August 29, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Oh I do know that; see my later comment. I just hope He doesn’t tarry too long!

Thanks for your lovely reply J. I don’t really see it as a can of worms. These are just dates that may or may not have import. My theory on 2024 is based on God wanting His creation (and even more, His church) to have an idea of what He is up to, if indeed the Great American Solar Eclipses infer that. I am basing that on God’s character mostly. And if I be mistaken, it would not be mistaking His character. It would just be that He would be displaying it differently.

But what I have found to be rather common in the church these days is that when this end time period starts it will be brutal and God filled with wrath. No doubt the 7 year stretch of the tribulation will be filled with His patience being “over.” But having the notion that God may want His creation informed along the way I don’t find out of His character. For those caught in a snare, it will be maybe because they did not have sense to notice more than it would be that God would not provide awareness along the way.

Great to hear you getting involved in a good church. It sounds like quite a blessings. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.


That is well with my soul :+1:t4:


Amen Jackie,

Psalm 109:30

“I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.
For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those that condemn his soul.”

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The Rapture This Week… | Tom and Olivier (click on link below)

The Rapture This Week… | Tom and Olivier

Like Dr Zev says, vaccine is the time-bomb implanted inside a person, ready for detonation from outside factors:


Do you think will there be a False Flag / Gas Lighting event happens on Sept 11 soon?
George Sr Bush made his NWO speech that day.


Hello, this is my first time replying on this site or any site for that matter. I too watch and listen to all the ones you have said. I just keep thinking, its like the birth pains, getting faster and faster and nobody sees it but us! I’ve tried to talk to my family as well, but they all think I’m crazy. I attempted to explain the gospel to mother and told her “you need to start living right and believe in Jesus”. her response? “I do believe in Jesus and I am living right. What do you think I’m doing so wrong, I’m not living wrong”. she was upset thinking I was trying to make it seem like I was better than her or something.
I’ve just had to quit going around all my family recently due to their lifestyle they all live. I love them all tremendously, but I hate what they do on a day to day basis and what I hear come out of their mouths!.
I currently do not have a home church and feel lonely not having someone to fellowship with. I pray Jesus comes quickly, but then I want him to wait longer because even all 3-of my children are not living right. I feel as though I am all by myself with my thoughts, and myself, nobody around to talk to who agrees or sees the world as it is.


Welcome to this forum, @annettern . I emphatize with you as I faced this situation with my family. Only God knows when to rapture us while we watch and pray.
Continue to show Jesus’s love for them, pray for wisdom on how to deal with tough situations. At times it is good to keep silent if timing is not right.

You can join JD Farag online church for worship services and we have wonderful brothers and sisters here in this forum to pray and encourage.

During the Tribulation period, God will use Israel to do a “last chance evangelism” to whole world before His Second Coming. I believe your family will get this opportunity to believe even though it will cost them their lives.


@TCC buhahah…lol

@J.R.W this post of yours brought tears to my heart. Wow. Hugs for you sister.

@JaimieOxford are the “sleeper cells” those terrorist camps I’ve been reading about (for…a long time…since I was a teenager) are you saying there is another theory they will attack that day [9/11]–seems to me the 20 years is significant somehow and I don’t know why. I really hope that Jesus just comes and takes us this feast of Trumpets, but God knows…gotta trust Him.


You are among brothers and sisters in Christ, @annettern !:cherry_blossom:


no, not really… “they say they are, but do not bear fruit”. I just soak up all the information i can get through JD, Hibbs, Amar, and these forums.


DBF, it sounds like the enemy forces of Gog and Magog are gathering on Israel’s border and who believes they are not planning to execute a big war with Israel? If this is the one we are all waiting for; their preparations are pretty busy. How I would love to see God destroy them without one shot being fired on either the enemy’s side or Israel’s. God can destroy every one of them with a puff of His holy breath. God’s enemies need to be afraid; very afraid.


I do not trust the government at all.


I was shown this;

Type in the phrase -


This vid just came out today.

The whole thing is good, but if you can just listen to minute 12 to 16, this nurse has some excellent Godly advice for Christians to follow.


Bill Gates the trolling “Pied Piper” of vaccines…



What an eerie resemblance.



As I understand it Americas Frontline Docs can assist folk to obtain a script for this if needed.

Also consider visiting AFD for templates and Solari Report Katherine Austin Fitts site to obtain “notices” to various entities including medical personnel/employees, as many docs and hospitals refuse to administer ivermectin or IV Vitamin C, but can be compelled with the right “notice” if needed.

Also Freedomtaker. com has some very good “notices” too.


Welcome to my nightmares.
The Freddy Krueger of the 2020’s. Yikes :scream: