August 7, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - Checking Off All The Prophetic Boxes

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how everything happening in the world today is now checking off all the prophetic boxes.

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TPTB hath prophesied the next timeline will be Jan 2023 where they will enforce lockdowns, quarantines, vaccines, digital passports again:


10 biblical prophecies fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled

  1. Isaiah 66:8 – The nation of Israel would be reborn in a day – May 14 1948
  2. Ezekiel 37:11-12, 21 – The Jews would return to their homeland
  3. Isaiah 27:6 – Israel would export produce to the world
  4. Joel 3:18 – Israel would plant vineyards
  5. Isaiah 41:18-20 – Israel would plant forests and trees
  6. Zechariah 12:6 – Israel would recapture Jerusalem – June 1967

On the cusp of being fulfilled

  1. Zechariah 12:1-3 – The world obsessed with dividing Jerusalem
  2. Daniel 9:27 – Israel will enter into a 7-year peace agreement
  3. Revelation 13:4, 7, 16-17 – The antichrist will control the entire world
  4. Revelation 6-9 – The genocidal depopulation of the world

[adding an eleventh at the eleventh hour]

  1. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 - The rapture of the body of Christ

The following is my personal opinion, based on observation over time and common sense.

I believe that Pastor JD’s update this week was spot on.

The very end was cut short for some reason, but I could see where it was going.

Everyone forgets that the entire Medical Industry was in dire financial straits before Covid hit. Then everyone with Covid was treated for free buy the Federal Government in the USA. Anyone who had a positive Covid test, and who died for any reason at all, was listed as a Covid death. That way the Medical Industry was reimbursed by the Federal Government and the Covid death statistics were skewed to reflect a much higher number.

Now we have previously perfectly healthy young people dropping over dead, and the medical community is scratching their heads.

The answer is simple, there is all sorts of evidence being covered up. The Covid Vaccine had all sorts of reported side effects before, and people were dying from the vaccination. But according to the medical community it was a very small minority, not to worry. The same people who skewed the death statistics before, are now telling us not to worry and get vaccinated. They are hiding the true number of vaccination injuries and deaths.

It is only a matter of time before the increasing number of unexplained deaths catches up with them.

They will eventually be forced to tell the truth, but it will be too late for too many Americans.

Our current puppet president has set into motion under the DHS fact checkers, so the internet is being scrubbed of information in the interest of public safety, while they track people.

They have been lying to us all along. So why should we believe anything they say now. They have lost their creditability.

Or should it be more like, when they tell us what to believe, believe the opposite.

Keep the Faith and keep looking for our Lord to return.




Isaiah 5:20 etc.



Or when we are gone soon with all the cover up and the other evil stuff going on no one will be talking about the covid deaths and cover up - they will only be trying to survive - it is coming - thank you Lord Jesus that we have your mercy and grace and we do have a BLESSED HOPE - MARANATHA


@ 1 hr 17 m of pastor JD’s update comports very neatly with a recent commentary by Andy Woods @ 32m 24s


If anyone has any additional examples of prophecy fulfilment supported by history - or even partial/anticipatory fulfilment - to share it would make for great testimony points to unbelievers.

Isaiah 45:1 - Cyrus
Dan 9:27 - end of sacrifice and offering which presumes a reinstatement of such practise - red heifer etc.


Daniel 12:4 ?? @jasonacts177 ??
“But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will will go to and fro and knowledge will increase.”

it seems that “the book” has been opened as we now understand and see much that those before us couldn’t even imagine. . . Like how could people all around the world, all at the same time see the two prophets lying in the street? Or how could everyone on the earth be controlled with the MOTB? Well . . . Now we know. And we travel all around the world. . . Well . . . The elites are allowed to anyway :flushed: . . . And with a click of a button I’ve been able to learn; how to preserve my harvest, what treats are safe to feed my chickens, how to use companion planting to increase my harvest, how to ferment pickles, how to make summer squash bread, where I can find a Bible verse to encourage a sick friend, how to boost my immune system, how to build a music wall for my grands, what a Bible text means using the original Greek, how to go to church in HI when I live thousands of miles away, and on and on and on . . . Anything I’m wanting to know (except the truth about “the plan” for we expendable, useless people) I can find a you tube answer for! I’ll admit, discerning truth from fiction is sometimes a challenge . . . But def knowledge has increased.

So. . . Daniel 12:4 Check!


PS . . . Now if I could just get an answer as to why my phone kept shutting off the livestream of today’s update??? Hmmmmmmmm :thinking: Did anyone else experience a similar interference?


I think it would be prudent to acknowledge that what is happening is judgement. Man made,geo engineering,political,big pharma,Bill Gates…who cares- all that means nothing in the big scheme.
That being said, I do not believe we are appointed to wrath, that comes later and by the grace and mercy of our Lord may we not be here,BUT we will see much much worse than this until Jesus comes. We cannot be so arrogant to think otherwise.
Instead of blaming the means,blame the reason why; a sinful nation and world so far from God and so dead in sin.


My computer just stopped . My husband said, " I guess the devil doesnt want us to hear this message".


I just listened to the message in its entirety. There must have been a temporary disconnect earlier. I did not listen to the entire ABC’s of salvation at the end, simply because it is late here and I have an early morning.



True! And many members here experience the same thing.

The prince of the power of the air (Satan and his minions) disrupt services through various means. Either directly, or by using people to accomplish their task. This has been going on, on Pastor JD’s prophesy updates for some time. Usually at a critical juncture.

Sometimes you can reload the live stream and hit the play button, and pick back up where it froze on you. Sometimes you just have to wait until it is posted here up at the top of this update thread to watch it then.
Bottom line with a little perseverance you will be able to see the entire update.
Satan and his minions are counting on peoples’ frustration and for them to just give up, and go somewhere else.
Perseverance has always paid off for me along with a good cry on @Twi or @jasonacts177 shoulder. So yes admin. is acutely aware of the problem.
Keep the Faith…Keep looking up.


They were cut off of the live stream.



Hi Kelly,
Wise observation, especially for the USA. But what is happening now pales in comparison to what will be coming during the 7 year tribulation. And even though like you say, it will get much much worse until Jesus comes for us at the 1st Resurrection. Thank God that we will not be here for any of it when it really starts.
I see you have been gone for a while, a big welcome back!



Hi Brenda,
I agree with you completely, very well stated! CHECK !


Yesterday’s news 7 August here: “SADS” example


Jason, I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you to the moderator as you obviously plagiarized Pastor JD’s Sermon, which is a code of conduct issue according to the response I received from Siri, who consulted the W.E.F. Sponsored Google Fact Checker A.I. through Alexa …kidding :clown_face:

Actually, it’s me who is going to plagiarize it as I’m going to copy-and-paste what you wrote out for us and put it in my digital Bible.

…thank you for posting that :grin::+1: