August 29, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update


Hello Linda,
I hear what you are saying. You just need to dig into the Word a bit deeper and it will validate what @Violet told you in her response. She is correct and I will join her, it is not opinion, it is in the Word of God in context.
Think about it logically. How else does one receive a watchers crown if one is not watching (closely actively) for the return of our Lord. We would have to throw out big chunks of the Bible if we were not meant to understand the times according to prophesy and the season for the return. We are in that season.


Last night while I was praying, I was telling the Lord about how let down and upset I am about my kids.
They don’t listen to me when I try to tell them about what’s coming, and that I’m crazy for believing what I do about the jab and God. I feel betrayed after giving birth to them and bringing them up that now they don’t trust me enough to see that I’m frantically trying to save their eternal life. They stopped coming to see me, stopped talking just as if I dont exist. Even when I try to show evidence they say it’s fake…
And somewhere in my heart I heard or felt the words, “I know”.
And I began to imagine the Lord, watching the world, millennia after millennia, world population after population, who stopped listening to Him. Saying its crazy to believe in a fairy story about a God in heaven who created all things. How much more has He suffered after creating and knowing every cell in our bodies every hair on our heads. Hes watched all those billions of people that He made, turn their backs on him. Act like He dosent exist. Stopped talking to Him, forgot how to trust Him. And when we find proof of Him, people say it’s fake.
He knows what we are going through, and I love him more, because He’s gone through it, and still hasn’t given up on us. He keeps knocking on that door, he knows what its like to try to save someone from a doomed afterlife. And I think, that now, we have a tiny idea of what Hes gone through too.
Thankyou Jesus, for constantly knocking at my door, and thankyou for the blessings you have given me since you accepted me and wiped away my sins. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Much better, now look at your original post.
That is why I responded the way I did.

Hi Ken, believe me when I say that I have been watching for the season and have been saying for several years that we are sooo close. The night before I made the post, I had again watched Before the wrath; and they stress that no one knows the hour or date because if people guess and they are wrong and they have told non-believers, and then it does not happen in that month or year; they have done more harm than good.

I have been watching and believing we are in the season since Obama was President. Please believe me, I am a great Watcher and Wait-er. I look for Him anytime, I pray for His coming daily and I believe every word the Scriptures say. I read the prophetic books. Having watched Before the Wrath the night before I posted that, it was fresh in my mind what was said, no one, not even Jesus knows when the Father will say, “Son, go and get Your Bride.” When the pastor named a year and then it happens before or after that time; it gives the scoffers fuel for their unbelief. Do y’all see what I am saying?


So much rescue needed all around the world right now. Afghanistan, Louisianna, worldwide flooding, vax mandates, people in personal crisis. Here’s what God has to say to us about that!!


It’s so funny you say that! I remember my mom telling me about that movie when I was really young! I have had so many movies run through my mind lately that harken back to what is going on now!!!

HI Teren,

I think I opened a can of worms by my answer to that post where the pastor named 2024. I know this; I am 78 and really want to be in the Rapture. I would pray for it to be before my time of death. The signs are there, already the prophecies have been fulfilled, except for the Rapture itself. Beginning Sunday, I am leaving the Missouri Synod church I attend and going to the only Calvary Chapel church fairly near me. It is about 40 miles each way. The pastor called me and invited me/us to come and he is preaching on Revelation when he returns from caring for his mother, who is on hospice. I am very eager and excited to go. He said it is a small country church and he is not Jack Hibbs or JD but does the verse by verse teaching as well. We watch both JD and Jack Hibbs every Sunday and also do JD’s online Bible study sermons.

There seem to be so many pastors in mainline churches who do not even believe in the Rapture and do not preach on the prophecy verses. I am going to be watching online the Behold He Comes conference next weekend. So much info and insight will come out of that.

Since I became a daughter of God in 1985, I have hoped and prayed for His Coming soon! The last couple years, I have begun to dig deeper and deeper. I think the time is soon; at least in the Father’s timing. I am so blessed and pleased to be a child of God, someday to be wed to our Savior. And, if things happen that I miss the Rapture by going Home first; I will be raised and soar to Him in the clouds first. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I will keep studying and watching and anticipating His soon return! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Blessings to you, Teren.


