Beautiful worship songs

Stunning. Beautiful!!! :two_hearts::gift_heart: heart gift!

I’m def a fan! Love this!! Takes me back to my childhood roots!

:smile::sparkles::heart_eyes::gift_heart: MAC Powell. . . Third Day . . . Always a heart gift!

The Light in our darkness . . .

I’ve spent quite awhile here tonight, starting from last to first post. “Jesus Strong and Kind” made me tear up too! I thought of my son, and my prayer for him . . . “Jesus said if I was lost, He would come to me” . . . “ :gift_heart:heart gift . . . Like an answer to a prayer . . . Confirmation that Jesus is out now searching for our lost ones and wandering ones and blind ones and . . . He loves them more than we who cry and long and pray for them! This thread has been a gift to me tonight! Thank you, @Nessie . . . I’ll be back!

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Couldn’t wait to share this. What a beautiful family!

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