are for Moms and Dads facing a unplanned pregnancy that Our Lord speaks to their hearts and puts people in their path to give them the message of salvation.


He will lose supporters if he keeps that up.


Maybe this thought will help some people: “No business can survive without employees.” They may threaten to fire you; but if they do, the may end up being forced to choose between continuing to enforce this mandate and loosing their business. Stay strong. God Bless You!



I’m already leaning to Rand Paul. He’s the only one fighting Fauci. But I don’t think we’ll be here for the 2024 election (if there is one).


Then 666.


I hope you are right! I’m ready to leave!