August 7, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - Checking Off All The Prophetic Boxes

100% Agree MountainMan Ken,

I also think that events must escalate from here unless “they” were to admit they were lying to us all along and accept their prison sentences, and extreme loss of wealth, power, and control…yeah, not gonna happen.

They will use whatever means necessary to bring humanity to its knees and in compliance to them.

I would look for world events to increase in severity and frequency to keep the globalist momentum moving towards their end goal.

“Science isn’t about truth, it’s about power”
-Yuval Noah Harari, WEF Direct Advisor To Klaus Schwab


Earth spinning faster…as mentioned


Pastor JD mentioned this video in his update


Great Prophecy Update this week. Thank you Jason for itemizing the check list like that.

It amazes me to hear pastors just now beginning to parrot what Pastor JD knew and spoke of 2.5 years ago when this whole global charade was being rolled out --yet they say it like its new information. Well, for them it may be. Better late than never i guess.


I had to download to hear the entire message.


Health implications regarding chemtrails. A world renown physician indicates that nano aluminum being sprayed is most reactive with glyphosates and fluoride. So my wife was right. They are using a tertiary combination to harm. Two of them via foods and beverages, and the other by what they are spraying. In the past 30 years both glyphosates and use of fluorides in beverages, tap water, and medications have increased exponentially. All three of these are neurotoxic, yet the combination esp when added to lab-created bacteria mRNA material, etc…lethal. That the days are being shortened by God’s hand with earth spinning faster–very comforting to know.


Thanks Ken! Key word, perseverance. As Jan Markell said, “What did we think the last days were going to be like?”
We have been experiencing this for the last while but we always find a way to watch Pastor J.D. He truly teaches us how to prepare for the dark days ahead. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family of believers!


very good teaching on pre trib rapture - some of it I do not remember seeing before - good info -
blessing and thank you JD for this forum and your teaching - yours in Christ - Maranatha :ok_hand: :alarm_clock: :alarm_clock: :latin_cross:


The astonishing convergence of end time events are staggering!
We are no longer looking at just a Biblical “Time Clock”, we are now watching a “STOPWATCH!”

Consider Jesus words concerning those things that would happen prior to His return in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21.
Just a few to mention:
*Wars and rumors of wars
*Nations rising against nations
*Violence worldwide
*Israel being surrounded by her enemies
*Jews coming home to Israel
*Jews being in control of Jerusalem
*Many being offended
*False prophets, False Christ
*Signs in the sun, moon and stars
*Seas and waves roaring

My friends, the trumpet is about to sound, and SUDDENLY Jesus will appear in the clouds of glory and we will be caught up together with Him and so shall we EVER BE WITH THE LORD!!

MW Breeden



Has anyone seen the patent on patentscope WO2020060606?? Link is below or just copy paste into Google. I saw this and thought it couldn’t be that easy with the 3 6’s.


Hi Jymmee Tee,


Yes I saw it the month it came out….it is very interesting indeed.

Publication date March 23, 2020 just as Covid was getting going

Interesting…it was announced the same month Bill Gates stepped down from the Microsoft board to concentrate on philanthropy (announced just after he stepped down)


And filed in France of all places. Revived Roman Empire is a good place to pull the patent from… this combined with what Pastor JD did about “palisades” makes for a good mark. Lord come quickly!

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Welcome to this forum and fellowship @JymmeeTee!

Yes the patent number is certainly eyebrow raising (if not also hellraising).

In contemplating the apparently brazen transparency of the number, and indeed the entire agenda that comes with it (see WEF et al.) it’s worth remembering the prime reason for satan’s (down)fall was pride - Isaiah 14:12-15

It follows that those under such sway of the wicked one are susceptible to the same hubris that seems to result in signs or announcements that indicate or forecast their intentions - see Event 201 just prior to the covid maelstrom as an example.

Worth remembering above all that God is eternally in command:

The wicked plots against the just,
And gnashes at him with his teeth.
13 The Lord laughs at him,
For He sees that his day is coming.
14 The wicked have drawn the sword
And have bent their bow,
To cast down the poor and needy,
To slay those who are of upright conduct.
15 Their sword shall enter their own heart,
And their bows shall be broken.

Psalm 37

In Christ


Hi Ken! Do the opposite indeed! Anyone who claims that SADS is some big mystery is outright lying! This was another great update! Thank you Pastor JD! That genocide one last Feburary was a tough one to process, along with some of the vax ones. I think so many of us have had some heavy-hearted days letting these things sink in, but i wouldn’t trade it for being asleep, not at all. Funny thing is that it’s such a mixed bag of emotions to bear these truths and the urgency and excitement of the soon coming rapture! I loved the idea that time was sped up this week! I heard somewhere that Jesus is just as excited to see us as we are Him! :heart: May God bless you richly!


Yes both myself and a friend git kickedcoff during poin 10







Well said Janny, I am 100% in agreement that we truly are bless to have the Holy Spirit keeping us awake and always looking for the appearing of our Lord and Saviour.
I can’t wait for that blessed day to arrive.