August 29, 2021 – Hebrews 10:26-39 - Enduring to the End

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_2: talks about how God is using this global crisis to create and produce in us the much-needed perseverance to endure to the end.

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This bible study is such a timely reminder of how important it is for constant prayer and reading God’s word. They really are my only strength and lifeline right now and the only things getting me through. Thankyou for this much needed reminder and sermon JD.


Yes, I can testify that the Lord has allowed me to go through some fiery stuff in the last 4 years. I did not understand it, I complained sometimes too. Was in a church for many years with some false teaching (that I recognize now) and was conditioned to think, well it must be because I did wrong, was being punished, didn’t have enough faith, etc. Now I can look back and see all that the Lord was preparing me for and there was no other way to get there. Teaching, conditioning, giving me eyes to see the truth. To have a sure footing in the Gospel and that we can only trust in the Lord. I know …that I know… that I know He is trustworthy and every word He said is true. We may see some bad stuff but He is merciful and faithful to his children.