Being sneaky felt SO good!

I never knew that being sneaky could feel so wonderful. Now you might say “what?”.
I was very sneaky last Monday and boy did it feel good what i did so sneakily!
And YES i will be doing it all over again when i am out doing groceries or have to go to a store.

Camera’s , set, ACTION!
And here came the sneaky little lady with her grocery list. She walked into the isle like she was shopping for flour. She then grabbed a jar of yeast and was reading it, well so it seemed.
When she put is away, she so sneakily left a beautiful little ABC card behind, right by the jars of yeast.
There was NO way anyone would not see it. She kept walking and went to the freezer and she was in “need” of some frozen peas. When she reached over , she dropped sneakily another ABC card, right by the peas. She continued her journey, WITHOUT any peas :wink: She kept on going and going, and left a trail of ABC cards all over the store. Her husband came around the corner and said “hunny, we need some sugar as well”. She replied " Hun, we never use sugar, but only honey, why would you… OOOOHHHHH, yes we need some sugar, your SO right sweetheart!! Oh your SO good and SO sneaky!!"

Well that was my Monday for this week. It was JUST so wonderful to be that sneaky.
The thrill was amazing with all those huge camera’s hanging on the ceilings in the store.
I felt like i was some spy or some person in a action movie…
Yes, it can be good to be “sneaky”
I did pray before NOT to get caught and get dragged out in handcuffs

Love you all


Thanks for sharing that story. You told it well, too. :laughing: :joy:
Next time I go shopping, I will have to take more than a list with me.


Yes you do!! And make sure you don’t skip the “sugar and flour” isle, since a lot of people buy that. Careful , because there are camera’s everywhere!!
We now just leave ABC cards outside in the grocery cards.


In Canada, yes, but in our Australian supermarkets, I don’t think there are cameras. Today I placed a Hindi tract near the coconut milk. But now I am thinking that they speak a different language in that part of Inida where they cook with that. :frowning_woman: I think I need to pray more for guidance about this…


May i ask what a “Hindi tract is” ?


A gospel tract in the Hindi language. We have a lot of people from India, including students, who live in our area.


@Joyful wow that’s a WONDERFUL idea!! I have so many abc of salvation tracts so that’s what i will do next time i go grocery shopping. Thanks for sharing your story. :grin: