Been feeling the wear and tear lately…

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

:butgod: He is sooo good to us!

Months ago somebody suggested a video by Brett Meador at Athey Creek in Oregon. And I’ve been watching ever since. Really like his voice/delivery, his nerdiness and his humor. Of course, the best part is that Brett teaches verse by verse with honesty, like JD. So I’ve added him to my list of favorite teachers.

Anyway, the Athey Women’s group is fixing to start a new Bible study, His Name. I wrote to them to ask when the study guide would be available and they are sending me a complimentary copy. How cool is that! It made my day, you know. So I just wanted to praise our Father for His goodness. I don’t think Athey Creek (or any other church for that matter) provides a forum like Pastor JD does. And I thank for that and praise God for this church too!

To God be ALL glory!


good evening @GR do you have the link of Brett Meador’s channel

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
Galatians 6:9


Friend and I were talking about being crushed and worn out lately, the idea came to mind of the final refining, of being made into wine. What a comfort we’re in this together (isn’t that overused lol) and it will be over soon! Maranatha Lord!


Sure do Stacey @staceylovesJesus,

Website is

YT channel is

Enjoy! He’s just started the NT, in about 6th chapter of Matthew. All of it’s on YT.

One more Praise the Lord moment. It’s raining! Not sure how much we’ll get, but I’m grateful for every drop! Thank You Father! Thank You!

EDIT: BTW Stace, you always have the most beautiful and soothing pictures. Thank you!


I pray for the lost, but I’m ready … yesterday!


Makes me think of a diamond , a beautiful thing is formed but only after pressure and heat.

( God is still working on me and if I wasn’t so stubborn, it wouldn’t take so long…. I hopefully don’t take millions of years before he’s done though)

Btw I don’t believe the millions of years explained but was pointing to what was required to create the beauty of the gem :gem:.


“Been feeling the wear and tear lately…”

Yes- me too, as I suspect everyone else on this thread is…but we can persevere so that when Christ returns He will find us faithful…(Luke18:8)


A word for the weary… . Praise God for this direction.


If you go to the ‘Teaching’ section on his website or app you can search by book or topic. He taught Ezekiel and Daniel a while back and Revelation several years ago. It’s all good though from what I’ve listened to.


Thank you Paula :chocolate_bar: here’s a piece of chocolate for you.


@staceylovesJesus Stacy, Thanks a million! Next time you need some advice, don’t hesitate to thank me…I mean ask me. :smile:


Hey Paula @Pualani,

Luv your pic and offer to Stacey!
And Stacey@staceylovesJesus, CHOCOLATE!
(other words unnecessary, lol).

Paula, do you have a link for Meador’s Revelation teaching? I looked on website under teaching and dowloaded app (and looked). Can’t find a teaching on Revelation— but would really like to hear it! I think he said it took 19 years to get through the old testament when he recently began book of Matthew. (I gather this is church’s second time in NT.) I have no idea where to look— so if you can post link I’d sure appreciate it! Thanks.

The Athey Creek study guide for His Name came in. If the series is done half as well as the beautiful guide it will be fantastic! I can hardly wait for it to start— it’s been ages since I was part of a formal study group. I’m soooo excited!

BTW, I’m currently listening to David Pawson’s 2002 six part intro to Revelation. Have learned a lot and his Irish lilt is so soothing. I believe he has passed away but made tons of videos during his career.

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Sure @GR, his Revelation study is from 2013. (Not that it matters because Gods word never changes, but amazing to think about things he sees lining up now that he had no idea of just 9 years ago.) Here is a direct website link and then step by step on how I got there (website and app are similar) so you can find other teachings by book or topic.

Go to or open app.
Click on three horizontal lines at top right corner (I marked with a red flower).

Click on TEACHINGS in left side drop down menu.

In the app, click on yellow ‘Browse Teachings’ to get a drop down menu, on website it is already there. Then click on ‘books’ in drop down menu.

Scroll to bottom of books list and click on revelation.

That should bring you here.

Plenty of chocolate to go around, help yourself!


Morning Paula @Pualani,

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! Even before you told Stacie about the Revelation study I was looking. And looking. Figured there was no video. You made my day! I’ll have that chocolate while watching later. So many yummy choices! Have I said thank you yet?


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