The exact people and entities who want population control. Bill Gates and Who are evil to the core and do not serve our risen Lord. CDC, as well.


Amen. No matter what the government does to us, we stand strong because of Whose we are.


Is this nuts or what? Recognize the Taliban as the legal government in Afghanistan! Biden is the most worthless President we have ever had and a fake President at that since China stole the election for them by rigging the numbers through connected computers. I thought Obama was bad, but then, he is the shadow government behind Biden, who cannot form a coherent sentence. That videos tells us how evil the Taliban is and how stupid and gullible our government and UK’s Boris Johnson are. Someday, some of those 85 Billion dollars worth of military equipment he left behind will be used against Israel.


Oh I do know that; see my later comment. I just hope He doesn’t tarry too long!

Thanks for your lovely reply J. I don’t really see it as a can of worms. These are just dates that may or may not have import. My theory on 2024 is based on God wanting His creation (and even more, His church) to have an idea of what He is up to, if indeed the Great American Solar Eclipses infer that. I am basing that on God’s character mostly. And if I be mistaken, it would not be mistaking His character. It would just be that He would be displaying it differently.

But what I have found to be rather common in the church these days is that when this end time period starts it will be brutal and God filled with wrath. No doubt the 7 year stretch of the tribulation will be filled with His patience being “over.” But having the notion that God may want His creation informed along the way I don’t find out of His character. For those caught in a snare, it will be maybe because they did not have sense to notice more than it would be that God would not provide awareness along the way.

Great to hear you getting involved in a good church. It sounds like quite a blessings. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.


That is well with my soul :+1:t4:


Amen Jackie,

Psalm 109:30

“I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.
For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those that condemn his soul.”

:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :pray: :two_hearts:



The Rapture This Week… | Tom and Olivier (click on link below)

The Rapture This Week… | Tom and Olivier

Like Dr Zev says, vaccine is the time-bomb implanted inside a person, ready for detonation from outside factors:


Do you think will there be a False Flag / Gas Lighting event happens on Sept 11 soon?
George Sr Bush made his NWO speech that day.


Hello, this is my first time replying on this site or any site for that matter. I too watch and listen to all the ones you have said. I just keep thinking, its like the birth pains, getting faster and faster and nobody sees it but us! I’ve tried to talk to my family as well, but they all think I’m crazy. I attempted to explain the gospel to mother and told her “you need to start living right and believe in Jesus”. her response? “I do believe in Jesus and I am living right. What do you think I’m doing so wrong, I’m not living wrong”. she was upset thinking I was trying to make it seem like I was better than her or something.
I’ve just had to quit going around all my family recently due to their lifestyle they all live. I love them all tremendously, but I hate what they do on a day to day basis and what I hear come out of their mouths!.
I currently do not have a home church and feel lonely not having someone to fellowship with. I pray Jesus comes quickly, but then I want him to wait longer because even all 3-of my children are not living right. I feel as though I am all by myself with my thoughts, and myself, nobody around to talk to who agrees or sees the world as it is.


Welcome to this forum, @annettern . I emphatize with you as I faced this situation with my family. Only God knows when to rapture us while we watch and pray.
Continue to show Jesus’s love for them, pray for wisdom on how to deal with tough situations. At times it is good to keep silent if timing is not right.

You can join JD Farag online church for worship services and we have wonderful brothers and sisters here in this forum to pray and encourage.

During the Tribulation period, God will use Israel to do a “last chance evangelism” to whole world before His Second Coming. I believe your family will get this opportunity to believe even though it will cost them their lives.


@TCC buhahah…lol

@J.R.W this post of yours brought tears to my heart. Wow. Hugs for you sister.

@JaimieOxford are the “sleeper cells” those terrorist camps I’ve been reading about (for…a long time…since I was a teenager) are you saying there is another theory they will attack that day [9/11]–seems to me the 20 years is significant somehow and I don’t know why. I really hope that Jesus just comes and takes us this feast of Trumpets, but God knows…gotta trust Him.